The sand in the bladder: causes, symptoms and treatment

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that the sand in the bladder is not a cause for concern and you should not take such a diagnosis. Really lightly to this disease is dangerous, as the consequences can be sad.


Due to the physiological characteristics of the sand, obrazujas in the kidneys, and then localizes in the bladder, is diagnosed more often in women. Among the reasons that precede this disease, there are several major.

  1. Recurrent infectious lesions observed in the sector of the genitourinary system.
  2. Abuse of salt.
  3. The presence in drinking water of excessive quantities of salts.
  4. A deficiency of vitamin D.
  5. Irregularities in functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Pathological processes in bones.
  7. Unbalanced nutrition.
  8. Failures in metabolism.
  9. Heredity.


The sand in the bladder to announce its presence by the appearance of unpleasant, sometimes indistinctly expressed pain during urination. The woman may experience pain, burning in the urethra. The pain sometimes responds in the area of the appendages. The appearance of her lower back is evidence of pathological problems in the kidneys.

Changes the color of urine, acquiring a reddish tint unnatural saturation. It also loses its transparency, becoming turbid. After the urine may suddenly be interrupted, and you have to change the body position to fully empty the bladder. Frequent urination can also be symptoms of the presence of sand in any organ of the genitourinary system.

The consequences

Sand that accumulates in the kidneys, as well as being a long time in the bladder, provokes such diseases as urethritis or cystitis. In the future, begins the formation and growth of stones.

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To prevent hazardous conditions, to seek the advice is necessary at the first suspicious symptoms. Clear picture will help the urine tests and ultrasound.


The doctor, determining the content of a medical complex that takes into account not only the presence of sand, but the root cause, which became the starting point of his education. If it turns out that the main problem is that initially, the sand accumulates in the kidneys, where with the flow of urine enters the bladder, the treatment begins with them.

Are appointed of drugs, correcting the disturbed metabolism. Definitely makes recommendations for compliance with diet, and concomitant infections are treated. Helps herbal teas, taken after waking up, amplifying the natural process of release of sand in the urine.

If the sand in the bladder provoked inflammation, along with medicines that help to bring him into the medical complex must include Antibacterials – Furazolidone, Ampicillin, Cephalexin. Also used Norfloxacin, Nevigramon. As a complement to essential medicines can be used Euroflux.

To speed up the restoration of the condition of the epithelium of the urinary system, is assigned Plexifilm improving blood circulation. Stimulation urodynamics promote drugs such as Olimetin, Uralit. Also effectively helps to remove sand Zistan.

To enhance drug action will be given additional recommendations.

  1. The exception of alcohol.
  2. Physical classes.
  3. A daily walk.
  4. Protection from hypothermia.
  5. Timely healing of infectious diseases.

Diet in the presence of sand in the bladder

The diet recommended by a specialist, is an important component of the treatment centre, and so must be respected. In developing the recommendations take into account the composition of the sand.

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It is mandatory to drink plenty of liquids (except carbonated, mineral drinks), often reaching a daily volume of two liters. The water should be clean and not hard. It is desirable that a maximum of fluid to the first half of the day.

If the body revealed excess calcium in the diet to impose restrictions on dairy products, and fruit and vegetable varieties. It is necessary to exclude smoked, sweet, overly salty and spicy food.

In the list of allowed types consist of cereals, eggs, meats, wheat bread. Appropriate eating several small meals. To cook it is roasting, giving preference to steam, steamed, boiled dishes.

Traditional medicine

Their own to begin treatment by any means, including centuries-tested folk practices, it is dangerous. A doctor’s advice is mandatory, since the presence of sand in the bladder it may be that the kidney was already formed stones, which movement can cause serious complications.

In assistance to the basic treatment can be drunk every hour in 100 ml infusion made from a Cup of rose hips, soaked in two litres of boiling water in a thermos for two hours. Treatment is two months. In parallel with the cleansing effect of rose hips has a strengthening effect on the immune system.

To bring the sand, you can make yourself diuretic collection, taking pre-dried roots of parsley and adding cornflower with bearberry (flowers) and buds of birch. All components are taken in equal weight proportions. A daily tablespoon of the mixture boil for 15 minutes in 200 ml of water and drink cooled and filtered after two doses, in conjunction with first awakening early (about five o’clock in the morning). The course continues for two weeks.

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It gives good results receiving the composition from the leaves of bearberry, juniper, taken three cups, and licorice root (one Cup). In the morning one tablespoon is infused in 200 ml boiling water for about thirty minutes. Then the infusion is filtered and drunk in one go. This continues until the entire collection will not end.

You can make your own piggy Bank folk wisdom diuretic collection of several components, taken in equal proportions. You will need raspberries, Linden flowers, leaves mother and stepmother with cranberries, anise fruit. In a water bath tablespoon of raw material is aged in a glass of boiling water a quarter of an hour. Cooled infusion is filtered and drunk immediately before a meal. This procedure can be performed before Breakfast and dinner for thirty days.

Age limit for the possible appearance of sand in the kidneys and then the bladder, does not exist. Diagnosed this pathology can and in a fairly young age. Only attentive to their own health will allow you to get rid of a serious problem.