A Baker’s cyst: treatment of tumor behind the knee

Киста Бейкера: лечение опухоли под коленом

How is and where is the tumor

A Baker’s cyst, or popliteal dimples hernia, is a tumor in the knee joint. Between the calf and the lateral muscle is the space in which is marsheila bag. When there is inflammation in the joint cavity accumulates fluid. It seeps into mishail the bag, causing it to increase in size and thereby limiting the motility of the joint.

This forms the Baker’s cyst. If you do not take measures for its removal, the cyst continues to grow. The tumor presses on surrounding tissue and nerve endings.

The progression of the disease can have serious consequences. Persistent pain and numbness in the extremities lead to complete immobility of the joint. To protect yourself from disability, treatment of Baker’s cyst should not be postponed.

Medikamentosny method of getting rid of the tumor

At the first sign of disease of the knee joint should be consult a doctor. The sooner you get diagnosed, the faster and easier will be the treatment process. A Baker’s cyst is treated:

  • conservative (medical);
  • surgically;
  • traditional methods.

Conservative method of treatment can not be characterized as a method of fighting the disease. It implies a course of ointments and tablets as well as gymnastic exercises, physiotherapy, intra-articular injections and blockade. This whole set of events is ineffective and is only effective as an auxiliary method. Medicinal drugs only able to reduce pain and restore mobility to the joint, but to eradicate the cause of the disease and the tumor they can’t.

The conservative method of treatment of cysts Becker comes remission, during which it may seem that the disease has receded, but it’s not. Drugs can slow the growth process of Baker’s cyst. When the drugs end, the disease comes back again.

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Киста Бейкера: лечение опухоли под коленом

After surgical removal of the cyst medicines continue to apply. They are appointed as painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Their use after surgery reduces the risk of recurrence of the tumor.

Conservative method of treatment also includes the puncture. With a thick long needle and special syringe from the joint, sucked the contents of the cyst, and then introduced into the joint steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. But such treatment does not always give a full positive result. In most cases the Baker’s cyst will recur.

The method of treatment is prescribed by a doctor according to the extent of the disease and individual patient characteristics.

Surgery against disease

The indication to this method of treatment often are:

  • the large size of the cyst;
  • immobility of the joint;
  • compression cyst nerve fibers;
  • the ineffectiveness of medical treatment method;
  • frequent relapses.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia (General anesthesia is rarely done), and it takes about 30 minutes. At the site of formation of the cyst is a small incisions through which the stitch and tie the junction of the tendon of the bags with the joint, then the tumor is removed. To remove use a medical instrument, as the arthroscope. After suturing the knee joint is fixed with a tight bandage or plaster.

Removal of Baker’s cyst behind the knee does not require a long hospital stay. Approximately 5 hours after the surgery the patient is discharged, but on foot it is impossible to advance a few more days. Prescribe a course of drug therapy to relieve pain and prevent inflammatory processes.

Removal of sutures occurs at 7-10 days after surgery. If there are no postoperative complications, the patient is considered healthy and the sick list is closed.

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Traditional methods of treatment

Any method of treatment should be discussed with a specialist, competent in this field. When the diagnosis of Baker’s cyst treatment of folk remedies only with the permission of the doctor. To make the diagnosis on their own not as to self-medicate. Traditional medicine can only help in the early stages of the disease, to quench the pain.

In folk medicine for Baker’s cysts is widely used compresses of infusion Golden mustache. The leaves of the plant are crushed, put in a container and pour vodka. The resulting substance should infuse in a cool and dark place for 3 weeks. Further storage of the infusion happens in the refrigerator. Before making a poultice of crushed Golden mustache get from the container, wring out and apply on the affected area. Many experts of traditional medicine is also recommended to use orally in small amounts of tincture of Golden mustache.

Effective are and packs of minced meat the leaves of the celandine and burdock. The mixture of these plants is applied to affected area and wrap. It is recommended to leave this compress on all night. In winter you can use dried leaves, previously saparev them with boiling water.

Киста Бейкера: лечение опухоли под коленом

Treatment of cysts Becker at an early stage is carried out with the aid of conventional crude sunflower oil. In several layers of folded gauze impregnated with sunflower oil and apply to the sore spot. Leave the poultice on all night and in the morning the remnants of oil from the legs clean with a soft cloth.

Aloe can be called a universal herb that helps in various diseases. And to treat a cyst behind the knee is used its juice in combination with lemon juice and soap. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass and applied to the knee. On top of the compress is covered with plastic wrap and a warm woolen cloth. In the morning the poultice washed off with warm water.

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If time does not begin to treat the disease, there is a risk of complications of the disease: Baker’s cyst may rupture. The released liquid will begin to seep into the calf muscle and cause swelling of the legs. The contents of the cyst may cause irritation and redness of the skin, and if the liquid will penetrate into the soft tissues of the body, it will cause severe pain and inflammation. Few weeks the body itself neutralizes (resolve) released the fluid of the cyst, but the process will be painful. To reduce the discomfort and pain will help pain killers.

The threat of the dangers of a cyst Becker, is the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. Therefore, during the diagnosis of the disease are required to appoint research such as ultrasound or MRI, which allow to recognize the disease and to exclude or confirm the thrombosis.