The noise in the ear: what to do and how to treat, why noise

Why noise in the ears and what to do in such cases?

Causeless hissing appears in the ear of many people. Typically, such a signal from the body signals the beginning of the inflammatory process, but not always, patients notice it the first time. Extraneous sounds in the ears can be household or to appear under the external influence, but mostly a roar symbolizes the onset of otitis media.

Sometimes tinnitus is a result of pathological processes in the brain or acts as a result of complications from influenza or colds. Regardless of the causes of permanent tinnitus, treatment must be received timely. So do not ignore the processes in the body and perform diagnosis in the office of ENT.

The causes of squeaking and noise

Many people wonder what is the cause of unusual sounds in the ears, as well as how and what to treat inflammation. Therapy begins with diagnosis and identify the root causes of disease and the localization of unpleasant sensations and determine other symptoms.

Periodic or constant buzzing can cause severe irritation in the patient.

This is due to the sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, rapid fatigue and other symptoms.

To provoke the emergence of unpleasant sensations in the ears can different disease, and not always the reason lies in the structure of the ear organ.

Sometimes other sounds are the result of pathological processes in the brain or changes in the vascular system, the injury of the cervical.

It is important to determine the localization of discomfort. This will help to determine why noise in the ear. Shooting sensations or tinnitus can occur in only one ear or be bilateral.

If the noise and buzz formed in complete silence, you should check blood pressure as it changes patients often complain of a feeling of bubbling in the ear. But physiological rumble is not one reason that can occur the symptoms.

Obstruction of auditory canal

A fairly common cause of hum in the ears is a blockage of the external ear canal.

This inflammation is usually localized in only one ear.

This patient complains of severe noise, which is amplified in the evening.

This symptom is accompanied by the ears, the appearance of shooting sensations and significant hearing loss.

Clogging the ear canal can happen for several reasons:

  1. Hit in acoustical passage of water during bathing in lake or river, and also in maintaining hygiene in the shower.
  2. Hit a large amount of dirt and dust.
  3. In the ear can penetrate small object, which will cause not only the formation of extraneous sounds, but also great pain.

The last reason is most common in children, so be attentive to the kids during the game.

However, the most common cause of clogging of the passage is the presence of cerumen. This happens for two reasons:

  • excessive cleaning of the ear canal using cotton buds, which leads to compaction of sulphur in the ear passage;
  • not maintaining hygiene.
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It is not always possible to detect the sulfuric stopper or a foreign object the outside of the vehicle. Sometimes these elements are in close proximity to the tympanic membrane, which is especially dangerous, as to get unnecessary items more difficult. To detect sulfur deposits or foreign object can only be a specialist with otoscopy.

The inflammation of the outer ear

For violation of the main tasks of the external ear are formed inflammatory process.

Improper trapping of the sound waves the patient feels the education of noises and squeaks, which greatly interferes with normal life.

The most common reason for the formation of this factor is otitis externa. This disease is characterized by fever, formation of itching and burning, pain and extraneous sounds.

Otitis externa occurs due to destruction of the body by the streptococci, staphylococci, and other viruses. If not properly treated the disease can progress and become chronic suppurative stage or form.

Fungus in the ears

Fungal growth on the outer part of the ear becomes almost non-principal cause of humming in ears. When inflammation of the fungus, patients feel a lot of unpleasant symptoms in which tinnitus emerges as a harbinger of the disease.

Athlete’s foot occurs in people with reduced immunity, and in people taking medications uncontrollably and non-hygiene.

The addition of noise and squeak in the ears, patients complain of itching, burning, erysipelatous appearance of the secretions, pain and shooting sensations and deterioration of health.


Often the noise and squeak is formed due to the formation of boils in the ears.

Chir can be localized on the outer part or behind the ears, but this does not affect the symptoms.

In the formation of boils people notice severe pain, aggravated by palpation.

Remember that the boil is forbidden to squeeze. Since you can’t remove the secret, the inflammation of the dangerous relapse.

Patients the body temperature rises, and the lesions are very sore and festering.

The exostosis

Sometimes the cause of noise lies in the formation of benign disease called exostoses.

