The noise in the ear with the IRR — causes, treatment and advice of doctors

How to treat tinnitus at VSD?

Vegetative-vascular dystonia (VVD) — a very common «phantom» disease, a diagnosis most of the patients are still in their Teens. However, in the «International classification of diseases» (ICD) is similar to the disease is absent, although it still «lives» in medical institutions the post-Soviet space. Although vegetative-vascular dystonia, as it turned out, is officially non-existent disease, many symptoms that patients complain, still exist.

The fact that many symptoms that in the CIS countries still refer to the term «vegetative-vascular dystonia», caused by other diseases. Most often, the symptoms described in this disputed term, caused by endocrine or psychological problems, diseases of cardiovascular system, nervous disorders, abuse of certain substances. Often similar symptoms (there are about 150 symptoms of this disease-«Ghost») are recorded in the vision and hearing of many patients is extremely alarming.


In particular, one of the complaints patients often specify the noise in the ear with the IRR — the patient is periodically or constantly hear phantom sounds in the form of crackling, noise, ringing, hum, or other sound effects. However, because symptoms of VSD caused by a very specific disease, and to deal with the ringing or noise in the ears directly is incorrect — needed to affect the outbreak of disease, not its symptoms.

Understand that in the international medical practice of vascular dystonia does not exist, patients usually does not become easier: the many Intrusive symptoms and the associated noise and ringing in the ears in the IRR, continues to poison the lives.

To get rid of this sound effect, you need to find the root cause of discomfort — the disease, symptoms of which fall under the obsolete diagnosis of VSD.

  1. ENT diseases. To provoke different phantom sounds in the ears can common inflammation (ear otitis, evstahiit) and allergic processes, genetic predisposition, acoustic trauma. In particular, the reason for the Intrusive noise may be tinnitus, which sometimes serves as a natural weakening of the hearing.
  2. Heart disease and blood vessels. Such negative phenomena, such as changes in blood pressure, atherosclerosis, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis are often accompanied by the emergence of obsessive subjective sensations, which the patients characterize as extraneous sounds in the ears. In such illnesses the ringing and noise may occur due to oxygen starvation of organs of hearing, ear nerves.
  3. Diseases of the spine. For example, if such effects can in cervical osteochondrosis — in the background of degenerative disorders in articular cartilage of the cervical disrupted blood vessels that feed the auditory system and brain with oxygen and other important for proper functioning of these organs substances. The nerve cells of the ear not receive signals from the brain, resulting in publish their phantom.
  4. The abuse of stimulants. Numerous symptoms of VSD, against which develops and tinnitus can be triggered by the misuse of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine. Sometimes the symptoms falling under the concept of IRR, are the result of intoxication.
  5. Professional side effects fatigue. Often, such a disease is the result of the work, coupled with constant noise, or a hobby, accompanied by a noise (e.g., shooting at the range). Also such symptoms promises and fatigue.
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In fact, the term VSD is a symptom of a much larger list of disorders and diseases. In particular, the symptoms can be accompanied by bursts of hormonal activity and diseases of internal organs, acute radiation sickness, and nervous disorders, and mitochondrial diseases.

In any case, to find the accurate cause of symptoms of VSD and, in particular, the cause of the haunting sounds in the ears, without a competent doctor is very difficult.

Important! Unofficially, the doctors share the noises in his ears on «dangerous» and «hazardous». First — pulsating (vascular) murmur — often a symptom of acute illness, which requires immediate measures treatment in a hospital (and sometimes fraught with fatal consequences). Second noises are often to ENT diseases.

Bad news is that the noise with symptoms of VSD may not have anything in common. Symptom of tinnitus is quite common, it can be a result of side effects of some drugs.

In particular, a phantom noise and are sometimes plagued by patients with brain tumor. It may be a symptom to provoke and hypoplasia of the vertebral artery, in which there is impaired venous outflow from the head of Department.

Tinnitus harmful — treatment

Treatment of tinnitus with symptoms of VSD is not the primary task of physicians. As a rule, first set, and then eliminates the causes of such phantom sound effects.

