The my Otrivin Baby: reviews of the aspirator and recommendations for use

How to use my opinion?

Young children more often than others suffer from various inflammatory processes. Most often this is due to a weak immune system and weak body in General. In addition, children under five years of age, do not know how to vysmarkivatsya yourself. This provokes an accumulation of mucosal secretions and blockage of the Eustachian tube. A side effect of the runny nose often leads to inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx and middle ear area.

Children of very young age are able to breathe only through the nose. In the case of congestion or when the accumulation of a large number of mucous secretions, babies are fussy, cry and behave very restlessly. It caused serious discomfort to the child. To release the respiratory system of mucus, you need to use a nasal aspirator. The application is considered to be the snot-sucker in children «Otrivin Baby».

What is the aspirator

The accumulation of mucous secretions in the nasal cavity causing extreme discomfort in young children. Shortness of breath may cause screaming, crying and moodiness of the child and to provoke the appearance of many unwanted processes in the body of the baby.

Most children under three years suffer from otitis of the middle or outer ear.

When the accumulation of mucus in the nose kids sleep poorly, refuse food or fluids. To eliminate secretions invented a special device called «nasal mucus».

They replace the standard pear. In addition, these devices safe for children, it is easier to separate the allocation and easy to use.

They were invented and designed specifically for the removal of mucus and other secretions from the nasal cavity. As applied to young children can not be afraid of the consequences, as such devices are made of safe materials. Each part of the device can be rinsed and process as they understand and are easily assembled.

For the convenience of the parent splatmaster «Otrivin Baby» is made of several parts:

  1. Disposable nozzle which is easily replaced with a new one. It has a tapered end that allows you to safely introduce the nozzle into the nasal passages of the child.
  2. The Central part has an oval or elongated shape with the filter. This part receives all the mucus.
  3. The connecting tube.
  4. Mouthpiece.

Aspirator for the nose «Otrivin Baby» is significantly different from peers. It is unique in structure and has a unique technique of sucking mucus. With its help the parent easily and damage to remove discharge from the nasal passages of the child. The result is that the mucus in the Central part, the allocation is blocked and cannot flow out.

The nozzle and filter after each use and should be replaced. They can be purchased in any drugstore for an affordable price.

In addition to the benefit, the aspirator «Otrivin Baby» has several innovations.

  1. First, this unit is distinguished by its convenience. Its shape and structure allows the use of the aspirator in any position: the baby can stand, lie or sit. His posture does not affect the operation of the device.
  2. Second, the speed of my from «Otrivine» substantially differs from device. It is a short time removes all allocations and frees the upper respiratory tract, normalizing the patient’s breathing.
  3. Third, mom and dad can not be afraid to hurt the child. The aspirator is made from safe materials that are easy to replace or wash. In addition, the device itself is without harm to the baby removes secretions and normalizes the functions of respiration. To use the device, regardless of the age of the child.

It is important to note that the parent controls the strength and speed of suction. Thus, you can be confident in the safety of my.

Using the same pears, should be afraid for the baby’s health, as they are more hazardous than the device from «Otrivin».

Do not be afraid that the aspirator «Otrivin Baby» will seem inaccessible. Its price is quite moderate. In addition, the device is made of quality components and is virtually unbreakable, and the necessary attachments and filters are very affordable in price.

Before using the aspirator it is necessary to calm the baby. With a strong activity of the child during the introduction of the tip in the sinuses can damage the skin or mucosa. Therefore, the introduction tube in the nose is necessary to ensure that the child turned his head and did not move.

The use of vacuum is necessary in the formation of mucous secretions, and at impossibility of self-removal. Most often these devices are used in case of inflammation in the infants. To apply my needs only when necessary.

In case of inflammation, colds, flu and other respiratory forms of the disease is assigned aspirator «Otrivin baby».

In the case infectious lesions of the body of the baby are often formed swelling and mucus that prevent the child to breathe on her own. At this time it is impossible to treat the baby yourself because you can cause serious consequences, which adversely affect the health of the baby.

