Thermopsis tablets during pregnancy cough: 1,2 and 3 trimester

How to take tablets Thermopsis during pregnancy?

The most special period of life for a woman – pregnancy. At this time, it is necessary to monitor their health and any inflammatory process, it is important to consult with the attending physician. Your specialist will determine the nature and mechanism of the disease, and then prescribe an individual treatment in the course which often includes drugs based on herbs and various plants.

One of these medicines — «Thermopsis». It is taken against cough in the form of medicine thermopsis. Most often, this drug is indicated for diseases of the lungs and other inflammation in the Airways. «Thermopsis» is made from herbaceous plants, which belong to legumes, as well as of various biologically active compounds. This combination may be useful for pregnant women and, conversely, to harm.

About the drug

Many wonder whether «Thermopsis» in pregnancy? This drug is considered the most available drug, but nevertheless it is quite effective against severe coughing. Previously, doctors often prescribed this medication for colds and coughs, influenza, tracheitis, and bronchitis.

In the composition of the drug only herbal ingredients: grass thermopsis, and sodium bicarbonate.

Therefore, the drug refers to herbal medicines that are allowed to take during pregnancy.

After taking the medication, the positive effect is achieved after one week.

To apply the medication for more than seven days is prohibited, as the medication has certain side effects. For this reason, to call the drug «Thermopsis» is completely safe is impossible, and to take it at any manifestation of cough can be dangerous.

Cough during pregnancy can be dangerous to the fetus. In the early stages uncontrolled cough can cause miscarriage and in the later stages — early labor. In addition, frequent coughing gives the natural ventilation in the lungs, which can cause oxygen deprivation. Such a factor is dangerous to the fetus certain consequences.

The composition and the effect on the body

For the reasons described above, apply cough tablets with thermopsis should be under strict medical supervision. Despite the natural origin drug, the drug enters the grass, which is considered a poisonous plant. It includes a huge number of alkaloids, saponins, vitamin C and tannins.

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In a small dosage of the drug has expectorant properties, as well as stimulation of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, other properties of the plant include:

  • the excitement and stimulation of the upper respiratory tract;
  • anthelmintic property;
  • ganglioblokiruyuschee action;
  • hydration of the mucous membranes;
  • the elimination of mucous secretions;
  • the outflow of a sputum;
  • increased secretion of mucous secretion in bronchial body;
  • increased activity of ciliated epithelium
  • normalization of breathing;
  • help with a wet cough.

The positive properties of the drug include thinning of phlegm and the elimination of mucous secretions from the upper respiratory tract.

After taking the medication there is an increase in mucous sputum in the bronchi, which causes increased cough.

For pregnant women, this symptom can be dangerous. Besides all this, «Thermopsis» may have an increase in muscle tone of the uterus.

It should be noted that «Thermopsis» provokes not only the function of the respiratory tract, but the gag reflex. Due to the close location of these centers, after ingestion of the drug in inappropriate doses, may education nausea and vomiting.

If earlier the doctors prescribed this drug in the absence of other in the pathological process in the uterus, apply the medication undesirable. If the doctor prescribed «Thermopsis» in pregnancy, it is necessary to clarify the need and possible to be replaced by more harmless alternatives.

Remember that stimulation of the contractile muscle of the uterus may lead to early childbirth in the later stages or miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy.

It is important to note that the drug provokes the functions of the digestive tract. For this reason, apply the medication in a variety of inflammation in the stomach is undesirable. Together with pregnancy such factors can lead to gastritis or ulcerative inflammation.

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How to apply if necessary

According to the instructions for use, to use cough medicine needed three times a day one capsule.

The course of treatment should not exceed seven days. For children from two years the drug is administered in the form of tincture. And can also be applied during the development of the baby in the belly.

In order to prepare a tincture brew «Thermopsis» in half Cup of boiling water. For kids from three years old should take in 0.1 grams and for children from the age of twelve and for pregnant women are allowed to 0.2 grams three times a day.

Apply cough tablets with thermopsis during pregnancy 3rd trimester can be dangerous to the fetus. And in the first 2 trimesters the drug may provoke unwanted consequences for the mother.

Make the drug is allowed only after the appointment of a qualified medical practitioner. Do not use the medication in case of ulcer disease or hypersensitivity to components of drug.

Pharmacists also offer «Thermopsis» in the form of dry extract, which includes dairy sucrose. When you assign this type of medication should be taken three times a day for one week.

During the course of treatment is necessary to take a large amount of water. The liquid contributes to a better dilution and outflow of mucus.

If there are no other options, to use the drug must be carefully and strictly following dosing.

While receiving «Thermopsis» with adsorbents, it is possible to increase the binder effect and reducing the absorption in the digestive tract.

This factor has a negative impact on the patient.

In addition, it is undesirable to take «Thermopsis» in conjunction with drugs, containing codeine and other active ingredients of cough.

This combination leads to bad coughing.

Why is it sometimes impossible to accept «Thermopsis»

Let us examine the question, why not thermopsis during pregnancy, more. «Thermopsis» has a lot of contraindications and side effects during pregnancy. Therefore, before applying you should consult a doctor and possibly replace the drug by more modern medicines.

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Contraindications the main contraindications include problems with the digestive tract. Ulcers or are hypersensitive to the active substances of the drug’s possible harmful effects on the fetus.

Often «Thermopsis» provokes allergic reactions, skin rashes, itching, and severe burning.

This can cause discomfort and reduce the mood. For pregnant women such consequences are undesirable.

Another serious consequence after taking «Thermopsis» include shortness of breath.

This factor often provokes anoxia, which negatively affects the baby.

Other undesirable effects from medication include:

  • stimulation of the respiratory center, which leads to vomiting and nausea;
  • the mucus accumulation in the lungs at the wrong expectoration;
  • stimulation of uterine contractions that are vitally dangerous to the health of the baby.

If a pregnant woman is treated «Thermopsis» possible disastrous consequences on the fetus. Therefore, the drug is best replaced by a more gentle medicines.


In the period of pregnancy is best not to take any medicines. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible. So for any inflammation and bad health consult with your doctor about the benefits or harms of assigned medication. If in any doubt replace the drug on the more innocuous counterparts.

«Thermopsis» in pregnancy in 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester are permitted to take in case of emergency.