The removal of the cyst in the maxillary sinus — treatment and surgery

How to remove a cyst in the maxillary sinus?

Frequent headache, runny nose and blocked nose evidences a violation of human health. Most often, these symptoms indicate that there is inflammation in the maxillary area.

Fortunately, the disease is not aggressive. But in most cases the inflammation is removed surgically.

General information on the cyst of the maxillary sinus

Common benign disease is inflammation in the maxillary region. The disease has the shape of a small vessel with elastic walls in the form of a ball. Volume and location depends on the individual Constitution of the person.

Because of the structure of the nose, in which virtually no nerve endings, the cyst is difficult to see without special tests. So many people do not notice the occurrence of the disease.

Diseases of the nose can be caused by a number of diseases. The main ones:

  1. inflammation of the mucous membrane;
  2. tumor.

The symptoms of the disease arise only after the cyst fills the entire nasal sinus. Then the person becomes hard to breathe, there is a unbearable headache and unpleasant sensations in the cheeks.

Other symptoms are:

  • Congestion and nasal discharge;
  • The pain in the eyes;
  • Runny nose;
  • Sinusitis.

To diagnose the cause of the inflammation needs to be examined by a doctor-otolaryngologist. The study included x-ray diffraction, allowing you to instantly determine the exact extent of the inflammation, the location and grounds for its emergence.

Usually the inflammation has a diameter of around two centimeters. But the little cyst it is hard to spot because it does not cause discomfort and symptoms.

There are several types of the disease:

  • Retention;
  • About.

Depending on the location of inflammation are distinguished:

  • Cyst of the tooth;
  • Odontogenic cyst;
  • Retention cyst;
  • The cyst left and right maxillary sinus.

For the diagnosis of disease refer to a specialist. With the help of specialized devices like endoscope and computed tomography, the doctor will determine the cause of the disease, its scope and location.

The causes of the disease can be:

  • The curvature of the nose;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Not a proper bite;
  • Caries;
  • The problematic roots of the teeth.

Side effects are frequent headaches, severe fatigue and loss of efficiency. In special cases there may be loss of memory. Do not delay removal of the cyst in the maxillary sinus.

Certificate of deletion of the inflammation

After defining the symptoms, causes, passed examinations, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment. An important issue is how to remove a cyst in the maxillary sinus?

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First make sure that the appearance of diseases not provoked the aching tooth. In this case, the treatment begins with a trip to the dentist. After the removal of the causes of disease, disease and is commonly dismissive treatment in this case is not necessary.

Also, the treatment may not be needed for the detection of cysts during a CT scan of the skull. If the inflammation is of small size, and it doesn’t bother you, there are no symptoms of inflammation and good health of the patient, treatment is not prescribed.

In this case, the patient should monitor the development and size of the disease. If over time it increases significantly in volume – see your doctor.

Traditional methods of removing the cyst

Today it is possible to treat the cysts in the maxillary sinus without surgery.

This way you will be piercing with a special needle. In this case, the content is removed, and the inflammation is significantly reduced in volume. However, at this stage of treatment, the cyst may be filled in a short time, as the shell remains in place.

Treatment with pharmaceutical drugs is not desirable. Ointments and drops can significantly harm health and affect the spread of infections.

You should know that physical therapy, heating, and other manipulations is prohibited. This treatment can trigger inflammation between the sinuses.

Upon detection of the disease treatment with traditional methods is prohibited. In this case, it will cause significant damage to health and may contribute to the increased size of the cyst.

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Surgical removal of the cyst

With a strong concern in the form of nasal congestion, pain in the temporal region of the head, purulent sinusitis, surgical intervention is necessary under General anesthesia.

However, at the peak of climax unilateral or bilateral inflammation of the mucous membrane, the operation should be postponed until full recovery.

Commonly eliminate the cyst through the nasal connection. If the inflammation is found in the lower part, the operation is prescribed under the hole of the upper lip.

After surgery, the patient undergoes physical therapy with the cleansing of the nose.

Removal of cysts of the maxillary sinus costs from 10 000 roubles depending on size and individual cases.

There are three types of operations to remove cysts in the maxillary sinus:

1. Operation Caldwell-Luc;
2. Denker’s Operation;
3. Endoscopic surgery.

Operation Caldwell-Luc

Operation Caldwell-Luc deprecated form of treatment. Today in the method of operation made significant adjustments.

Among the indications include chronic purulent inflammation, not amenable to conservative treatment.

With this operation, the anesthetic is introduced, which includes the solution of novocaine.

This is followed by trepanation of the maxillary sinus and cyst removal.

In this type of transaction often occurs trauma.

Operation Denker

Denker operation is the opening of the sinus through the front side. Manipulation is similar to the previous method, but the innovation is in place operational access. In this case, the Burr hole is made through the front wall, which allows the surgeon easier to eliminate inflammation.

The main drawback of the operation – a strong trauma.

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Endoscopic surgery

To reduce the injury allowed endoscopic surgery. The involvement of the endoscope allowed us to avoid cuts on the face, through the lumen of the exclusively physiological way – through the nasal cavity. The cost of removing the cyst in the maxillary sinus with a scope and ranges from 25 000 RUB.


It is important for the prevention and timely treatment of colds, especially the common cold.

In acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose band is caused by a variety of reasons, you must contact your doctor.

Since rhinitis and other inflammation in your nose can change the structure, there is Zagrebina of the skin, blockage of channels.

However, if you found the appearance of the cysts do not worry. Today, the removal of the inflammation by surgery takes about 20 minutes and rarely causes complications.