To lower blood pressure mother with sinusitis: a reviews before and after application

Does lower blood pressure mother to me?

It is generally accepted that allergic rhinitis is nothing more than a severe inconvenience. Yes, he prevents to live, but only just. In fact, constant nasal congestion contributes to the development of much more serious diseases, such as asthma or sinusitis.

Therefore, it is better from allergic rhinitis to get rid of this condition and will facilitate, further problems will be avoided. One of the very effective drugs for this nasal cause drowsiness and slow down. Does lower blood pressure mother with sinusitis, you can learn from this article.


To lower blood pressure mother is a relatively new product, it is available since 2007 but already enjoys a certain popularity among patients and physicians. On the other hand, myths and frightening rumors around it’s not enough.

The fact is that it’s a hormonal drug, and to them we have traditionally viewed with suspicion.

And often this is justified as hormonal drugs should be taken with caution, not exceeding the dose and do not forget about contraindications.

However, the lower blood pressure mother in this respect is considered to be quite safe, as it has a local effect and is practically not absorbed into the blood. Of course, exclude it from entering into the bloodstream it is impossible, however, necessary so no.

Please note! The amount of the hormone absorbed in the local application in accordance with doctor’s appointments, not determined by analysis, so it is not enough.

The main active ingredient of the drug is a glucocorticoid hormone produced artificially called fluticasone furoate.

It easily penetrates the nasal mucosa and is associated with located underneath specific receptors that normally react to different allergens.

In the bound state, these receptors do not show a specific reaction to the allergen. Because of this, the lower blood pressure mother has anti-inflammatory effect, it relieves swelling of the mucous membrane, and promotes the separation of excess mucus and prevents its further formation.

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It is available in spray form that provides maximum coverage, in contrast to the drops. In addition, this drug and another feature: lower blood pressure mother is not a regular solution of the active substance, a slurry, that is, solid particles of a substance in a liquid medium. This means that each time before using the medicine bottle needs to be shaken.

Indications for use

Based on the description above it is clear that the lower blood pressure mother only intended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis.

And with this task he could manage on his own. It is written in the instructions.

Recently, however, doctors began to prescribe to lower blood pressure mother in the sinus and adenoidectomy in the combined treatment.

But in any case not alone. In these diseases it can only relieve the symptoms, improve the General condition of the patient.

Important! Removing the edema of the mucosa, lower blood pressure mother assists in the delivery of other drugs in the maxillary sinus.

In no case do not start self-medication, only as directed by your doctor.

Contraindications, overdose and side effects

Contraindications the lower blood pressure mother not so much, and yet they must carefully examine and verify that they do not have to do with you.

This drug is contraindicated in those who:

  • suffer from increased sensitivity to the drug components;
  • already taking the drug ritonavir;
  • faced with severe disorders in the liver;
  • frequent bleeding from the nose.
  • not reached the age of 6 years.

An overdose of this medication is unlikely. This does not mean that you can afford to take liberties with the preparation, without thinking about the regimens, and dosage.

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If for some reason you exceeded the recommended dose, notify your doctor, as these patients need the supervision of a physician.

Among the side effects to mention the possible allergic reaction. As strange as it may sound, but even Allergy medications can themselves be allergens. Every body is different.

Moreover, since the active substance is particularly configured to search for the very receptors that cause allergies, reacting to an external stimulus, allergic reaction to lower blood pressure mother can be very severe, until angioedema and anaphylaxis. Fortunately, this happens very rarely.

Rarely there are other side effects. Among them there are formation of small ulcers in the nasal cavity and epistaxis.

Important! If there are any side effects of the drug immediately cancel and report the incident to the doctor.


How to take to lower blood pressure mother with sinusitis and allergic rhinitis? Due to the fact that the molecules of active ingredient are in contact with receptors at least a day, a single use of the drug per day.

Important! To lower blood pressure mother does not apply to high-speed tools: need at least 8 hours, it began to act, and full efficiency is achieved only on the third day of admission.

How to treat sinusitis with the help of lower blood pressure mother? Children up to 12 years is usually prescribed a single injection once a day, in rare cases, can be increased to two.

Adults and children over 12 immediately appoint two injection once a day.

In this mode, reception is the first three days to achieve the desired concentration, and then reduce the dose by half.

Before using lower blood pressure mother it is necessary to flush both nasal passages to the accumulated mucus did not interfere with the distribution of drugs. About how to wash the nose with sinusitis, read here.

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To lower blood pressure mother to me: feedback

Inga: «of Course, such preparations must appoint a physician. Still the person can not soberly assess their condition. I came to Laura with a lingering runny nose, believing that it is either addiction to vasoconstrictor drops, or something else like that. Never thought it could be sinusitis. However, this diagnosis put by the doctor. Prescribed treatment: a list of drugs, including a lower blood pressure mother. Took all strictly according to instructions, as the doctor wrote. In the end, on the second day were relieved.»

Alla: «Seasonal allergic rhinitis eventually turned into sinusitis. Treated in different ways, tried with the doctor a variety of options, eventually settled on the lower blood pressure mother. Of course, it’s a hormonal drug, a little apprehensive to use it, so very carefully followed the instructions. After a few days felt better, and all the treatment lasted 10 days. So that helped me to lower blood pressure mother. After sinusitis have kept a bottle in the medicine Cabinet, it might be useful».