The disease is characterized by proliferation on the surface of the bone. Inflammation may be single or occur in multiple places.

In most cases, this inflammation has a genetic form.

When developing marked growth in the ear canal that causes the formation of unnatural sounds.

When exostoses are almost no manifestations of pain and other symptoms, so notice the tumor in the early stages is difficult.

Inflammation of the middle ear

Noise and other alien sounds appear in the defeat of the middle ear. Dysfunction of this region patient feels a significant increase in body temperature, purulent or mucous discharge, marked hearing loss and blockage of the ducts. Noise and squeaking in this case, it is manifest in virtually all patients.

This is due to the disruption of the eardrum or auditory ossicles, and the progression of inflammation.

Dysfunction of the Eustachian tube

Other sounds are used for the disruption of the Eustachian tube. This is caused by disease of the nasopharynx. When the virus gets in this area, there is a blockage of the ducts, which leads to congestion in the middle ear and the appearance of squeak and noise in the ears.

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A rare cause is an infection of the eardrum. As a rule, this inflammation is accompanied by acute otitis of the middle part of the ear.

To detect the inflammation can be due to the characteristic of sounds in the ears, purulent discharge, and painful sensations.

With this inflammation often leads to perforation of the eardrum, causing pain and a change in body temperature.

Trauma to the tympanic region can be formed as a result of changes in ambient or internal pressure and mechanical damage of the membrane. This can happen when cleaning ears with cotton buds. Patients feel severe pain, the appearance of tinnitus, hearing loss and other symptoms.

Inflammation of the labyrinth

The noise appears as the main symptom of dysfunction of the inner ear.

Disease of the labyrinth is one of the most dangerous diseases, which is accompanied by numerous signs.

To ignore them is not difficult: the patient severely nauseous, dizzy, disturbed function of the vestibular apparatus.

Other sounds are amplified by the evening, and sometimes interfere with sleep.

To treat inflammation in the inner ear is quite difficult, since the area is in a remote place.


During pathological growth of bone tissue ear labyrinth often formed the background noise. Otosclerosis affects the function of the temporal bone and auditory ossicles and leads to serious dysfunction of the stapes.

Inflammation must be treated with the first factors of its occurrence, as there is a risk of hearing loss for a long time. Since tumors can compress the cochlea and other organs, patients often complain of the presence of unnatural sounds in the ears.

Tinnitus accompanied by severe hearing loss.


Treatment inflammation begins with establishing a cause. It should be understood that the noise is only a symptom, so treatment may not be effective to determining factor in the appearance of inflammation, and determine the type and nature of the disease.

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After diagnosis and determination of all symptoms, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

Usually the scheme included conservative therapies or surgical treatment.

If the reason lies in otitis media or other infectious inflammation, the patient is assigned a medical treatment, and at tumor or other neoplasm surgical intervention is necessary.

This files most often assigned a complex treatment, which includes medications and a course of fizioterapii.

In the case of circulatory disorders the patient is administered drugs that stimulate blood flow — Cavinton, Betahistin and others.

  1. With the defeat of the ears needed antibiotics and ear drops – Sofradeks Drops, Garazon, Normaks, Polideksa.
  2. In the case of severe pain needs to take medication on the basis of dipyrone or paracetamol.
  3. At various secretions from the ears, prescribers, reducing the amount of exudative fluid in the middle ear – promethazine, hydroxyzine, fenkarol.
  4. Can’t do without nootropic medicines Cortexin, Fezam, Mexidol.
  5. In conjunction with drug therapy the patient should undergo physiotherapy exercises: thermotherapy, exposure to blue color, UHF, massage, laser therapy.

If buzzing in the ear for a long time, you need to seek professional help.

What to do if the tinnitus doesn’t go away? When receiving treatment, follow its efficiency. If the inflammation progresses, the symptoms persist, you should consult your doctor for replacement medication.

For more serious processes the patient is assigned to surgical exposure, in which the use of drugs acts as a training. After surgery, the patient should undergo a rehabilitation course, pre-prescribed by the attending physician.


Tinnitus is usually manifested as the first symptom of the inflammatory process. Ignoring this symptom, you may exacerbate the situation, and with timely treatment to avoid a number of devastating diseases.