Thick snot not vysmarkivayutsya: how to treat adult

How to treat thick snot in an adult?

It is believed that the most common inflammation is rhinitis. Despite the mass distribution in the season of activation of respiratory diseases, rhinitis may occur as an independent inflammation. But regardless of the form or characters of the disease, to cure acute and thick runny nose can be quite fast. For this the patient is required to diagnose inflammation and seek medical help.

Very thick snot require a special approach because the patient is formed a complex inflammation more than just swelling of the mucous membranes. If this disease be neglected, the patient one week after onset of inflammation may be otitis media or sinusitis. Therefore, it is important to know how to treat thick snot of an adult.

What is rhinitis

Rhinitis is characterized by inflammation in the mucosa of the nose. It is accompanied by an abundance of mucous secretions, fever, nasal congestion and deterioration of health.

Inflammation itself is not dangerous for the patient, but if the runny nose is not treated, the patient can form very harmful consequences.

Mucus accumulate in the absence of the reorganization are transferred in the cavity of the sinus or Eustachian tube. T

which process invariably causes sinusitis or acute otitis of the middle ear.

Moreover, the consequences of the common cold very dangerous in infancy. Prevalent when common cold caused hearing loss and meningitis.

Before the treatment of rhinitis, the physician should establish the cause of its appearance. Most often, a runny nose occurs due to the penetration of the viral infection. Spreading through the mucosa of the nose, bacteria multiply rapidly and cause the formation of very thick mucus.

In the case of bacterial form lesions patient required antibiotics. But if the reason was the penetration of viruses and infections enough anti-inflammatory drugs.

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For different reasons, which require fundamentally different treatment, include:

  • trauma;
  • frostbite;
  • the ingress of foreign particles;
  • allergic reactions;
  • activation of chronic inflammation;
  • anatomical features;
  • a deviated septum;
  • chemicals or household substances.

In addition, a very common reason for the formation of transparent mucus is considered to be very dry air in the living room.

Each case requires an individual approach to treatment.

The standard treatment

Treatment of rhinitis begins with the establishment of causes and contributory factors. Without an understanding of the clinical picture of specialist will not be able to make an adequate therapy, so if the doctor prescribed you the treatment without inspection, be wary and go to another audiologist.

Keep in mind, if the nose thick transparent mucus that the patient has to undergo a series of examinations.

In some cases, the patient can prescribe antibiotics. This occurs when the bacterial form of inflammation.

If the illness is of viral origin, is assigned to more simple treatment.

  1. In both cases, the therapy the patient must monitor not only their health, but for the room rate.
  2. Required to conduct daily wet cleaning.
  3. If you live in an apartment Pets, cleaning must be repeated twice a day.
  4. Do not forget to ventilate the room and moisten to the required balance.
  5. If you have a special humidifier, put wet towels on the battery.

Adhering to these simple rules, you can greatly alleviate their condition. But they will not replace comprehensive treatment. In the course of treatment includes not only medication but, with a few additional procedures:

  1. If thick snot vysmarkivayutsya not need daily washing of the nose with vibratore from sea water, and Throat, constant stress, saline, Kviks, the Dolphin.
  2. In case of allergic reactions to components of solutions, they can be replaced with broth or salted water.
  3. In addition, the patient is assigned inhalation. They can be carried out with a nebulizer or special nebulizer.
  4. As an ingredient for inhalation, use a decoction of chamomile and sage. In addition, medicinal properties of mint, eucalyptus, sage, Bay leaf.
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Before you apply this treatment is necessary to consult with a specialist. It is important to ensure no allergic reactions to components.

Drug therapy

Therapy with medication is the main way to get rid of thick snot.

If rinsing and inhalation only reduce the severity of symptoms, the drugs are destroying inflammation from the inside.

First, the patient is prescribed a vasoconstrictor drops – Xylitol, Tizin, Nazol, Rien, and others.

If pregnant or allergic reactions, these drugs usually replace on children’s drop — Nazol baby and I suffered.

To apply nasal sprays are recommended not more than five days. After that day drops provoke addictive. If the doctor prescribed medicines on the basis of not effective, the treatment course is shortened to three days. Is associated with a greater risk of addiction and overdose. In addition, the medicament of this form often causes a disruption of the heart and Central nervous system.

The second step on the road to recovery will be taking a variety of herbal remedies and immunomodulating funds. Of the natural remedies most often prescribed Penal or Aquasept.

They have a positive effect on the immune system and normalize the General condition of the patient. When applied correctly formed, the protective function of the mucosa of the nasal cavity and strengthens entire immune system. So the treatment of this kind of medicines should be at least two weeks.

Another form of treatment is applying the solutions of interferon. The active ingredient reduces the amount of thick secretions and protect the body from viruses.

In the course of treatment of rhinitis is enabled to accept antihistamine medicines. It is best to use when sick or Zyrtec.

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If the patient is not helped by the described treatment, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. The most effective remedies are preparations based on salts of silver. Such medications include nasal sprays – Izofra, Polideksa, Bioparoks.

In some cases, doctors may prescribe ointment Tetracycline or Chloramphenicol. But such methods resorted to rarely, as the sprays with antibiotics can relieve the inflammation on the second day of use.

If the doctor prescribes drugs for oral administration, it is best to buy Augmentin, Amoxiclav, Sumamed, Azitroks, and others. They effectively reduce the amount of thick yellow secretions for a short time.


To get rid of the thick mucus can seven days high quality treatment. If on the fifth day you don’t feel any changes, it is important to immediately contact a qualified doctor. Maybe you can change dosing or directly to the drugs themselves.

In General, the treatment of this type of rhinitis is to strengthen the immune system. For this you need to exercise, take a contrast bath, to strengthen the body and to follow the diet.