Transparent snot from a baby: how to treat liquid snot

How to treat transparent snot?

Appearance transparent mucus at first is not alarming and is quite a harmless phenomenon. But the reasons for the development of this disease can be quite serious pathology, which in the absence of proper therapy may develop into a chronic form of the disease!

The main causes of the pathology

Before deciding how to treat transparent snot, you should understand in detail the possible causes of the development of pathology and to find out the factors against which appeared the disease:

  • the phenomenon of adaptation in newborns infants or the occurrence of certain problems during labor and delivery contribute to the formation of transparent mucus in infants. In this case, it should be possible to moisten the nasal mucosa and to prevent contamination of the sinuses;
  • teething in babies aged 5 months and before 2 years is a common cause of mucus in the nose transparent character;
  • in infants under 6 months, the appearance of transparent snot starts on the background of a sharp decrease of protective antibodies received from mother’s milk, as at this age, introduce solid foods first;
  • allergic reactions often cause snot transparent character. In this case it is necessary to identify the possible allergen and conducting antihistamine therapy;
  • the emergence of eye disease dacryocystitis, inflammation of the lacrimal SAC, in which part of the lacrimal glands into the nasopharynx and causes the development of transparent disease;
  • the presence of infectious rhinitis also causes clear mucus, and often the disease is diagnosed in adults. The virus manifestation begins with this characteristic phenomena and further flow into the cold with the development of all related symptoms of cold, colds or flu.

The above causes of transparent mucus in the nose are the most common, but the disease can also occur in the presence of indirect signs, not indicating the emergence of pathology.

Important! If the child has a flow transparent snot, you should pay attention to all the factors and try to identify the cause of this problem. In the long course of the disease need to consult your doctor and conduct some necessary research!


The causes of transparent mucus in the adult and the child have different factors at the origin, so in each case you should find a suitable and effective therapy when using tools of different nature. Depending on the degree of development of the disease, there are such methods of treatment.

The use of drug therapy

The emergence of transparent mucus and a lack of treatment contributes to the formation of the complicated course of the disease. It is therefore important to find effective drugs with maximum security and desired impact.

To eliminate symptoms of rhinitis vasoconstrictor use, moisturizing and antibacterial medications in the form of sprays or a drop for the nose. The following are the most popular drugs.

Otrivin Baby

Effective way with the content of the two active substances in the form of sodium chloride and sea salt.

The effect of the drug is based on the ability of key components to clear nasal passages from clear secretions and promote maximum hydration of the nasal mucosa.

The medicine Otrivin Baby effective hygiene procedures in cleansing nose, various types of rhinitis, to remove the transparent discharge with a cold and to prevent the development of pathology.

Contraindications: Allergy, individual intolerance to the components. The price of 130-150 rubles.


Vasoconstrictor drugs based on natural ingredients with essential oils. Form release medications: drops, spray, cream and ointment.

Is a drug used for the treatment of diseases of the nasopharynx inflammatory and as preventive medicine. The advantage of spray is the ability to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The dosage depends on the extent of current pathology. It should not use the drug too often to avoid the development of side effects. Contra-indications: rhinitis of allergic origin, sinusitis, children up to age 3 years. The price is 230-250 rubles.

Aqua Maris

The drug moisturizing action, having the composition of sea water are of natural origin.

The medicine Aqua Maris are presented in the form of a spray and is used for all age categories without any restrictions.

Use of the drug is treatment and prevention of various inflammations of the nasal cavity, hearing.

Indications: allergic rhinitis, adenoids, acute for pharyngitis, laryngitis, removal of cerumen, preventive measures in the development of diseases of the nasopharynx, complex therapy of ARVI, influenza.

Contraindications: obstruction of the sinuses, persistent bleeding in the nose, allergic reactions, acute form of otitis media. The price of 300-350 rubles.


Nasal spray with antibacterial action. Active substance sulfate framizetin provides anti-inflammatory medications. Indications: treatment of sinusitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, post-operative recovery period mucous membrane in the nasal cavity.

The use of drugs is based on the injection of a substance into the sinus in accordance with the instructions or prescription. Contraindications: Allergy, children up to age 1 year. Price 310-320 rubles.

Important! Successful prevention of the development of rhinitis depends on its immediate treatment if you experience transparent snot, constantly flowing from the nasal cavity!

Conducting inhalation

This method is particularly effective and quickly removes clear discharge from the nose.

The drugs used during the procedure have local impact and are not absorbed into the General circulation.

This application is safe during pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn infants, children of preschool age.

As medicinal herbs for inhalation use: celandine, chamomile, oak bark, juniper, eucalyptus, pine, lime, mint, oregano.

Before using herbal should be tested for the presence of allergies, and if negative to start the procedure.

This method is popular in the treatment of children, because it has no serious side effects! Also effective manipulations if you are using alkaline mineral water.

The use of traditional medicine

Transparent snot the adult and the child can easily be cured by using products of natural origin with all the technology of the formulation. For the treatment of rhinitis and prevent the excretion of mucus use these methods:

  • the application of mustard or mustard for a warming effect. In this case, at night put mustard or sprinkle powder in your socks;
  • beet juice is a good substitute medical sprays and drops into the nose. The tool is instilled into the sinus several times throughout the day until complete recovery;
  • warm up using eggs, salt and potatoes. Heating products, fabric wrapped, is applied to the nose and keep it for 20-30 minutes to obtain the desired effect;
  • with the development of cold gives good results using special herbs (calendula, mint, chamomile, sage). Tea with the content of useful plants and honey quickly removes signs of inflammation and colds, promotes rapid recovery of the body;
  • the combination of lime and cranberry provides anti-inflammatory effect. When you add raspberries and lemon turns the tea with all necessary trace elements and minerals to strengthen the immune system and suppress the development of viruses in the body.

Important! The use of recipes of traditional medicine possible in the absence of allergic reactions and preliminary recommendations of the attending physician, who will recommend an effective and safe treatment regimen!


Transparent snot have an adult and a child are the cause of the failure in the body, so you need to take immediate necessary measures and to prevent the development of more severe disease.

The success of the treatment depends on adherence to all scheduled medications and use of comprehensive therapy!

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