If the patient is faced with illness, in which there was irreparable lesion of the ear tissues or nerves, it is assigned a therapy in which the patient’s condition is normalized to the maximum possible level.

Conservative therapy

In the case when, after a qualified examination, including computed tomography of the brain, audiometry of hearing, x-rays, vascular ultrasound and biochemical analysis revealed that the cause of the phantom sounds are cardiovascular disease, osteochondrosis of the cervical or hypoplasia of the vertebral artery, is assigned to the appropriate treatment.

When symptoms of VSD as a rule, it is:

  • therapeutic physical training (exercise);
  • physiotherapy (magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, laser therapy, UHF, actinotherapy);
  • painkillers (if the disease is accompanied by pain);
  • sedatives (if the disease provokes insomnia);
  • medications to improve blood (thinning the blood, can play a preventive function to avoid the formation of clots and thrombi);
  • «heart» drugs (sometimes patients need pharmacological normalization of blood pressure).

Well with symptoms of VSD help fight physical exercise (physical therapy), which is sometimes even enough to eliminate the disease. In particular, to remove noise and normalize the situation with pressure help:

  • active game. In the absence of contraindications and the exacerbation of the disease effective tennis;
  • swimming. To remove the load from the spine and joints, and for General relaxation doctors often prescribe swimming pools. Such a pleasant pastime can be combined with-fitness, which will make swimming more efficient to eliminate the ailment;
  • Cycling rollers. Another way to normalize the pressure and overcome a depressing emotional state, often described by the IRR, is Cycling;
  • a quick walk. Races on long distances are not recommended, but a few laps brisk walk in a favorite Park would have a healing effect and may help to «tame» the noise in the ears;
  • samomassaj. Every spare moment can be carried out with the use of stroking, rubbing and pressure to demonstrate positive results. You can moderately RUB the temples with your fingers, massage the skin around the ears, stroking the parietal top-down (from the neck to the shoulders).

However, experts note that the persistent effect of exercise, patients usually notice after 1 month of hard physical therapy therapy. Better if this therapy after examination will prescribe the treating doctor.

Traditional methods

There are some recipes of traditional medicine, which worked well when the noise in the ears that accompanies the symptoms of dystonia.

However, conventional medicine is skeptical of such methods eliminate the phantom sounds. Below are some of them.

Despite the skeptical attitude of physicians, many patients notice some improvement when using such methods.

  1. Alcohol compress. The procedure boils down to applying cloth (gauze, cotton wipes) dampened with diluted ammonia, to the forehead. To do this, dilute 1 tablespoon of alcohol in 200 ml of cold boiled water to moisten the cloth, and 50-60 minutes to put on the frontal area. After 5-6 days of ear noises, allegedly, are.
  2. The ear compresses. Some manage to overcome noise by using turundae and various alcohol, oil compresses. One of gentle recipes is Kalina rubbed with honey. According to the traditions of this folk recipe, slightly mashed with honey cranberry wrapped in gauze (you can turn an ordinary bandage in 2-3 layers) and inserted in the ears at night. It is noted that a positive result can be achieved by 14-20 days of applications of this method.
  3. Infusions. A huge number of positive reviews collects prescription infusion of lemon balm: dry the leaves of this plant (1 tablespoon) pour boiling water and insist within an hour. After cooling, this infusion is drunk as a tea with honey. It is not recommended to use the infusion of lemon balm with contraindications, as well as in a period exceeding 3-4 weeks.
  4. Warming. People often warm up the ear as dry heat (bags of heated salt, stones), and with the help of boiled potatoes. In particular, it is possible to enclose a slice warm potatoes, smeared with honey, in the «noisy» ear to cool down product.

Thus, treatment of tinnitus with VSD represents the elimination of the underlying disease. Doctors strongly recommend to agree on, any manipulation of the ear, because the self-heating and compresses dictated by patients folk wisdom, sometimes lead to disastrous consequences.