The patch for the common cold for children from the past — how to properly use it

How to apply the children patch from the cold?

Runny nose is accompanied by any infectious and respiratory diseases. Rhinitis in children should be treated with caution, as vasoconstrictor drugs may cause dryness of mucous membranes and epistaxis because of damage to the capillaries.

An effective and safe method for the treatment of runny nose in a child is patch.

The advantages of stickers from rhinitis

Patch the common cold can be used to treat patients of all ages.

There are several varieties of these remedies:

  • warming;
  • cooling (vasoconstrictor);
  • inhalation.

Warming stickers are designed to replace the mustard, but can be used for rhinitis. These products expand the blood vessels and improve circulation.

In the treatment of rhinitis plaster paste on the area of the maxillary sinuses. Improvement of blood circulation in this area promotes easy separation of mucus and improve nasal breathing.

Consisting of labels, stimulating the blood circulation in the affected area, contains red pepper or a substance with similar properties. Young children are patches rarely prescribed, as their use is accompanied by a burning sensation.

Please note! Having the means is prohibited to use the sinus.

Cooling sticker on the nose have a slight vasoconstrictive effect and help to release mucus from the nose. In their composition usually contains essential oils – eucalyptus, menthol, oil of pine.

Inhalation patches are used to improve breathing. They represent a small piece of cloth soaked in essential oils, with adhesive tape for easy fixing. The product is not fixed on the nose and on clothing items located in the vicinity of, for example, on the collar. The essential oil gradually evaporates, and the patient breathes them.

Features of use

The patches from the common cold and colds are not drug and OTC. They are not effective when strong emotions, but help to improve the health of the child.

As an independent therapeutic agent useful for the first sign of a cold.

In this case, the sticker will help to ease nasal breathing and reduce the swelling of the inflamed mucous membrane.

In infectious rhinitis and sinusitis to apply stickers is not recommended.

Inhalation stickers will not have any effect, and warming can cause the spread of infection in the maxillary sinus.

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The amounts there are essential oils some can cause allergies. Before buying products, it is important to carefully study the composition.

The patch should be used as an adjuvant treatment, but not as the only drug against the common cold. The use of funds over a specified period of time, improves the health of the patient, however, only masks the symptoms but does not cure the disease.

Features of plaster «Wheezy»

One of the most popular tools for facilitating nasal breathing during rhinitis in children is a band-aid «Pipe» from a cold. This tool works on the principle of the inhaler during use is allocated essential oils facilitate breathing and reduce mucus.

Composed of only two components – the oil of eucalyptus and camphor.

Both ingredients are different anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and eucalyptus oil also cools and has a delicate vasoconstrictor effect.

The use of plaster for children gently and safely relieves runny nose and does not cause side effects.

Adhesive from the nozzle is used for kids older than two years. Absolute contraindications to younger children there, so the appointment of the pediatrician, the patch can be used and one year old children.

Important! The product contains active essential oils and is intended for placing on clothes. On the skin the product is impossible to glue, otherwise the formation of irritation.

Sticker is a small piece of cloth soaked in essential oils. One side of the patch is covered with a protective film under which there is a sticky layer that allows you to attach it to clothing.

The patch «Wheezy» it is good to apply before bedtime. It can be attached to the pajamas or on the pillow of the baby. In the night time «Wheezy» will help to ease breathing and ensure baby’s sound sleep.

The patch for the common cold for children under years not being used because of the risk of allergic reactions to components of the vehicle.

Patch «Magicalist»

«Magicalist» produces two types of funds that are intended for the treatment of rhinitis in children:

  • the patch for the common cold;
  • the patch to make breathing easier for colds.
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The first product has a vasoconstrictor effect, and the second works on the principle of the inhaler. Both funds are intended for children older than two years.

The patch from the cold «Magicalist» impregnated with oils of cedar, eucalyptus and patchouli.

In the composition there is also menthol, providing a cooling effect.

The product should be glued into the baby’s nose. Due to the action of menthol notes vasoconstriction and the release of the sinuses of mucus. Eucalyptus oil improves nasal breathing and helps reduce swelling.

Cedar oil is a known antiviral agent and is often used to treat colds. This component also stimulates the immune system. Patchouli oil reduces inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Inhalation patch «Magicalist» also contains a little cedar and eucalyptus, but is intended for use on clothing.

The sticker attached to the clothing fabric in the upper part of the chest. When using the gradual release of essential oils that get into the Airways and reduce cough. Inhalation patch is also effective for coughs, as it promotes expectoration of sputum. It is recommended to use from the first days of a cold.

For children «Breathe»

Inhalation patch «Breathe» is designed for adults and children older than two years.

It contains only natural ingredients – lavender, mint, fir and eucalyptus, and turpentine and levomenthol.

The tool is mounted on clothes or on the pillow during sleep.

The principle of operation is based on slow release of essential oils that fall into the respiratory tract of the child and reduce the severity of edema of the mucous membranes. When using such stickers to improve nasal breathing and facilitates the separation of mucus.

The tool can be used with any colds and the first symptoms of rhinitis in children.

Terms of use and contraindications

The statement pointed out that «Wheezy», «Breathe» and «Magicalist» can be applied to children older than two years and adults. However, pediatricians often prescribe the patch for the common cold for children. In this case, the edges of the trim with scissors so that it is convenient to stick on the nose.

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Vasoconstrictor and inhaled stickers cannot be used on infants. The components of the product may cause allergic reactions. The drug is not used if you are hypersensitive components of the composition.

Inhalation patches are fixed only on clothing. While synthetic fabrics can degrade the drug. If you attach it on the skin you can get severe irritation up to burns.

«Magicalist» and «Wheezy» can be worn up to 8 hours. Then it must be removed and discarded, re-use is impossible, even if the exposure time was small.

For small children it is recommended to use the patch before sleep. It will facilitate nasal breathing, and essential oils will help your baby to fall asleep soon.

Tool that fits over the nose, requires compliance with rules of use. It cannot be wet, the bath sticker need to be removed. Protect eyes and mucous membranes of the nose and mouth from contact with the edge of the product. Otherwise will be a strong burning sensation. The patch can not be fixed on damaged or inflamed skin.

Sticky part is made of a special composition, which does not leave marks on clothing and skin. When worn on the skin, the tool does not restrict movement of the nose and is removed painlessly. These stickers are not drugs, they can be purchased in any pharmacy without prescription.