Tinnitus in the head: causes and treatment — why the noise

Why noise in head and ears and how to cure it?

Many people throughout life, I meet with a symptom of how strong the noise in my head. It can be painful, ringing, dull or sharp, but regardless, the constant noise causes severe discomfort and can severely affect normal human activity.

The noise may have a different classification and will occur from time to time or be systematic. In any case, the foreign murmur may indicate the beginning of inflammation. However, subjective sounds can not to disturb the man. If the noise in the head causes no other symptoms, nothing to worry about. In this article we take a closer look at the causes and treatment of ringing in the ears and head.


The cause of tinnitus can be extreme fatigue or exhaustion, as well as to symbolize about the beginning of the threat of inflammation or the appearance of the tumor. To determine causes it is necessary to pass the examination and diagnosis of the disease. Only then can you begin a course of treatment.

To help you determine which means noise in the ears and head, will help to determine the analysis of the causes. So, these include the following pathological conditions:

  1. Violation of the integrity of nerve impulses or auditory nerves. In this case, the person experiences a monotonous noise and hearing loss. This can occur as a result of brain injury, inflammation in the ears or problems with blood circulation.
  2. Pulsating and intense noise may occur as a result of changes in the turbulent movement of blood flow or blockage of blood vessels.
  3. Pay attention to the role of coordination. If you are experiencing problems with balance, probably in the ears occurs a malfunction of the vestibular apparatus. This background noise manifests as a result of turns or head tilts.
  4. Check the vertebrae of the cervical spine. In the event of instability or pressure on the blood vessels likely noise in the ears. This sound is different from other types of permanent presence, which in itself should arouse suspicion, so consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  5. The noises can appear as a result of the failure of the cardiovascular system or the formation of a tumor in the head. They can be both benign and malignant.
  6. In rare cases, the noise and other extraneous sounds are the result of individual structures of the organ of hearing and sensitivity to sounds.
  7. Frequent stress, fatigue and other provocateurs can cause a feeling of unusual sounds.
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In addition, various noises and squeaks may occur as a result of natural aging. In this case, one must consult ENT doctor for carrying out audiometry and identification of other factors in the ear on.

Another cause of extraneous sounds may be the use of antibiotics for the continuation of a long time.

Antidepressants and cardiovascular drugs also cause a similar side effect.

Besides these reasons, which are most often used to identify the noise, you should know the following list of diseases.

Noises in the ears may appear as a result of the following inflammations:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Stroke.
  3. Inflammation of the brain.
  4. Problems with the kidneys and circulatory system.
  5. The deficiency of vitamins and iodine.
  6. Low back pain.
  7. Osteosclerosis.
  8. Tumors in the brain.
  9. Chronic diseases in the ears.
  10. Getting a foreign object.
  11. The penetration of water into the ear canal.

In rare cases, the appearance of noise is due to chronic or acute hearing loss, Central nervous system diseases or as a result of schizophrenia.

Therefore, if you notice the listed inflammation it is necessary to check health of ears.

In the treatment of noise in head or ears, it is necessary to identify the root cause so as to affect the noise problematic.

For diagnosing inflammation, consult a doctor-otolaryngologist and osteopath, neurologist and cardiologist.

In addition, the diagnosis of the disease is necessary to check the availability of trauma to the ear and the integrity of the brain.

In addition, specialists conduct a comprehensive examination, which includes blood tests and urine tests, CT and magnetic resonance imaging.

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In the case of changes in the ear body, doctors prescribe medication.


After a thorough examination of inflammation, the patient is assigned a complex treatment.

Remember that self-healing and alternative therapies are unacceptable.

How to cure noise in the head or ears without compromising the health and immune status depends on the underlying cause of inflammation.

So, if an underlying cause of noise was the heart disease, the specialists prescribe medication for reducing blood vessels and supporting the cardiovascular system.

If the noise appeared in result of dysfunction of the auditory organ, is assigned a complex treatment with ointments, drops and physiotherapeutic methods, including magnetic therapy, laser treatment and acupuncture.

In more complicated cases the patient is prescribed antibiotics.

In case of detection of problems associated with the appearance of the tumor in the ears or the brain, need urgent surgical intervention and radiation therapy. In this case, the operation must be immediate.

During the entire treatment, the patient should follow a diet and eliminate all bad habits, including Smoking and drinking alcohol, and fatty and heavy foods.

If during the examination the diagnosis of problems of the cervical spine, the patient is assigned to manual therapy and electrophoresis. In addition, the patient should take cardiovascular medications, sedatives, tranquilizers and anxiolytics, and perform special exercises.

If the situation is more serious, can not do without surgery.

In the case of hearing loss and continuous noise in connection with age-related changes in most cases, patients are assigned to the hearing AIDS.

Drugs, their dosage, the course of treatment prescribed by the attending physician, therefore, a definite answer to the question than to treat diseases of the heart or head, no.

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Medicines from noise in the ears and head are primarily aimed at the restoration of the vascular system and supply the brain with blood.

To date, there are the following drugs for the normalization of blood supply – «Piracetam», «Vazobral», «Nootropil», «Memotropil».

After treatment, the drug stimulates blood circulation and supplies the brain with necessary quantity of cells. Thus, helping to reduce this symptom, the whisper in his head.

Among the best medications that reduce the pressure are considered to be «Amprilan», «Clonidin», «Pentamine», «Prazosin», «Captopril».

For prevention of osteoarthritis should be taken «Rumalon», «Alflutop» or «teraflex».

Among the drops from the noise in ears and head experts advise to choose sedatives that have the ability to cleanse.

So, make use of «Remo-Vaxom» or «Honora».


It is very important to monitor their health and time to undergo an annual examination. This way you will be able to identify inflammation or to ensure good health.

Try to lead a healthy lifestyle, watch your diet and exercise. To prevent noise in the head or ears you need to walk in the fresh air, and periodically to ventilate the living room.