The reorganization of the nasal cavity: what is it like to do at home

What is debridement of the nose?

Debridement of the nasal cavity is needed to provide in the cold season, especially during the growth of viral infections and flu. This procedure involves the permanent monitoring of the condition of the nose, and if necessary treatment of resulting pathologies. It is completely safe even for pregnant women.

Debridement of the nasal mucosa are also important for the body, as the daily cleansing of face, body, teeth. Because the mucous can settle to 80% of pathogenic microorganisms that are found in the environment. The nasopharynx is the guide of not only respiratory system but also the brain.

What is debridement of the nasal cavity

Rehabilitation is actions aimed at cleaning the nasal cavity from the accumulated dust particles, salivary secretions, harmful substances.

It helps to reduce swelling, reduce the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms, the removal of clots of mucus.

In a healthy condition of the nasal mucosa to everyday is made up to 500 ml of secretions of mucus, in which there are required elements, neutralizing and neutralizing harmful viruses and bacteria.

If its development will be insufficient, there will be swelling, cracks are formed, which settle pathogenic agents, causing respiratory diseases.

A mistake many people is the use of vasoconstrictor drugs that address only a symptom of the nasal congestion but do not relieve the underlying cause of the disease.

Important! This procedure is necessary not only for their own health, but also for the safety of others.

Methods of rehabilitation of the nasal cavity

To know how to do sanitation of the nose, it is necessary to choose the means and the manner of its execution.

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Washing is carried out with a sodium chloride solution with a concentration of 0.9%.

You can also use the drugs, based on sea salt.

In infectious diseases it is recommended a nasal wash antiseptic (» — «, «Furatsilinom», «Chlorhexidine», «Dioxidine»).

These drugs are prescribed by a specialist, depending on the etiology of the disease.

Before the reorganization of the nasal cavity, the solution needs to be warmed up. Acceptable temperature is considered as 37 degrees.

Reorganization can be carried out at acute respiratory diseases. As the mucous membrane swells and obstructs free breathing. The solution is introduced under pressure together with the causative agent of the disease, can get into the middle ear, causing otitis media. Before washing should be drip vasoconstrictor.

Important! Children under five years of age, sanitation of produce using a pipette or nasal sprays.

Methods douching of the nose

Consider the most popular methods.

A conventional syringe without a needle or syringe

The prepared solution placed in the selected tool. Lean over the sink and place the tip into the first nostril.

Under slight pressure to inject fluid into the nose.

In the absence of congestion the solution should be poured through the other nostril.

It can leak in small quantities through the mouth.

You can also use a special device for nasal irrigation, which are sold in pharmacies along with means for readjustment.


Is considered the most simple and quick way. Pour into the bent palm irrigation solution, and in an inclined state, the other hand holding one nostril, breathe in a means other nostril.


Nasal sprays, with contents saline («Akvamaris», «Phrase»).

This method is more convenient than the previous one but not as effective.

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According to the attached instructions, the tool is introduced into the nasal cavity special nozzles.

In this way it is permitted to wash the nose infants.

The Device Is «Cuckoo»

Indication of rehabilitation, this method is sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, polyps, adenoiditis. During the procedure you need to take the situation lying down, his head at an angle not greater than 45 degrees tilt back.

At the same time, one nostril boat or a standard syringe solution flows from the second suction apparatus is removed the liquid with an admixture of pus and mucous secretions.

During this procedure, you need to say «cuckoo», the solution does not hit the throat. Due to the recent actions of the apparatus for readjustment of the nose called «Cuckoo».

Contraindications to this procedure is epilepsy, constant nosebleeds, pregnant women. Readjustment of the nasopharynx the pumps should be performed in medical institutions by qualified personnel.

Recommendation! After the renovation of a nose on street not to leave for 30 minutes.

Rehabilitation at home

To carry out reorganization of the nasal cavity can at home using traditional recipes.

  1. Saline. For its preparation you need to mix 1 tsp. table or sea salt and baking soda, dissolved in a glass of hot boiled water.
  2. Onion solution. It contains volatile, which have antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory action. For one-time use tool is prepared as follows: mix 1 tsp finely chopped onions, 1 tsp of liquid honey, 8 tbsp cooled boiled water and 8 tsp. loosely brewed tea. Drain and leave for 5 mins Before washing test tool on the development of allergic reactions.
  3. Infusions of herbs (chamomile, sage, calendula). They have antiseptic and soothing effect. To prepare the solution you need to brew 1 tsp of herb in a Cup of boiling water.
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Conducting rehabilitation in the home these methods are recommended twice a day. In acute stages of viral diseases to wash out after 4 hours.

For irrigation one of the nasal sinuses with the use of 250 ml. of solution. The duration of therapy depends on the nature of the disease. During the period of growth in the number of colds you should adhere to the rules:

  1. After the street to wash your hands, rinse a throat.
  2. To smear with soap the nostril to blow his nose and wash the nasal passages saline, anti-bacterial solution or simple boiled water.
  3. Applied to the nasal mucosa onion oil and carefully RUB the nose wings.
  4. Before going to bed to repeat the lavage of the nasal cavity.


Doctors recommend to carry out reorganization of the nose people with weak immunity, pregnant women and school-age children.

It will reduce the risk of viral infections and flu. In the treatment of colds washing will accelerate the recovery of the patient.