The patch for children cough: where to glue capsicum plaster and mustard

How to glue a patch when you cough?

In the formation of coughing, every patient wants to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms as quickly as possible. In combating itching and irritation in the throat combined the use of traditional methods and unconventional methods of therapy. One of the popular methods of treatment of cough is considered a warming plaster. It helps to eliminate inflammation in a matter of days. During treatment the patient feels the mitigation of attacks and improve overall health. In addition, a mustard plaster for coughs and has a warming antiseptic effect.

However, do not expect complete elimination of signs of inflammation in this way. The patch only reduces the symptoms, but the comprehensive impact of this method has a pronounced therapeutic effect on the third day of treatment. Before treatment, the patient is recommended to consult with a physician where the technician will establish the root cause of the inflammation and give the necessary recommendations.

Why do I get cough

Coughing is a reflex process, which is formed on the background of viral or infectious lesions of the respiratory system. For coughs, which takes place over weeks, diagnosed acute process. If the inflammation and coughing continues for more than fourteen days, the patient has a lingering cough, which often passes into the chronic phase.

If untreated, the inflammatory process in the respiratory system, the patient may form acute or chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia.

Can you get bronchitis precise in this article.

To other consequences of a prolonged cough include nasopharyngitis, laryngitis, laryngotracheitis. Each disease has several symptoms and factors that need to be identified to consult a doctor. Keep in mind that their own decisions in the treatment can cause irreparable damage to health.

To cure cough it is important to establish the reasons for this process. The most common reason for cough is considered to be a decrease in the immune system. Violation of the protective functions can be associated with hypothermia, allergic lesion, the development of viral or catarrhal inflammation.

Treatment of allergic cough is painted in this material.

Improper drug therapy for cough can cause disruption of the gastrointestinal tract to cause intoxication, overdose and other dangerous symptoms. However, despite the numerous effects from use of pills and cough syrups, we should not blindly apply methods of alternative medicine. Sometimes folk remedies cause of allergic reactions.

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How to cure cough in adult traditional methods are written here.

About the patch and its composition

After identifying the reasons for the formation of itching and irritation in the throat, the patient is assigned to a complex effect. In conjunction with traditional methods, the patient is unable to recommend the use of plaster for cough.

The patches come in several types, but most often patients use pepper and mustard species. Applying technique of these tools is identical. They are made of natural natural ingredients, so in rare cases cause allergic reactions. As a rule, patients know about the features of your body and in case of special sensitivity of these drugs are not used.

The structure of the plaster may vary depending on the manufacturer, but in most cases they include:

  • peppers;
  • dimethyl sulfoxide;
  • belladonna;
  • eucalyptus oil;
  • extract Barannik mountain;
  • kalifonsky resin.

The combination of these ingredients helps to eliminate inflammation in the respiratory system and improve the functions of the mucous membranes. Not only do they help soften dry cough, but also improve circulation in the affected area, relieve pain in the throat and muscles, liquefy thick secretions and contribute to the rapid removal of mucus from bronchi.

Applying the plaster, the patient feels a pronounced therapeutic effect almost immediately after application. In addition, this method strengthens the immune system and improves the protective functions of the organism.

Often the patches used for the treatment of rhinitis. How to cure the common cold with traditional methods can be found here.


When you select a patch you can give preference to domestic species. The best drugs are: «Magicalist», «Ekstraplast», as well as the pepper and mustard means.

Some patients prefer Chinese medicine. The most effective Chinese patches recognized: «Black jade», «Guantes Jitun Gao», «Goossensen Janton Gao», «Treasure Trees», «Lao Gaoyao», «Mai Guan Yan».

How to apply

After buying the tools the first question is where to glue capsicum plaster for coughs. Typically, adhesive tape is used for reducing attacks and improving unproductive process. The second purpose of the patch is removing phlegm and reduce spasms. To achieve the described results should impose a remedy.

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Please note the photo on the right. Instructions for use of the adhesive tape:

  1. The first step is to carefully prepare the skin. So a tape does not slip, the skin should be degreased. To do this, clear the area of the chest and the back using any means of alcohol: vodka, alcohol, Cologne. Once you have processed the leather, wipe the entire area with a dry towel.
  2. Then you can start gluing the patch. To attach the tool to remove the protective layer and attach the adhesive tape to the selected area.
  3. To wear the patch to be at least three hours, but its effect is active for two days. After this time, replace the plaster new. If in the process of wearing the patch has darkened or become detached, replace the tool, without waiting for the expiry.
  4. After removing patch, skin may be used. To do this, wipe the skin with an alcohol compress and lubricate the area with any moisturizing cream.
  5. If during the treatment you notice redness of the skin, should not be afraid. Usually, the irritation disappears within one hour.

When treating kids, you should give preference to children’s plasters cough. They should be applied overnight. If after applying you have not noticed thin mucus, clearing of throat and restore the respiratory system, repeat the treatment.

Important! To get rid of a cough with a patch in a few days will not work. This method of treatment is for seven days or more.

As a rule, the duration of therapy depends on the shape and nature of the disease. In some cases, the plaster sticks every three days for three weeks.

The application

Finding out how to glue capsicum plaster for coughs, it is important to know few more features. Plaster can be applied not only on the sternum or back. If the cough a long time, some doctors suggest you to attach a tool on your feet.

With a strong dry cough often this method is used in combination with mustard. How to use filter bags written here.

The application of the patch the standard method, it is important to fix tool. The best result will occur only when applying the plaster on the active points which are responsible for the cough reflex. They are on both sides of the spine near the shoulder blades.

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Safety rules

Reduce cough in this way can one week of intensive treatment. However, before applying the plaster, make sure that no side effects and contraindications.

You should not use the patch if the patient has a special sensitivity to the active ingredients. Other restrictions include:

  1. Children up to age fourteen.
  2. When the special sensitivity of the skin to the warming means.
  3. During pregnancy and lactation. How to cure cough in case of gestation to clarify here.
  4. You cannot apply a band-aid at the elevated temperature of the body, as well as with a strong spasm in sternum.
  5. It is not necessary to apply the remedy when there are cracks, sores, scratches on the treated area.
  6. You can not use the tool if the patient developed hyperpigmentation.
  7. The plaster is not applied on those areas where there are moles.

The use of the drug should be completed, if during treatment the patient feels severe itching, burning and redness. Other side effects include the formation rhinitis, watery eyes, shortness of breath.


To get rid of a cough by this method is possible only with combination therapy. However, the use of the plaster effectively in the event cough viral or infectious in nature. In addition, the tool can be used as prophylaxis in the season the revitalization of acute respiratory illnesses.

In the treatment of bacterial forms of inflammation of the respiratory system, the use of adhesive tape is not productive.