The frontal (frontal) sinus: a photo of how she looks, why is inflamed and why it is needed.

What is a frontal sinus and what she looks like?

The sinuses, which are located in the frontal part of the head behind the brow is called the frontal sinus. They are an integral part of the nasal cavities and are responsible for the functioning important components of the paranasal pneumatic cavities. In addition to protecting the body from harmful bacteria and infections, this region has the task of organizing a stable breathing and speech.

So, if you have a sore frontal sinus, this suggests inflammation which can be quite serious because of the proximity of the brain.

What is frontal sinus

To date, inflammation of the frontal sinus affects about fifteen percent of the total population. To protect yourself from infections and possible viruses, but colds, flu or frequent headaches in the first place it suffers from frontal sinus.

The frontal sinus is located above the nose and is considered to be the front empty, and communicates with the nasopharynx through the fronto-nasal crease. Unfortunately, due to anatomical peculiarities, it is through the crease passes most of the diseases and various infections that cause pain in the frontal sinuses.

In addition, it is important to know that this camera is a paired organ. Therefore, inflammation always occurs in the whole area of forehead.

The structure, size, and volume of frontal sinus is individual. However, in General, it takes about five cubic centimeters and looks like a triangle. Inside this area envelops the mucous membrane.

Frontal sinus consists of four parts, described below:

  1. The front part or front side. It is the thickest structure, occupying up to eight millimeters of the frontal bone.
  2. The rear part is called the brain and is considered to be one of the most delicate structures in the frontal sinus. She is in contact with the cranial hole and the hard shell of the brain.
  3. The penultimate part of the medial. It is divided into two chambers and can be deflected in different directions.
  4. The lower part is considered the most delicate in structure. The main part of the area of this region is considered to be the upper wall of the orbit, except for those edges that are in contact with the ethmoid bone.

Interesting fact that breast baby does not exist the frontal sinuses. Its appearance they begin to only four years of age, and are formed completely by age eighteen. They occur in the upper eye area and at first composed of cells of the ethmoid bone. Over time they grows in the mucous part of the nose.

In conjunction with the process is the process of resorption of the spongy bone. It is located between the inner and outer plates of the frontal bone. In this part of the formation of various voids and other spaces. Commonly, they are individual and rarely diagnosed in the same place.

It is known that in some people this area is non-existent.

Please note the photo of the frontal sinus.

The main function of this part is to protect the brain from the weather, injury and various other dangerous moments. In addition, the front camera is responsible for:

  • the formation and transmission of sound waves to the brain;
  • the increase in audibility of resonance;
  • warming of inhaled air;
  • hydration of the mucous folds;
  • monitoring the pressure in the nasal passages;
  • reducing the weight of the skull as a result of its development.

Causes of pain

Inflammation of the frontal sinus is considered a pathological condition in which there is a cyst of the frontal sinus.

It is characterized by the appearance of the wall and the formation fluid, which over time turns into a ball.

In case of untimely treatment of this tumor increases in size.

According to statistics, the disease occurs in people between ten and twenty years. People of middle age such inflammation rarely diagnosed. In the elderly this disease is not marked.

The causes of inflammation can be many reasons. Mainly there are such signs, as:

  1. Frequent headache.
  2. The emergence of sinusitis.
  3. Pain over the eyes.
  4. Significant changes in pressure.

If you notice these symptoms, contact your doctor, as the cyst is a dangerous disease. In order to determine the presence of inflammation specialist will conduct the inspection through palpation. Keep in mind that any touch to the inflamed part will cause pain.

Acute frontal sinusitis

In addition to cysts, inflammation of the frontal sinus can cause acute sinusitis.

Commonly, this inflammation can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane. Why in inflammatory and infectious processes in the nose and throat to start treatment at the first symptoms. Pay attention to the following causes which may occur sinusitis:

  1. Runny nose.
  2. Not fully cured colds.
  3. Severe hypothermia.
  4. Frequent stress.
  5. Trauma to the front part.

Keep in mind that the disease can cause swelling of the mucous part. This causes mucus in which the outflow fluid is significantly hampered. In addition, the supply of oxygen is reduced in two times. This provokes severe headaches and worsening of General condition.

In addition to the elements described, will note the following signs:

  1. Shortness of breath.
  2. Pain above the eyebrows.
  3. When tilting the head increases the pain of the head.
  4. Often purulent discharge from the nose.
  5. Mucus.
  6. Edema and swelling.
  7. The increased body temperature.
  8. Weakness and lethargy.

If you notice these symptoms, you should consult with your doctor and undergo appropriate tests. After that treatment.

Allergic reactions

Another cause of pain could be an allergic reaction to medications or seasonal allergies. In addition, inflammation of the frontal sinus is observed in bronchial asthma and rhinitis. In this case, the cause of inflammation is blockage of the nasal opening, which commonly provides the output of mucus.


Nasal polyps is another common cause of inflammation.

Polyps are considered benign growths of different shapes. They are formed because of inflammation of the mucous membrane.

In this case, there is swelling of the mucosa and problems with breathing.

Trauma of the nose

The cause of inflammation of the frontal sinuses can become trauma of the sinuses. The disease can be both domestic and mechanical.

Nasal trauma, a bruise or hematoma can become a provoker of brain injury or skull. In this case, the trauma causes swelling and poor circulation.

In addition, in the case of a deviated nasal septum also there are pains in the frontal part of the head.

In the case of congenital changes or as a result of the injury during the life of the damaged partition causes severe disorders.

Getting someone else’s body

The last cause of the inflammation is commonly found most often in children.

The presence of a foreign body in the nasal pathways causes not only a deterioration in respiration, but also very harmful to your health.

In the case of finding small parts should immediately contact the nearest emergency room.


It is important to understand that the function of the mucous membrane of the nose is easy to break. Therefore, if inflammation of sinusitis, sinusitis or even the common cold goes untreated can inflammation of the frontal sinuses.

In addition, the disease may cause hypothermia or strong blowing your nose, and prolonged use of antibiotics and other drugs. Watch your health and avoid complications.

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