The operation to correct the nasal septum: how to fix and do the operation

How to do an operation to correct the nasal septum?

The curvature of the nasal septum may entail a number of consequences: problems with breathing, snoring during sleep, chronic diseases of a catarrhal nature. If this problem takes place to be, it should be promptly treated. There are several way of dealing with illness. Basically, the correction of the nasal septum is surgical methods. But before talking about more drastic measures, you need to understand why this problem occurs and is there a way to deal with it without surgery.

In medical language the operation to correct the nasal septum is called septoplasty. Many people believe that this procedure is quite harmless, but this view is mistaken. As with any surgery, septoplasty able to bear a number of negative consequences. However, to fix a deviated septum without septoplasty is not possible.

Signs of a curvature of the nasal septum

Understand that the person has a deviated septum can be in the home, and to do it all. By the way, many people are not even aware that they have a similar problem.

The presence of deformation of the nasal septum produces the following signs:

  1. Nasal voice, snoring at night. If a person has a deviated septum, his breathing becomes noisy, but the night he can hear the snoring. If you listen carefully to the sound of the voice, you notice that he became more nasal, the patient says «nose.»
  2. Difficulty breathing from one side. You can check if you breathe in turn to each nostril, while closing one of them. If at closing one of the nostrils, difficult breathing, then this is a clear indication that there is a curvature, albeit slight. By the way, usually with this method of breathing a person does not feel pain or some other discomfort, but this does not mean that there is no problem.
  3. Frequent colds. You should review your state is not the subject of a few often have catarrhal diseases, accompanied by a runny nose. If this occurs frequently, and the cold has already moved into the chronic, then there is reason to think about the deviated septum.
  4. Decreased sense of smell. When there is a problem, then the patient is much reduced sense of smell, and blame the fact that through the curve of the partition goes bad the air stream. Therefore, if the patient was difficult to distinguish smells, then this is a significant reason to seek help from a doctor.

Often the cause of a deviated septum can be mechanical injuries received during a road traffic accident or other accidents. After this it is necessary to contact the doctor with the request to check the status of the nasal septum. This is especially should you do if the patient experiences pain in this area.

Read more about the causes of deviated nasal septum, you can find here.

Bezoperatsionnye treatments

Not every man can with a light heart operated on. That is why, many people wonder, is it possible to cure a deviated septum without surgery. The answer to this question is negative.

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There are treatments that can bring only temporary relief, these include:

  • nose drops, which are capable of narrowing the blood vessels;
  • sprays about the same action;
  • antibiotics in drops and tablets;
  • means that weaken Allergy.
  • washing out the nose with seawater.

In some cases it is advisable to carry out the operation?

The indication for the surgery is not itself the curvature of the nose. If it exists, but does not cause the person any problems with health, it is quite possible to live without surgery.

There are cases when the assistance of surgeons to use must. The operation should be carried out when the warp is much more problems than can be from the surgery.

Indications for surgery:

  • nasal congestion where the air passes through the nasal passages;
  • pronounced discomfort in the area of the authority;
  • deformed septum affects the trigeminal nerve that may lead to the development of headaches or shortness of breath;
  • a chronic form of rhinitis or sinusitis;
  • loud snoring sick person interferes with the normal existence of other family members;
  • frequent nosebleeds;
  • oxygen starvation;
  • high fatigue.

Septoplasty the nasal septum is allowed to do only those patients whose age has reached the age of majority. Before this period, the operation is useless because the cartilaginous skeleton is not yet fully formed.

After this age, surgery is prescribed only for medical reasons. However, some school-age children, carry out such operation, if they have a very high degree of fatigue.

Read more about contraindications for septoplasty here.

How is the operation to fix the septum of the nose?

People who plan to decide on the intervention of the surgeons were most interested in the question of how to do an operation to correct the nasal septum and what it is.

At the moment septoplasty is performed by the following methods:

  • laser;
  • endoscopic;
  • radio wave;
  • ultrasonic.

At the present stage of development of medical science surgery for straightening of the nasal septum can be done virtually painlessly and without major surgery.

Laser alignment of the nasal septum

This operation is carried out with a laser scalpel. The essence of the intervention is as follows:

  1. The surgeon directs the laser beam on the problem area in the nasal cavity. As a result of this impact the cartilage tissue is heated and becomes soft.
  2. The doctor is easy to adjust the softened fabric and align the partition.

