Tonsillitis in pregnancy: treatment, how to treat, the consequences for the child

How to treat tonsillitis during pregnancy?

According to data from the world health organization, about twenty percent of the population suffers from chronic tonsillitis. Exacerbation of disease during pregnancy poses a risk not only for the mother but for the fetus.

Standard medical tools, in this case, it can harm the patient and the child. Therefore, a critical question is – how and what to treat tonsillitis during pregnancy?

The danger and possible consequences of the development of the disease

Tonsillitis is a disease that affects the tonsils. It is a disease of an inflammatory nature. The tonsils perform a vital function. In fact, they are a kind of barrier to viral infections. In addition, the tonsils have first strike in case of hypothermia and excessive use of cold drinks.

Tonsillitis leads to functional disorder of this organ, the patient body temperature rises, there is pain, a dry cough. Sometimes there is fever. Because of the headaches and weakness impaired ability to work. All these symptoms worsen overall health.

Help! Pregnancy is an ordeal for the woman’s body. Tonsillitis further increases the burden on him.

The disease usually escalates in late autumn/winter. There are two main reasons for the development of acute tonsillitis:

  • strong/long-lasting hypothermia;
  • bacterial infection (Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, pneumococcus).

Exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis during pregnancy is a very dangerous phenomenon. It represents a threat not only to the pregnant woman but also her fetus. Due to the fact that most of the standard drugs for pregnant women is prohibited to treat the disease difficult.

To engage in self-treatment or ignore the problem even more dangerous. This disease can lead to serious complications. Thus, because tonsillitis in pregnancy:

  1. There are very strong toxicosis. The condition is especially dangerous in the later stages of pregnancy.
  2. There is a General decline of immunity. Because of this factor in the body of the patient much easier other diseases.
  3. The risk of fetal infection increases several times (cause a weakened immune system). Dysfunction of the tonsils makes it possible to get an infection in the mother’s bloodstream. In the subsequent pathogenic microorganisms through the blood can enter the fetus body.
  4. Can be weakened labors (in most cases to solve this problem you have to a caesarean section).
  5. A premature delivery.
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The disease not only affects the health of a future child, but also directly threatening his life. It is proved that the tonsillitis and complications caused by this disease can cause miscarriage.

A weakened immune system makes the body sick are more likely to develop other serious pathologies, which can increase the likelihood of a negative outcome of pregnancy.

What is dangerous tonsillitis during pregnancy for the body sick? Among its complications – pathology, affecting the normal work of kidneys and heart. The disease can cause glomerulonephritis. This term in medicine is indicated by an inflammatory process affecting the glomeruli of the kidneys. Heart possible myocarditis – inflammatory process observed in the heart muscle.

However, the most dangerous for the female organism is the blood infection and meningitis (inflammation of the brain). State data, in the absence of timely treatment, can lead to death. It is therefore important at the first signs of the development of tonsillitis to seek assistance from a qualified technician. Only a doctor will be able to assign correct and safe for pregnant treatment.

Therapeutic measures

Medications during pregnancy affects the fetus. Therefore, the treatment of tonsillitis is associated with certain difficulties. However, in this case the risk of loss of the child and dysfunction of the body of the mother justifies the use of medication.

First and foremost, the patient must comply with bed rest. It is also highly recommended to drink as many hot fluids (an excellent tool are teas with lemon and compotes made from dried fruit). Drinks should be consumed once per hour.

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The complex of therapeutic measures for the cure of tonsillitis include:

  • gargling with the use of antiseptics;
  • therapy with antibiotics;
  • tonsillotomy.

For rinsing it is recommended to use saline. It must first be heated (the solution should be warm). To prepare this remedy just enough to dissolve in a glass of water one teaspoon of salt. Rinsing should be carried out every two hours.

To counter the cause of the disease using safe and potent drugs that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Popular «Lisobakt», «Tantum Verde». Can also be applied to nutritional SUPPLEMENTS.

Attention! When you receive drugs and nutritional SUPPLEMENTS you must strictly follow the doctor’s instructions.

Deposits on the tonsils are removed with a cotton swab. It previously dipped in the oil solution Hlorofillipta, tincture of propolis, hydrogen peroxide.

In some cases, you may use UFO (pharynx, nose) and inhalation. Although during pregnancy of physiotherapy it is advisable to refuse.

Although antibiotic drugs during pregnancy is contraindicated, in case of strong inflammatory process and the presence of threats to the health of the patient/fetus, the doctor may use certain medications of this group.

In this case, the choice had to be made by a qualified technician. Self-administration of antibiotics is fraught with serious complications.

If all measures described above have been ineffective, your doctor may take extreme step – a tonsillectomy. In this case, operation is conducted under the name of tonsillotomy. In the course of her tonsils would be removed, thereby eliminating the source of inflammation. However, any surgery during pregnancy are a severe test for the body. Therefore, such a measure is permissible only in the absence of the possibility to solve the problem other ways.

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Safer for the pregnant woman’s body are traditional methods of treatment of the disease. However, even traditional medicines can lead to complications. Therefore, before applying, it is recommended to consult your doctor. Among the popular methods of treatment of tonsillitis should be distinguished:

  • rinse with the use of decoctions prepared from herbs (chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort);
  • inhalation (you can use sage, eucalyptus, thyme);
  • tinctures on the basis of propolis.

Important! Before using folk remedies necessary to ensure no allergies to ingredients used in these recipes.


Tonsillitis that developed during pregnancy, is dangerous for body of a pregnant woman and her fetus. The effects of tonsillitis during pregnancy for the baby and his mother can be very dangerous (from strong toxicity to the threat of miscarriage).

Therefore, in case of detection of signs of disease, it is recommended immediately consult a doctor. Self-medication can lead to deterioration of the patient and complications.