In the formation of a viral or infectious inflammation, you must consult your doctor. If necessary, the specialist will prescribe the use of the aspirator, as well as comprehensive treatment, including the use of vasoconstrictor sprays and drops. The use of medical treatment without prior purification of the sinuses of mucus is impossible.

In addition, it is important to remove mucus before preparing to sleep.

If this is not done, the baby will not be able to sleep, and prolonged exposure of the baby in the supine position with discharge of mucus can cause the formation of a favorable space for the propagation of viruses.

Thus, the child can fall ill with acute bilateral otitis or other ear inflammations.

Infants mucus can penetrate into the lungs, which can lead to death, and in the following inflammations:

  • acute or allergic rhinitis;
  • sinusitis.

Such inflammation is dangerous to the health of children, so as to provoke the appearance of thick green snot. Little children unable to blow his nose on his own, so it is fraught with consequences. A nasal aspirator at this time may facilitate the function of the respiratory tract, normalizing the overall condition and help to avoid many of the consequences.

In case of allergic rhinitis you have your baby, you must undergo complex treatment and wash the child’s nasal passages with a special solution or baby Otrivine. They will reduce the symptoms of inflammation and to eliminate the characteristics that cause allergies. In addition, it is necessary to conduct daily hygiene of the nasal passages and to monitor the condition of the nasopharynx.

To use the aspirator «Otrivin Baby» needs throughout the inflammation. He will not allow the crusts to be formed, to penetrate dirt and dust, and normalizes the General condition. Suck selection, as they occur.

How to use the aspirator «Otrivin Baby»

A nasal aspirator is easy to use. However, before applying are encouraged to read the instructions.

This is necessary in order to properly carry out the procedure.

Sterilize before first use is not required, but in the future don’t forget to change the filters and flush the main body.

To use the aspirator should:

  1. Slip into the Central building of the filter and the nozzle. Tighten all of the items.
  2. Take the mouthpiece in your mouth.
  3. The nozzle must be inserted in the nostril of the baby.
  4. Start slowly to draw air. Watch out that the flow was not strong.
  5. In the process of sucking the mucus will get into the tip.
  6. Provided a large quantity of mucus, they will fall into the nozzle.
  7. To remove the slime from the nozzle can be sharp exhale. Pre-wrap the head in a napkin.

When otesyvanii mucous discharge from the nostrils the second you need to replace the nozzle. Thus, you will avoid the spread of infection in the nasal passages.

Immediately after the procedure, rinse the device in warm running water, then dry them using paper napkins.

Use the aspirator if necessary. Contraindications or side effects aspirator has.

However, in sharp breaths this procedure can cause severe swelling, so the mucus should be eliminated very carefully.

In the event of misuse of the drug, the handpiece may greatly injure the nasal passage and cause bleeding.

When injury of the mucous membrane needs to handle nose Miramistin or Chlorhexidine. Then, contact your doctor for external inspection. In some cases, nosebleeds may indicate a malfunction of the sinus or sinusitis.

Reviews about my «Otrivin Baby»

Opinions about the different aspirator.

Valentina Ignatova: «When my son turned a year, he caught a bad cold. Appealed for help to the doctor. As the child was the first, didn’t know what to do. The doctor prescribed ear drops. Before to enter them it was necessary to remove the snot. At this point I went to the pharmacy for splitsystem. The pharmacist advised aspirator «Otrivin Baby». To apply it easily and conveniently, which allowed me to easily remove the nozzle. Now the child is five, but I recently gave birth to her second. Think I’ll resort to using the aspirator again and again».

Ivan Kravtsov: «When my daughter had snot, by virtue of young age, could not blow his nose. Then I bought the aspirator «Otrivin Baby». It can suck all the mucus. Daughter of the applicator was not afraid, but its use was still extremely accurate. After each use, breath normal».


Apply the aspirator must be very carefully. Any sudden movement will lead to injury of the nasal passages and wellbeing of the baby. In addition, improperly performed procedure can cause the appearance of acute otitis media.

Do not forget each time to change the filters of the device, and carefully washing the main part of the aspirator. In the opposite case, the accumulation of mucus within the device can be favourable flora for the development of bacteria. When using crude aspirator viruses penetrate the body of the baby and aggravate the situation.

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