Advantages of laser correction of the nasal septum:

  1. Small blood loss and low injury rate. The surgery is performed only under local anesthesia and has a low injury rate. The loss of blood is minimal or non-existent.
  2. Minimal risk of complications. The laser beam has antibacterial properties, that is infection, any infection during the operation is eliminated. Due to this feature, the rehabilitation period is easier.
  3. This type of intervention does not require hospitalization of the patient. Is surgery to correct the nasal septum about 30 minutes, and after its implementation, the client can go home and rest.
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However, laser correction of the nasal septum are shown not all. If curved not only cartilage but also bone, it requires a more serious surgical intervention. In this case it makes sense to resort to endoscopic correction of the nasal septum.

To see the full list of contraindications, and to know the possible cost of laser correction, you can here.

Endoscopic septoplasty

In this type of intervention in the nostrils of the patient is the endoscope is a flexible tube which end is equipped with a camera and lighting device. The surgeon using special tools fixes the partition directly in the nasal cavity, removing the deformed areas of cartilage.

Correction involves the removal of only those parts of the nasal septum, which prevent it to be relatively smooth. Sometimes, most often caused by severe mechanical injuries, when you have to remove a significant portion of the cartilage.

The operation is monitored visually by means of endoscopic equipment, which leads to its low injury rate, despite large blood loss. Incisions are made inside the nose, so no one even guess that the man did a nose job because of the scars on his face will not be seen.

Endoscopic septoplasty in total takes about an hour. You can do it under local and under General anesthesia. His choice of form depends on how badly damaged the baffle means and how serious the interference.

After the operation nose tampons are inserted, or the special silicone tube — splinty. In some cases, the patient’s nose fixed with a plaster bandage. The rehabilitation period takes several days, during which nurses make the patient wash and remove peel from the nose.

See also how to do endoscopic examination of the nose.

What other endoscopic surgery in the nasal cavity is carried out by surgeons can be found here.

Radio wave correction of the nose

This procedure according to its principle effects on the human body is very similar to laser. Radiowave beam of high frequency also has a sparing effect on tissue, bleeding during the operation is completely absent.

The features of the radiowave septoplasty:

  1. In contrast to the conventional scalpel, a beam of radio waves do not incision the tissue, and literally vaporizes the cells at the cut lines. The result is the simultaneous sealing of the capillaries and powerful disinfection of the operated region, which eliminates the risk of penetration into the wound of bacteria.
  2. This manipulation has no effect on surrounding tissue.
  3. Due to the fact that the radio-wave scalpel leaves a perfectly smooth edge of the cut tissues during the rehabilitation period the healing is quite fast.
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Ultrasonic correction method

The operation is performed with ultrasonic knife under local anesthesia and takes approximately 40 minutes. The blood selects the minimum so that the rehabilitation period is quite short. With this surgery you can get rid of various irregularities of the nasal septum, which caused breathing problems.

Possible complications

As with any surgery, septoplasty, if not its implementation may entail part of the hazardous consequences, among which there are:

  1. Hematoma. Presented in the form of minor bruises on the skin, but can be quite large.
  2. Bleeding. In the area of the mucous membrane has many blood vessels and capillaries, and if their damage may be pretty severe bleeding.
  3. Injury of the mucosa. If during the operation there was such negligence, it could lead to the violation of the protective functions and patients inhaling untreated air.
  4. Abscess. This is quite a serious condition that will require repeated surgical intervention. This is usually due to the fact that in the area of the wound gets infected.
  5. The occurrence of purulent sinusitis or perichondritis. After the illiterate surgical intervention may be an infection, which is accompanied by separation of the pus.
  6. Deformity of the nose. This complication manifests itself in changing the shape of the nose.
  7. Reduced sensitivity of the organ of respiration. This happens in the case if have been crossed sensory nerve fibers.


Therefore, surgery to correct the nasal septum is meaningful only when it gives the patient some inconvenience. There are several ways for such intervention, but about each of them is to consult with your doctor on an individual basis.

The most popular methods for correction of the nasal septum are: laser and endoscopic septoplasty. The first type of operation is characterized by the absence of blood loss, minimal recovery time and low risk of complications. However, correction laser is an expensive operation, has a large list of contraindications and effective only when the curvature of the cartilage structure of the nose.

Unlike laser, endoscopic septoplasty shows high efficiency in deformation of the bone tissue, such as C and S-shaped curvature of the nasal septum. However, this procedure takes much more time has large blood loss and a high probability of postoperative complications.