The treatment of SARS in pregnancy: how to treat, medications and drugs

How to treat SARS in pregnancy?

Acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) is a group of diseases caused by ingestion of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and infections. For physically fit adult human viruses do not pose a threat. With the help of modern medicines such as antivirals and antibiotics, the body can cope with them promptly.

Unfortunately, a pregnant woman can’t take almost anything that is usually prescribed to sick people. However, over 70% of women who bears a child, confronted with SARS at different stages of pregnancy. Closer to leave, the risk of infection of the fetus and danger to life and health is decreasing, but in women who became ill in the first weeks of pregnancy, abortions often occur or fading of fetal development.

Symptoms of SARS

Identifying the first symptoms of SARS, a pregnant woman must immediately refer to watching the pregnancy the doctor.

The first signs of SARS are:

  • congestion in the throat and nose;
  • sometimes patients also complain of and congestion in the ears;
  • sore throat, runny nose, cough;
  • possible swollen lymph nodes.

Informed patients experience unusual cravings to sleep in the daytime, restless sleep, sometimes accompanied by delusional States.

Method of infection – airborne. From the onset of first symptoms before the development of the acute form of the disease runs from 1 to 7 days.

The patient feels fatigue, not inherent in the body weakness, muscle pain, burning in the eyes. Body temperature rises to 38, sometimes 39 and higher degrees, patients concerned about attacks of fever.

SARS and pregnancy – a dangerous combination

The immune system of a pregnant woman is not in full force. The developing fetus is foreign to the body. A woman could carry and give birth to healthy children, the protective mechanisms of her body temporarily cropped, which negatively affects the degree of resistance of the organism to viruses and bacteria.

A pregnant woman should avoid self-medication. Medication aimed at fighting the disease, may have a negative impact on the child. Pregnant women fall into a rather unpleasant situation.

On the one hand the virus has a negative impact both on them and on the child, on the other hand medicines is harmful not only to the virus but also for a child. The list of medicines allowed to be taken during pregnancy is very limited.

How to treat SARS in pregnancy

Gynecologists say that birth is approximately 1% of infants who have had recorded different kinds of anomalies, blame the drug taken by woman during pregnancy. In most cases, specialists recommended to refuse the drugs offered by the pharmacy network, and to pay attention to traditional medicine, the use of wiping, teas, infusions and rinsing. Consider how and what to treat SARS in pregnancy in more detail.

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Treatment of the common cold

For the treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy allowed the use of drugs:

  • Pinosol;
  • Akvamaris;
  • Sinupret.

In addition, the nose can be rinsed with a hydrochloric solution, or you can use the same solution in the form of drops. For the preparation of medicines it is enough 50 grams of warm water and 1 teaspoon salt. To use the solution in the form of drops will need a pipette for washing better to use a syringe. Rinse each nostril at least 4 times a day.

No less effective tool for the treatment of rhinitis is considered to be a solution of soda, and solution of sage. Prepare both solution similar to saline.

Treatment throat

Sore throats can be controlled with eating large quantities of lemons and honey. In addition, patients are advised to gargle with a solution of salt and soda, and extracts of chamomile and sage.

To prepare the solution of salt and enough half a slice of water and 1 teaspoon of these ingredients. The soaking solution should be warm, cold medicine is best to pour and cook from scratch.

To ease the symptoms you can buy in the drugstore lozenges, which are honey and lemon.

Cough medicine

Best cure for cough and sore throat, and rhinitis are considered to be warmer and evaporation of feet in hot water. In most cases, a cold retreat after taking a hot bath. Unfortunately, pregnant women don’t have to be a long time even in warm water, because the only drug are pulmonary.

For inhalation use of eucalyptus essential oil and sage. The ingredients are placed in an aroma lamp and left overnight. If there is no such apparatus, an ordinary pot, which steamed bought at the pharmacy sage and eucalyptus, then inhale a couple of plants, under the blanket. The same effect is achieved by inhaling the vapors from boiled potatoes, or a preheated large red stone.

What you can bring down the temperature

Safe for most pregnant means of lowering the temperature is considered to be Paracetamol. But it does not suit all women, therefore have to seek alternative replacement.

The easiest way to bring down the temperature with a solution of water, vodka and vinegar, taken in the ratio 3:1,5:1. Moistened with a soft cloth should be regularly applied on the forehead, abdomen, hands and feet of the patient.

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While it is best to get rid of the clothes, lay on the bed, crisp sheets of tissue that hold cool and cover with a light cloth. Wipe follows down to lower temperatures, which will occur after 15 to 20 minutes after the start of the procedure.

As soon as the temperature is lowered, the patient should be made to drink as a lot of warm tea with lemon, or any other warm beverage. It is recommended to drink tea with raspberry, chamomile, lime, broth from the hips.

Before drinking tea, you should consult your doctor, because pregnant women with leg swelling excessive drinking can only hurt.

In exceptional cases, when the body temperature rises above 39 degrees, allowed the adoption of emergency measures for its reduction – the introduction into the organism of a solution of a Dimedrol with Analgin in the ratio of 1:1.

These drugs is recommended to always keep on hand. They are injected intramuscularly, but can be drunk (in this case, the effect is reduced).

The treatment of SARS in pregnancy should be done with caution, in any case without deviating from the advice that he gave the doctor.


SARS is a seasonal disease. Splash it expected and almost always falls on the same time of year, because the virus spread in the body of a pregnant easier to prevent than to cure SARS subsequently.

Prophylactic pregnant women are advised:

  • use antibacterial wipes and sprays;
  • before each exit on street to grease the surface on the upper lip oxolinic ointment;
  • after returning from the places of the big congestion of the people should rinse your mouth with infusion of chamomile, calendula and eucalyptus (20 drops in a glass of water);
  • after each outing, hands should be washed with soap and water;
  • the room where it is constantly pregnant, you need to ventilate to 3 times a day, regardless of weather conditions (high humidity and warm air – perfect place for bacteria);
  • to strengthen the immune system of the expectant mother should not neglect intake of vitamin complexes recommended for pregnant women.

To strengthen the immune system and to take the actions described above have all members of the family with whom the woman regularly comes in contact with.

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Otherwise, it has taken protection measures will not achieve the desired effect.

So, if one family member is sick, wearing a cotton-gauze bandage is required not only for the pregnant woman but also for other potential patients and carriers of infection.

The best and most secure tools in the fight against infection are onions and garlic.

It is recommended to not only have large quantities, but spread out around the room, especially garlic. Rich in volatile production plant is the perfect defender against viruses.


SARS is extremely dangerous for pregnant women disease. In the early stages it can lead to miscarriages, and in the final stages of pregnancy cause of abnormalities in the baby. Some children born in the period of exacerbation of the mother of SARS, there appear already the signs of this disease.

To get rid of the virus during pregnancy is not easy. To take antibiotics and the usual in this situation, the drugs is strictly not recommended to pregnant, and the list of drugs that relieves the symptoms of the disease, is very limited. Experts recommend drinking plenty of fluids, inhalation, warm clothing, wiping and eating lots of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins can strengthen the immune system.

In the preventive purposes it is recommended to pay attention to regular ventilation, strong and healthy sleep (at least 8 hours a day), emotional and physical peace. Pregnant women residing in a constant state of stress, are more at risk. In addition, pregnant women are not recommended to appear in such places as schools, kindergartens, polyclinics. If this is not possible, wash hands frequently and to use gauze bandages.