The smell of pus in nose: causes and treatment what to do if you smell

What to do when the nose smells like pus?

Foul odor from the nasal cavity to cause the patient a lot of unpleasant moments. This fragrance can bother not only his owner but to others. Therefore, the treatment of smell pus in my nose can wait no longer. In rare cases, patients start the problem, but even at these stages to get rid of the stinking aroma possible. In this case the patient will be tortured headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite and other symptoms that can reduce quality of life.

It is clear that this smell is a pathological problem. To get rid of unpleasant aroma, it is important to establish the cause and eliminate all contributing factors. The main reason for the smell of rot from the nasal cavity is bacteria that have penetrated to the mucous nasal cavity and begun active growth. Releasing the toxins, they cause tissue inflammation, which leads to the formation of pus. In this process it is important to know what to do when the nose smells of pus and what measures need to be taken.

Why smell from the nose pus

Causes of smell of pus in the nose is always different and in order to identify the root cause in your case, you will undergo a diagnosis from an experienced doctor. It is believed that the main factor in the education of the stench of the nasal cavity — bacteria in reproduction produce toxins. They poison the body and cause serious signs of intoxication.

Usually patients are not able to ignore such symptom and time to take the necessary measures.

With the progression of the disease to the suffocating smell of all the added pain in the head, dryness of the mucosa of the sinus, itching and formation of crusts.

Remember that pus in the organ of respiration can cause inflammation not only in nasal but also in nearby tissues.

Notice the formation of inflammation can smell it. Usually it says not only the patient but everyone around.

When the diagnosis and further treatment it is important to establish the kind of bacteria that caused the disease process. In addition, it is important to know the cause of his penetration.

Usually pathogens are beginning to work actively in the patient due to a weakened immune system. The loss of immune function, disease-causing microbes almost no problems penetrating the mucosa and cause purulent inflammation.

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At the first sign of unpleasant odor from the nose is necessary to take urgent measures. Such symptoms are dangerous to human health.

Foreign object

In addition to bacterial infection of the body, the stench from the nose may be caused by the penetration of a foreign object.

Most often this factor appears in young children aged three to six years.

Kids often put into the nose through small parts from toys or various items.

Foreign objects that in turn cause trauma to the cavity.

In case of untimely extraction of the subject, they trigger an inflammatory process. At this time, the patient feels severe pain in the nasal cavity, and the abundance of mucous secretion. With the progression of inflammation, injured blood vessel or cavity mucosa start to secrete pus, causing the appearance of the nauseating odor.

Infectious inflammation

In the development of various pathological processes are often guilty region of the paranasal sinuses.

Sinusitis inflammation dangerous its consequences, as well as hard tolerated by patients due to acute symptoms.

It is believed that the main reason for the formation of unpleasant smells is the development of sinusitis or sinusitis.

With the progression of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, patients may receive not only the rotten smell from the nose, but also the following symptoms:

  • body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius;
  • violation of nasal breathing, or its absence;
  • the formation of large amounts of mucous secretion;
  • pain in the head and the temples;
  • migraine;
  • weakness, signs of intoxication, fatigue;
  • insomnia;
  • feeling pressure in the nose and eye sockets;
  • the lack of appetite.

A sickening smell in sinus can be constant or periodic, but in any case, the treatment of inflammation begins with a consultation.

To cure inflammation of the sinuses requires long-term therapy. In most cases, to get rid of the disease patients are prescribed powerful systemic antibiotics and long course of treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Do not think that sinusitis or sinusitis can pass on their own. In the absence of proper treatment, the disease will turn into chronic.


In addition to these reasons, the patient can be diagnosed atrophic rhinitis or ozena.

This kind of cold is always accompanied by a fetid odor from the nose.

In addition, the disease is accompanied by the formation of large amounts of dry crusts in the nose, as well as full or partial loss of smell.

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In addition, patients complain of lethargy, fatigue, signs of intoxication and severe dryness in the cavity of the nasopharynx.

To identify the reason for the formation of atrophic rhinitis is quite difficult. Some experts believe that ozena is transmitted at the genetic level and the patient may be a congenital disorder. Other doctors say that the reason for the formation of atrophic rhinitis is frequent use of vasoconstrictor drugs.

Atrophic rhinitis is most often affects children from six to twelve years.

With the progression of the disease, primarily affect the mucosa of the nasal cavity. Subsequently, the disease spreads to the nasal bones. Such a inflammation is dangerous for the patient, so it is important to take immediate action.

To get rid of Oseni impossible without the use of antibiotic nasal drops or sprays. In the treatment process, it is important to strengthen the immune system.

Complications inflammation

If it stinks of pus from the nose for a long time, it is necessary to pass a detailed examination.

Perhaps the reason for the formation of such a process is a long – term rhinitis or untreated, the inflammation in the Airways.

The smell of rot can occur at the last stage of a cold when nasal discharge becomes less dense.

The same symptom occurs with prolonged use of antibiotics and other drugs.

In addition, an unpleasant odor from the nose may appear if the treatment of inflammations was wrong. In this disease the patient has to undergo re-diagnosis.

Prolonged rhinitis is a dangerous complication of acute sinusitis.


How to get rid of the smell

The treatment of the pathological process requires a comprehensive approach. To identify the root cause of the formation of the stench, it is necessary to pass the examination at the ENT and blood tests. In some cases, the patient prescribed x-ray and rhinoscopy and endoscopy of the nasal cavity and imaging.

To appoint medical treatment without diagnosis is impossible. Therefore, in the formation of stinky smell go to the doctor or the otolaryngologist.

In most cases, the treatment is by using antibiotic therapy.

Prescribe the necessary antibiotic only after bacterial seeding of nasal secretions. With this procedure, the doctor will find out the degree of resistance of the causative agent of the disease to various antibiotics.

Drug therapy

With viral or bacterial inflammation, the doctor prescribes a treatment aimed at getting rid of the cause of the disease.

  1. In viral development of the patient assigned to the antiviral drug Amizon, However, Rimantadine
  2. In the case of bacteria in the treatment includes antibiotics — Azithromycin, Augmentin.
  3. In addition, regardless of the form of pathogenic infection, the patient is administered vasoconstrictor drugs, having tried the Touch, At all. They reduce nasal congestion and allow you to breathe through the nose. In addition, their action is directed at the removal of edema and removal of purulent secretions.
  4. In the case of the abundance of mucous secretion is necessary not only to get rid of inflammation with the help of antiviral and antibacterial drugs, but also to moisturize the mucous cavity. It is necessary to flush nasal passages using the Aqua Maris or other types of pain. In addition, it is useful to humidify premises and conduct daily wet cleaning.
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In other cases, when the cause lies in the inflammation of the tumor, or various complications, the treatment appointed strictly individually. In addition, the fetid aroma can occur because of disorders of the nervous system. In this case, the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor-neurologist.


Unpleasant odor from the nose and purulent discharge dangerous to the patient. In addition to discomfort and acute symptoms, pus formation may spread to nearby tissues and to provoke a more complex process of inflammation. In addition, purulent accumulations reduce the patient’s immune system.

For prevention need time to heal all colds and viral inflammation, including ordinary rhinitis. Do not break the course of treatment and take all medication in the indicated dosage.

It is important to respect the day, to follow the diet and exercise. Also, take vitamins.