The middle ear is human: the composition and structure of what is and what is filled

That is located in the middle part of the ear?

The human ear is, like many other organs, are characterized by highly complex structure and functions. In particular, the middle ear, as one of the components of the organ of hearing is very important link in the hearing process as responsible for the conductive function.

Next, we consider in more detail the structure of the middle ear, its location, and especially their role.

What is middle ear

As already mentioned, the human ear is the most sophisticated hearing aid, which consists of 3 departments:

  • the outer ear;
  • middle ear;
  • inner ear.

Each of these divisions performs a specific job and has its own special characteristics.

To say that some part of the ear is the main and the rest secondary, that is fundamentally wrong. Because in violation of one of the components of the body, a person may be hearing, if not his loss.

Interesting. When a person needs something to hear, he «exposes» closer with your right ear and for good reason. Scientists have proven that hearing acuity in his right ear is slightly higher than the left.

Middle ear element of the auditory system of the human body. Has the appearance of a very small space that is between two other parts of the analyzer of hearing: external and internal. Include 3 connected to each other cavity.

So, briefly reviewing the structure of the ear and determining what is the average it Department, then consider that is located in the middle part of the ear.

The structure of the middle ear

On the complexity of the structure of the Middleweight division is second only to the inner part of the ear. The composition of the middle ear is composed of the following components:

  1. The tympanic cavity.
  2. The system of cavities of the mastoid process.
  3. Eustachian tube.

The tympanic cavity is an important element of this Department. In it are the auditory ossicles: Malleus, incus, and stapes. Their name comes from the peculiarity of their structure and functioning. A system of mutual operation of these bones is similar to a mechanism of levers.

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All 3 auditory ossicles are connected to each other. A tiny handle of a hammer located at the center of the tympanic membrane, and its head is connected with an anvil. She in turn connects to the stapes. Through the oval window is connected with the inner ear.

Help. Such structure of the seed determines not only the transmission but also enhancing the sound. It increases approximately 60-70 times.

The surface of stapes is much smaller than the eardrum, and thus, his shot at the oval window significantly stronger. Due to this, a person can hear very quiet sounds.

The system of cavities of the mastoid process is the temporal bone and filled with air. The large cavity – mastoid cave, which by means of a special channel is connected with the tympanum. All cells are connected by narrow passageways, thereby improving the sound characteristics of the conductive unit.

Eustachian tube is an important component of the middle part. It performs the role of a bridge between the tympanic cavity and the nasopharynx. The opening of the Eustachian tube located on the side of the throat level with a solid sky. Inside it is lined with ciliated epithelium, which protects the middle ear from the ingress of pathogenic agents.

Anatomy this division provides for the presence of muscle fibers. In this situation there are only two – stremennaya muscle and muscle that strains the tympanic membrane. They are responsible for the maintenance function of auditory ossicles on weight and their regulation.

Help. Muscles of the ear are the smallest muscles in the human body.

Where is the middle ear

The middle division of the ear located deep in the temporal bone. She is a steamy bone, characterized by a complex anatomy, as responsible for all 3 functions of the skeleton. So, it creates a part of the side wall and the base of the skull, and also houses the organ of hearing and equilibrium.

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As for the location of the auditory analyzer, the part of the body starts just behind the eardrum, which leads to the ear canal. She plays the role of a partition between the outer and middle divisions.

And an inner ear separated by a bony wall in which there are 2 window: oval, round, protected by a special membrane.

What filled the middle ear cavity

Most people ask the question: «What filled the middle ear cavity of a person?» Seemingly very simple question, the answer comes by itself, if only to think logically.

But no, for some reason this issue generates a lot of controversy on the forums. And all because some people are hotly disputed, considering that the middle ear is filled with some liquid. Names and to give here even will not, because a huge number of options. And all wrong!

So, what filled the middle ear? Air! The middle division of the ear cavity is a kind of air chamber.

As mentioned earlier, the middle ear is connected with the nasopharynx through the Eustachian tube. However, it not only connects these two cavities, but with it comes pressure equalization in the middle ear with atmospheric.

If there were such a device, and air traffic, we would always feel a sense of stuffiness in the ears.

The function of the middle ear Department

The most important duty, which is imposed on this part of the organ of hearing – conduct sound waves. So, they vibrate the eardrum, which in turn transmits the vibrations to the auditory ossicles. Further there is a transmission of sound vibrations to the inner part of the ear where it is converted to a pulse and sent to the brain.

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The anatomical structure of this part of the ear cavity provides the following functions:

  • the provision of a tone components average of the Department;
  • protection from loud sounds;
  • adaptation of the body to a variety of sounds.

Important. However, such protection is powerless in a sudden stun sounds. For example, the explosion can damage the acoustic apparatus, since muscle contraction in the middle ear a bit late. Their response should be about 10 MS.

Also middle ear — the «protector» because it protects the vulnerable inner ear the division of such things:

  1. The dust and moisture.
  2. Mechanical impact.
  3. The penetration of pathogenic organisms.
  4. Jump barometric pressure.

Based on the structure and function of the middle ear, it is possible to say that without it people wouldn’t be familiar with the auditory function. Each component is assigned its own defined role, which allows to ensure the normal operation of the organ of hearing in General.

However, it is worth remembering that the normal functioning of the body also depends on careful attention and timely treatment in the event of certain pathologies. Such action is an opportunity to preserve hearing into old age.