3 degrees of scoliosis: treatment, disability

Сколиоз 3 степени: лечение, инвалидность

Curvature of the spine leads to disruption of the internal organs

If for any reason you progressing scoliosis of 3 degrees, affected not only the spinal ridge. Because of its destruction will change the spatial arrangement of the vertebrae, they will be displaced laterally and subjected to twisting. To change its position and all other parts of the skeleton.

During the above described shift of the vertebrae will be broken posture. This will necessarily lead to painful effects on the organs located in the chest. Moreover, the more will develop the deformation, the stronger the pain the patient will experience. To deformation is not irreversible, urgent need to start treatment of the disease.

When beginning the development of scoliosis

To this day doctors have not been able to identify the reason why starts scoliosis of the spine. You can only define how it will evolve based on the habits and character of the patient. Determined, however, that even patients of the same age with the same loaded mode, similar motor processes, a common mode of food intake may be at different stages of deformation of the vertebral spine. Moreover, the speed of development of the disease they also can vary considerably. It is very important that the patient appealed to the doctor as soon as it detects signs of disease. Any change in posture and the spine can be a sign of scoliosis.

It is believed that the disease appears in a child in the early stages of development of the organism. The reason for this is the incorrect posture of children uncomfortable body position during work (for example, at a Desk in school), etc. There are a large number of adults who have scoliosis of the spine. However, he began to develop they did not in childhood, and after receiving any injuries, possibly due to failure of exchange of minerals and destruction of the hormonal system. Potentially lead to the development of scoliosis of 3 degrees maybe some old damage to the spine.

Doctors urge everyone to monitor their health and when the first symptoms of scoliosis to refer to specialists. Of course, to detect scoliosis in its early stages is not so easy, however, if you can do it cure it will be much easier. Will be able even to treat with conservative methods, without resorting to surgical intervention.

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Conservative treatment allows to expect that the disease will slow down and will not evolve to severe forms. Thus, the patient can live his whole life never noticing any deterioration in his condition. One of the traditional methods of treatment — physical therapy for scoliosis.

Of course, prevention is the best way of dealing with the disease. But the first step is to identify the main causes of deformation of the skeleton, to be able to prevent them.

The causes of the disease

The offset posture always has his reasons. Large physical load on the spinal part of the body can lead to its deformation. Their causes, for example, the statistical finding in the same position or to a dynamic load characterized by lifting heavy loads and pressure on the muscles and skeleton.

Failures in the exchange of substances in the 3 degrees of scoliosis can be triggered by endocrine disorders, leading to deterioration of calcium metabolism. Hence: need to be sure to watch the diet, and to prevent damage of the glands of internal secretion.

Injuries to the spinal column, for example, damage during exercise, can also affect the spine. Feeling discomfort and unusual sensations after the pain from the blow, you must contact your doctor. At first, he probably will prescribe you simple exercises for scoliosis.

Сколиоз 3 степени: лечение, инвалидность

It has long been proven the fact that the relaxation of the back muscles and the deterioration of their tone can cause increased load on the skeleton. The consequences can be very diverse.

If we take the enumeration of the symptoms of scoliosis of 3 degrees, it may be noted that almost all patients have a change in the shape of the chest. This is very dangerous, because due to violations of the skeletal muscle in a patient could develop intercostal hump that will have a negative impact not only on physical but also on mental state. For this pathology becomes inevitable deformation of the structure of the internal organs located in the chest. Also surely suffer the abdomen and the pelvis. All this may lead to disability.

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As it may manifest the disease

The third degree of scoliosis will be visible to anyone, even not well-versed in medicine. The reason is that the spinal column assumes an s-shape, arc deflection which is in the range from 26 to 50 degrees. Such deformation will inevitably affect the condition of the chest. The pain symptoms will increase, and the change in size will lead to the fact that the doctor will put a clear diagnosis of scoliosis of 3 degrees. At the same time appear visible distortion of the pelvis and shoulder girdle, due to the highly visible posture. Women breast will change and become asymmetric. To see all of these changes can, search photos on specialized sites.

In the structural elements of the chest will be strong bias that affect the vertebrae. During the rotation of the vertebrae around its own axis will evolve and deformation, called the sphenoid. After the doctors will identify the changes that no doubt the presence of scoliosis is not possible. Now the only possible treatment is surgery, otherwise the patient can cause serious problems with respiratory organs, back pain and circulatory disorders.

Сколиоз 3 степени: лечение, инвалидность

The stage of the disease and how it curves the spine

To quickly and accurately establish the diagnosis, it is necessary to use x-rays to show the spine in the horizontal and vertical position. Only through x-ray examination the doctor will be able to determine whether the disease to develop further. Pictures will also help to identify the degree of development of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Getting disability for scoliosis

If you have 3 degrees of scoliosis, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis and to disability. This will help you avoid problems that can overtake a person affected by this disease. Besides, it will be possible to get the statutory payments.

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Although disability is usually indicates the presence of severe forms of the disease, there are cases when perform any work becomes impossible, and with a low degree of organ damage. That is why there is a special medical Commission, which assigns a disability.

Here’s how the process of obtaining disability for scoliosis.

  • Set clinical the rate of change of the spine, which x-rays are taken.
  • The Commission studied written by your doctor, characteristics of the course of your illness. Or pathogenesis. It is showing signs of a progressive and sustainable type of disease.
  • Counts how often occur and long continued pain in the back and chest. Such pain is always accompanied by an s-shaped deformation.
  • Asks the Commission and the extent to helped prescription exercises for scoliosis a patient’s neurological disorders and functional disorders of the body.
  • The main criterion for the medical Committee will determine the extent to which the damaged organs are able to perform their functions. When disorders in the respiratory system and the presence of cardiovascular failure is issued a disability.
  • Most likely, the patient will be offered the 3rd group of disability, but in some cases, doctors may insist on 2.
    Сколиоз 3 степени: лечение, инвалидность

    The treatment of the disease is a long and hard process. Not worth it to throw even if you received disability. Scoliosis may well help yoga. Most importantly — fight for your health!