Tinnitus: causes and treatment, medications, what is

How to treat ringing in the ears and what it involves?

Tinnitus is a problem faced by 40% of older people and about 5% of young people. The character of the sensations may be different. Sometimes people have the sense of presence in the ear of an insect, in some cases, there are crinkle, jingle, heard. It happens that a perfectly healthy man complains of sounds, audible only to him and causing feelings of constant irritation. While objective reasons for such sounds do not occur.

Tinnitus is not a single disease. It only indicates that the body took a certain failure. Depending on the cause doctors diagnose and prescribe treatment of a specific pathology, including medication and physical therapy.

Causes of tinnitus

The mechanism of occurrence of noise is directly linked with the structure of the inner ear. Auditory hair cells convert the sounds into electrical impulses originating in the brain. Movement of the hairs correspond to the vibrations of the sounds.

Pathology of the structure of the ear, as well as various diseases shoot down the rhythm of the movement of the hairs, the result is a mixture of electrical signals interpreted by the brain as noise. To define it in medicine uses the term «tinnitus».

The main factors causing the emergence of tinnitus:

  • diseases of the organs of hearing;
  • the medication;
  • aging;
  • pathology, not directly related to hearing.

The outer ear

The human ear is anatomically complex organ. There are three it divisions:

  • the outer ear;
  • secondary;
  • internal.

The noise in the outer ear may be associated with the presence of a foreign body, sulphur plugs, or external otitis. The cause of the noise often become small insects — gnats, or mosquitoes. If we are talking about sulfuric tube, the noise will be felt directly in the ear, where there was a pressing matter.

The middle ear

If the noise in the middle ear check the eardrum. The cause of the noise could be a tumor, or trauma. Sound effect sometimes occurs after listening to loud music or prolonged stay in a place with loud a running of pumps, motors machines, machines for cutting and drilling. Common causes of noise are exudative otitis media and osteosclerosis.

Help. If the noise in the left ear, the problem should be sought in diseases of middle and inner ear. The sounds in the right ear signal right-sided otitis media and hearing loss.

The inner ear

The inner ear is the most problematic from the point of view of the discovery of noise. Causes of incomprehensible sounds in this part of the organ of hearing may be:

  1. Sensorineural hearing loss. The auditory nerve damage leading to hearing loss and the emergence of sonic anomalies.
  2. Ménière’s Disease.
  3. Tumor affecting the auditory nerve.
  4. SARS, flu. Inflammatory process involving the upper respiratory tract, may cause problems with ventilation of the auditory canal, or muscle spasm in the surrounding ear tissue fibers. As a result, the patient a feeling of stuffiness, a variety of sound effects.
  5. Neuritis of the auditory nerve.
  6. Intoxication antibiotics, loop diuretics, macrolides, drugs that affect the nervous system. These substances have an impact above all on the auditory nerve. As a result of intoxication in the head begins to play with a real orchestra of sounds of different frequencies and periodicity. In medicine to determine such phenomena uses the term «auditory hallucination».
  7. Taking medications to treat cardiovascular disease.
  8. Receiving asteroidov. Diclofenac, indomethacin and other drugs can have a negative impact on hearing and cause a variety of unusual sounds.
  9. Prolonged direct contact with methyl alcohol and benzene.
  10. Labyrinthitis.

Aging ear

The cause of the strange noise can be the aging ear. In people aged 55-60 years, there has been a modification of the auditory cells. The old cells die, new did not come to replace them. As a result, the rhythm of hairs straying, there is a lot of extraneous pulses and as a consequence sounds.

Help. How to cure age-related hearing loss and tinnitus caused by the aging of the cells, in most cases it is possible, if treatment is started promptly.

Other reasons

Tinnitus, the causes of which are not associated with diseases of the ear, is a result of systemic diseases such as:

  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • diabetes;
  • hypoglycemia;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hypertension;
  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • stenosis of the jugular vein or carotid artery.

Often tinnitus is a result of hypoxia — lack of oxygen. Cells of the nervous fibres of the brain are more likely to suffer during oxygen starvation. The main signs of hypoxia are drowsiness, dizziness, irritability, lack of sleep, depression.

In order to avoid hearing problems, you need to limit contact with any industrial poisons, to avoid getting water in the ear canal when bathing, not to neglect the necessary rest, try not to injure head. Sometimes tinnitus is a result of hepatitis or fistula perilymph.

Types of tinnitus

According to the degree of audibility of the tinnitus can be divided into:

  1. Objective. Is considered a rare phenomenon, as in this case, noise hears not only the patient but also the doctor, examining him with a stethoscope. The reasons for this hearing are diseases of the Eustachian tube, temporomandibular joint, pharynx.
  2. Subjective tinnitus only the patient hears.

The stage of manifestation

Depending on the strength and characteristic symptoms, there are several stages of tinnitus:

  1. The first stage. Extraneous sounds are present, but the person does not feel.
  2. The second stage. The sounds are unpleasant feelings arise during sleep. The person becomes irritable, reacting to any loud noise.
  3. The third stage. The noise becomes permanent, not allowing normal work and sleep.
  4. The fourth stage. The noise reaches the maximum power. People can’t concentrate on the simplest things, ceases to sleep, depressed, not able to work.

The first two stages is compensated. The sounds are barely noticeable sense of discomfort is not observed. Health hazard does not exist, but only in the case when we are talking about the noise in the external ear. For the first two phases of the characteristic low-frequency noise, not causing any harm.

The third and fourth stage — decompensated. Sounds with high frequency have a negative impact on the human condition. Is there a cure for ears in this case and get rid of annoying noise in the ears, it will be clear only after a thorough diagnosis.


To prescribe effective treatment a doctor can only after establishing the cause that triggered the emergence of tinnitus. The type of its sound is determined by the stethoscope. Depending on the nature of the manifestation of noise, it is possible to establish the cause of the disease. Thus, the vascular disorder is manifested in the form of ripples, and pathology of the structure of the entire hearing aid and the adjacent respiratory system, as clicks and machine gun fire.

To determine the cause of the incessant sound effects the patient will have to take a blood test and urine to get tested for the presence of inflammation and hereditary abnormalities of the structure of the hearing aid. If necessary, the patient sent for a brain MRI and ultrasound of internal organs.

Problems in this area deals with the otolaryngologist. It is this specialist who conducts the primary inspection of the auditory canal, audiometry makes and sends the patient for further examination at the doctor’s narrow focus.

How to treat tinnitus?

Treatment starts with identifying the causes of unpleasant symptoms:

  • if the noise is caused by a foreign object, or accumulated in the ear of gray, then get rid of it by using regular rinsing;
  • when intoxication is artificial it must be purified from the poison;
  • the effects of stress, fatigue and anemia disappear after a course of psychotherapy, physical therapy and taking antidepressants;
  • damage to the eardrum may be corrected with surgery or hearing prosthesis;
  • any other pathology are treated in an integrated manner.

In most cases, the patient is prescribed a medication that improves blood circulation and lowering blood pressure.

Treatment is indicated not to all patients. Aging ear it is impossible to slow down. The only thing that is offered to the patient is an artificial hearing aid. From the noise he will not spare, but the bad effect can be avoided.

Timely treatment allows you to cope with noise in the shortest possible time. The exception may be the cases when tinnitus is in older men. Approximately 5-10% of them buzzing and itching does not stop for the rest of life.

Self-treatment is contraindicated. To decide what to take to the patient in the tinnitus in each case, shall only be a specialist. Wrong medicines can worsen the situation.

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