The roar in my ears and head — causes, treatment, exercises

How to get rid of hum in your ears?

Different phantom sounds and sensations in the ears (hum, noise, congestion, crackling or ringing) is not perceived by our society as a significant reason for visiting the doctor-otolaryngologist. Often a symptom of «delayed» for later, as long it is saved — it is easier to compress or first appropriate ear drops found in medicine chest. In fact, the constant buzz in the ears, which may from time to time be strengthened and weakened can be a symptom of a dangerous disease.

It’s one thing when a symptom is of short duration, and its cause lies on the surface — for example, if you travel often there’s a buzz in the head and ears. But if the obvious reasons for the occurrence of phantom sounds, the patient can not name, but the symptom persists for a long time, it is likely that we are talking about acoustic trauma or diseases that give problems with the ears.

Humming in ear: causes and treatment

In any case, the roar in my ears and head, reasons for which were not identified by consultation, needs careful analysis might be exactly how the body «requires» immediate medical or physiotherapeutic intervention in secretly occurring disease.

First of all, you should find out why the roar in his ears. Discarding all temporary inconveniences that may affect the hearing, there are many medical causes of humming in ears. In particular, sometimes such a complication cause disease, it would seem, not related to the hearing, as well as professional activities and Hobbies.

Common causes

If to determine the nature of torturing the ears of noises and sensations to visit a qualified doctor is not possible, you should assess its own performance prior to the occurrence of data audible and tactile effects to a process of elimination to find the most likely options.

  1. Foreign objects. Often otolaryngologists have to extract from the ears of patients insects accidentally trapped in the ear canal, as well as other foreign objects that can be put in the ear powerful flows of wind or during accidents.
  2. Sulfuric tube. Some diseases and poor hygiene of the ears lead to accumulation and compaction of earwax, resulting in the ear canal at a depth inaccessible to self-breeding, a so-called cerumen. Symptoms, in addition to hum and noise in this case can serve well as a feeling of congestion, heaviness, a change in the perception of own and others ‘ votes, as well as the loss of hearing acuity in General
  3. Oxygen starvation. In some diseases (eg, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine) disrupted auditory nerves, and blood vessels that feed the auditory system with oxygen and other important elements. As a result of such violations a person can experience phantom noises and roaring sounds in the ears that occurs due to improper functioning of the nervous cells of the inner ear.
  4. Acoustic trauma, barotrauma. Very often the phantom noises are the result of severe acoustic trauma and barotrauma. The first arise from the powerful sound waves hit the ear cavity during the shooting, listening to loud music or work in a place with high noise. Of barotrauma are the result of sharp fluctuations in atmospheric pressure is one of the main diseases of parachutists, pilots.
  5. A weak vestibular system. Very often, people characterized by weakness of the vestibular apparatus, there are unpleasant sensations in the ear when moving through water, air or earth. Any annoying factors in this case can affect the ears.
  6. The pooled fluid in the ears. People often floating in the water, improper care of the ears often become victims of standing water in the ears. If after swimming you do not deal with drying the ear, this fluid can lead to inflammatory processes (e.g., otitis ear), which are characterized by phantom sound effects.

Important! In situations where the nasty sounds are deployed not in both ears, the cause of their appearance does not change. The buzz in the right ear, like the hum in the left ear, showed only that the cause of the phantom sound is closer to the organ of hearing.


Diseases of the organs of the senses are dangerous because in case of inadequate treatment, they can result in permanent malfunction of these organs. Therefore, the absence of competent treatment and supervision of a leakage can not only eliminate phantom sounds, but also lead to eventual loss of hearing.

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Even low frequency hum in my ears, disturbing man just a few days, may be the result of acoustic trauma, so the patient should act upon the principle of «do no harm».

First, if there is any suspicion of barotrauma or acoustic trauma should seek consultation. Unpleasant if steady sensations started to disturb the ear away from civilization, nothing but primary self-help ENT doctors to take not recommend.

To help yourself when a sudden hum and noise in the ear is possible through a variety of exercises, including breathing.

  1. Leave the ears alone. You need to give up listening to music in headphones, being in a noisy environment and engage in activities related to changes in atmospheric pressure or loads. Sometimes to get rid of the obsessive phantom sound effects help a few hours in a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Breathing exercise. People, often traveling by air, regularly use the method of «two fingers». It is necessary to close the nostrils with your fingers and then try to breathe out your nose to the typical «cotton» in his ears. If 2-3 such exercises do not give effect, to continue self-medication in this way is not recommended because there is a chance of aggravating the cause of the hum.
  3. Tapping on the skull. Simple, but sometimes effective method is to gently tap on the head with your fingers to hear the tapping sounds from inside the head. This exercise should be discontinued if after 30-40 clicks a hearing has not improved.
  4. Squeezing ears with his hands. Try to eliminate unpleasant sensations in the ear can and the following method: close ear to ear, both hands, and then try to squeeze their head until the occurrence of a sensation of vacuum, and then let go.
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If the patient is sure that the noise in the ear is not the result of inflammatory diseases of the ear, you can try to warm the suffering of the organ of hearing compress or pellet (with a cotton swab in a thin «wick) on the basis of castor oil or boric alcohol.

Conservative therapy

For serious diseases, otolaryngologist, issuing recommendations on how to get rid of the hum in my ears, looking at the nature of the disease.

The most common recommendation is the elimination of the disease causing the aggravating sound effects.

For example, in cervical osteochondrosis hearing and vision being restored after successful treatment.

If hum and noise are directly related to disease of the ear (barotrauma, acoustic injury, other lesions of the auditory apparatus), the usual prescription is as follows:

  • painkillers to relieve the pain;
  • sedative to help the patient deal with irritability when the obsessive sounds that violate even sleep;
  • vitamins to support immunity;
  • physiotherapy treatments that can affect the victim of the inner ear, magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, laser treatment;
  • biologically active substances;
  • antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory drugs.

Important! For such patients the noise and hum in the ears can be the consequence of the weakening of the hearing. In these situations the process is likely to be irreversible — relief situation is a prosthetic hearing, selection of hearing AIDS.

Thus, any sudden changes in hearing should be treated carefully. When the ear hum and noise treatment to the doctor is not always required — fortunately, many patients, for objective reasons are exempt from the Intrusive symptoms a few hours after the events of the pathogen.

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If this disease persists for a long time, but its nature is unknown to the patient as soon as possible to attend the consultation, because delaying treatment can cost you the opportunity to fully hear the world around him in the future.