The structure of small lips of the vagina: features

The vulva is the external part of the genital organs, i.e., small and large lips of the vagina, the external glands, the Mons pubis vestibule and the clitoris. The vulva has many anatomical features. Its development consists of several stages, including puberty girls. Every organ is a component that performs specific functions that help protect the vagina from the negative effects.

What is the vulva?

The vulva is the combined term in gynecology, which includes all the female sex organs located outside. The structure of the vulva and especially to him include:

  • vaginal lips;
  • the hood of the clitoris;
  • crotch;
  • threshold;
  • the urethral opening;
  • glands located in the eve;
  • pubis.

Also the hymen is considered a boundary that separates the internal organs from the exterior. Vulva is readily available for inspection by the expert. All the parts that comprise the body, are sensitive organs, during the touching which aktiviziruyutsya process excitation.

In fact, many of the female sex organs and the penis of men develop and are composed of the same tissues. It is for this reason sometimes the clitoris may be hypertrophied, that is similar to manhood. Glands of the clitoris similar to the glands on the glans penis. But the hood of the clitoris and labia – identical to the skin of the penis and scrotum.

Many women alarmed by the shapes and sizes of genitals. Sometimes it’s just a comparison of women with men, whose sex organs more pronounced. We all know that women have vagina and men have penis, in this regard, the vulva is not even mentioned, so many people are unaware that it can be of different sizes and types.

Most adolescent girls have sexual organs, such a representation is «a small depression between the thighs» not every mother can elaborate or demonstrate vulva daughter to the girl realized what kind of authority.

In puberty the genitals of a teenager amenable to some changes, including the growth of breast tissue of the vulva in this period will actively responds to changes in the hormonal background.

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It was at this point of puberty, the organs constituting the vulva, begin to change in their shapes, sizes and texture. Sometimes girls are concerned in a period of change that occur with the vulva. Therefore, it is noted that, on average, every third girl studied the vulva of the other because of simple curiosity and not receiving information from adults.

In this regard, many make hasty and wrong conclusions about what they have deformed vulva, seeing a different shape, structure and size vulva girlfriend. It is therefore important that girls in puberty attended classes where they will talk about the structure of the vulva and genitals. Better if they on this sensitive issue will be to carry on a conversation with my mom.

Functions and features of the vulva

The vulva is a skin organ with mucous membrane, formed from the lower divisions of the reproductive system. The structure consists of external bodies including: small and large labia, pubis, clitoris. Vulva differs significantly from the skin, it develops from the urogenital sinus, it is for this reason throughout the living areas have high sensitivity to changes in the hormonal background than other areas.

As a child, when her hormones are at rest and not subject to change, tissues of the body quite vulnerable, sensitive and delicate, which is why high risk of development of inflammatory process.

In the period of puberty tissue fill with juice, improves lymph circulation and blood circulation, the epithelium thickens, strengthens the secrets, all this is accompanied by activation of the immune system.

In puberty and before the menopause the tissue of the vulva will be most protected from dystrophic and inflammatory processes, but it is only in the case when the body produces adequate quantities of estrogen.

When it comes to menopause, tissue atrophy, the epithelium thins, large and small lips, the clitoris is resized, the secret function is gradually fading.

In old age the greatest chance of deformation of the tissues. The most innocuous injury can be accompanied by infection. All the organs that make up the vulva, is subject to diseases, which is why children need to follow the personal hygiene and timely to visit a gynecologist. If the infection passes through the vaginal lips, the probability that she gets into the uterus large, and then it is fraught with the development of serious gynecological diseases.

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Defects and structure of the vulva

In the area where it is localized to the vulva, there is a large number of nerve endings, which have increased sensitivity. During arousal the clitoris and the eve of the vagina swells – this occurs due to the accumulation of venous blood. Glands, which are concentrated in the vagina, secrete fluid (lubrication), which is necessary for comfortable intercourse.

Sometimes it can be a partial closure or complete closure of the vestibule (slit space), the reason for this are the discontinuity caused by the generic activity, injuries related to other causes. Such a problem often acts as a catalyst of infectious diseases and can also lead to complete lack of libido. This pathology may prevent pregnancy, as seminal fluid too quickly flows out of the vagina.

In the development can be observed deviation:

  • the complete absence of the hymen;
  • the development of the bodies of a disproportionate nature.

Now consider the structure of the external genitalia:

  • Pubis (mound of Venus) is the lower portion of the front wall of the peritoneum, the exalted, due to the active development of the subcutaneous fat layer. In the pubic area pronounced hair that is usually darker than the hair on his head. Because of the numerous nerve endings pubic area female may get special pleasure from the massaging touch.
  • Labia (small and large) – folds of skin located on either side of the genital slit and the vestibule of the vagina. They are rich in fatty tissue. Big lips have many sweat and sebaceous glands in puberty is covered with hair. In the lower part of the labia majora Bartholin gland is located. If sexual stimulation is absent they, as a rule, United to protect the entrance to the vagina and urethra. Small lips of the vagina are located between the big lips in the form of two thin skin folds of pink color, blocking the eve of the vagina. They consist of a large number of blood vessels, sebaceous glands and nerve endings. Small lips converge over the clitoris, forming a fold of skin – the foreskin of the clitoris. During arousal, the lips fill with blood, turning into resilient rollers, thus increasing the intensity of sexual sensations with the introduction of the penis.
  • The clitoris is the sexual organ located in the upper part of the labia minora. This is a unique organ, the only function, which accumulate and concentrate sexual feelings. The appearance and size of the clitoris is purely individual. Length generally up to 5 mm, but sometimes can be up to 1 cm or more. During arousal, the clitoris increases in size.
  • The threshold is a slit-like space at the sides, and limited vaginal lips, the front, the clitoris, the back –spikes of the labia. On top of the eve is covered by a virgin hymen or its remnants. At the time of sexual arousal ahead of, responds to touch, suffused with blood, becoming supple and elastic «cuff», which is moistened with lubricant, opening the entrance to the vagina.
  • Bartholin’s gland – located at the base of the labia in their thicker. The size of a single gland about 2 cm, secrete vaginal fluid lubrication.
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