Tinnitus with cervical degenerative disc disease — treatment, exercises

How to treat tinnitus with cervical osteochondrosis?

Very often the occurrence of phantom sounds like noise, hum, crackling in the nation directly associated with ear diseases. Alas, in practice the scatter of the reasons for this state of Affairs is much broader: even cervical osteochondrosis can manifest severity and occurrence of unusual sounds in the ears. The most popular symptom is tinnitus with cervical degenerative disc disease, which significantly affects the patient’s quality of life, hinders him at work and during leisure time.

In order to get rid of ringing in the ears, with cervical osteochondrosis, it is necessary to be an efficient treatment . It is also important to ensure that the cause of this phenomenon lies in degenerative damage to the articular cartilage of the neck, and is not a consequence of any particular disease of the ear.

The nature of the symptom

It would seem that the neck has nothing to do with the ears, but when learning anatomy of the human body it becomes clear that the relationship of hearing with whiplash is still there. The fact that when cervical osteochondrosis in the field of middle and inner ear to the brain is disrupted blood supply.

This causes a degenerative disorder of the structure of the cervical vertebrae. As a result, brain cells and hearing aid experience oxygen starvation, leading to malfunction of these organs.

As already noted, low back pain and ear problems can really be related. Because the structure of the articular cartilage of the cervical broken, passing in the gaps of the cervical spine sympathetic nerve, vein and vessel are under pressure.

As a result, disruption of the vestibular apparatus and the inner ear, because these blood vessels supplying these organs with oxygen-rich blood and other important substances.

In addition, under the pressure of these blood vessels and veins constrict, which affects not only the quality of blood flow to the vestibular apparatus and the inner ear, but also on its number of — bodies experience starvation, there is venous stasis.

Important! All this, alas, is fraught with complex disruption of the nerve cells: they may «miss» some signals of the brain, against which a substitution of the real signals a simulation.

In other words, in the absence of signals in the brain nerve cells responsible for hearing and generate their own signals, which the patient feels in the form of noise, hum, whistle or Bang — continuous phantom noise.

It is also known that the noise in the ear when cervical osteochondrosis may be accompanied by other symptoms, sometimes accompanied by:

  • the pain in the temples, the neck and head;
  • irritability;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • dizziness;
  • destructive changes in the blood pressure;
  • violation of function of view (the emergence of «flies», «stars», «shroud»);
  • the deterioration of memory functions.

When the doctor confirmed the diagnosis and the presence of the above symptoms the patient should begin treatment, because only a successful fight against the cause of the deterioration of the quality of life — low back pain — helps to eliminate unpleasant noises and visual effects.

Treatment of the disease

In fact, the entire medical process is to ensure, as much as possible to help blood vessels and nerve endings to transfer the pressure osteohondroznye cervical vertebrae.

The procedures are shown practically all patients include:

  • physiotherapy;
  • massages;
  • therapeutic physical culture (physical therapy);
  • reflexology;
  • chiropractic;
  • traction (stretching) of the spine.

This set of measures can completely relieve the patient from the illness, however, self-medication in this case can not include any medical technique, since there is a chance to aggravate their situation.

Drug therapy

The treatment of this disease with medicines is reduced to four groups of pharmaceuticals.

Use drugs, as a rule, in acute forms of the disease, when the patient has severe pain and cannot function normally without medical intervention.

Your doctor may prescribe:

  1. Drugs aimed at enriching the blood, improving its properties. As a rule, they function as blood thinners, prevent situations in which the formation of clots and thrombi.
  2. Painkillers. Because this disease can hurt not only the neck but also the head, these drugs have broad spectrum of action, ease the patient’s condition in General.
  3. Drugs that normalize blood pressure. This group of medications designed to ease the work of blood vessels. Due to the normalization of blood pressure may disappear and phantom noise in the ears, as it helps to restore the functions of the brain and inner ear.
  4. Diuretics, through which the operative removal of the stagnant fluid in the body. Osteochondrosis due to the deterioration of the outflow of fluid, you may experience brain swelling resulting in intracranial hypertension. With the help of diuretics that liquid naturally, and the functions of the brain and inner ear to regenerate.
  5. Restore metabolic processes in the body and relieves inflammation the drug is prescribed, when there are «gaps» in these areas.

For the effectiveness of treatment medicines can be used in the form of tablets and local preparations, and intramuscular or intravenous injection.

The duration of treatment and the set of drugs the doctor adjusts in accordance with the individual characteristics of the disease in each patient.

Home exercises

Physical therapy-exercises to patients, in particular, is shown and for use at home.

However, to normalize the function of nerve cells and blood vessels will require the assistance of doctors, but exercise from the noise in ears and head osteochondrosis will be able to implement independently:

  1. Short-term to overcome the crackling, noise or whistling in the ears osteochondrosis will attempt to blow air through the closed index finger and thumb nostrils. This exercise can be done daily.
  2. Often used «air drawing» — the patient grasps a lip pencil or pen, which is trying to «draw» in the air letters, numbers and various shapes. Thanks to this exercise aktiviziruyutsya neck muscles, improves blood flow to the inner ear and brain that can also facilitate hearing.
  3. Mussirovanie neck (collar area) with your fingers. Every day you can go your fingers from the shoulders to the back. This massage strengthens and relaxes the neck muscles, restores the intervertebral joints and affects the extensibility of the ligaments.
  4. The bowing of the head to the shoulders. Necessary (5 times each ear in the day) to try to reach the ears to the shoulders, slowly tilting his head.
  5. Circular movements of the head — the patient should lower his head as low as possible below the chin as close to chest. This situation should start to rotate your head first clockwise (a few turns), and then counter — clockwise.
  6. To help yourself and head turns right and left — slow motion (preferably before a mirror) you must turn your head in different directions to «meet» with his reflection.
  7. Massage massaging the neck also speeds up the healing process — massage the neck in a circular motion.

Important! During exacerbation of the disease these exercises are better performed in the sitting position on the floor, so as not to lose balance and fall.

The good news is that you hurt yourself with such exercise (provided avoid injury) not — for prevention of osteoarthritis such exercises are shown throughout life. Also efficiency is achieved to strengthen the cervical and active sports — swimming, tennis.

Thus, to combat Intrusive phantom sounds in the ears can but unfortunately to completely get rid of them to curing degenerative diseases of the cervical vertebrae is rarely.

In cases where the disease has been treated medically or surgically, phantom sounds and other unpleasant symptoms (headaches, sleep disturbance, dizziness) are also held.

Treatment can not be tightened, because long-term lack of treatment can occur irreversible changes in the circulatory system and nerve cells.

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