A bandage for fracture of clavicle and other types of clamps

Recently acquired wide prevalence of the various bandages that are used for injuries and fractures. Particularly often they are used for fracture of the clavicle. The increased demand is due to the increase in the number of injuries, illnesses, musculoskeletal and other pathological conditions. You can choose a bandage for joints as for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

Бандаж при переломе ключицы и другие виды фиксаторов

This kind of fractures of the shoulder often

Recently began to appear special bandages for pregnant women, ease pregnancy and preventing the occurrence of some complications. Postnatal bandages applied for the treatment of post-partum back injury, symphysis, and many other diseases. Let’s see what bandages are and what they need.

Braces for upper limbs

When fracture of a clavicle the best is to use latch-type Dezo. However, its use is appropriate only in the presence of a clavicle fracture without complications. Due to its unique design it provides the immobility of the bone fragments when damaged collarbone and perform a supportive function to the rest of the limb. In its application, arm is the position of the cast, and the elbow forms a right angle. This situation is optimal because it reduces the pain in the collarbone area and does not perform movements that can disrupt the process of fusion.

The product can be worn anywhere. His removal is unacceptable, especially for fractures, because it can lead to repeated trauma of the clavicle. Its use is shown not only in fracture of the clavicle, but in any case of injury of the shoulder or elbow bone (contusion, luxation, fracture). Use the lock type Desault during the rehabilitation period after surgery accelerates the process of recovery and prevents many complications.

Triangular retainer is a support brace and is used only for mild injuries. Indications for the appointment are sprains and bruises of the shoulder or elbow. Also triangular bandage is recommended for use with partial tears of the ligaments, after operations on upper extremity. In contrast to the brace on the type of Desault, triangular retainer to a lesser extent, limits the mobility of the shoulder joint.

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Effective means for the immobilization (medical mobility limitations) and loktezapyastnaya radiocarpal joint is a wrist orthosis. It is equipped with special ribs that ensure a more secure fit. In addition to the necessary obstruction of movements, it supports tendons and ligaments. It is comfortable to wear and it provides a painless functioning fingers.

Immobilization after injuries of the feet

To ensure therapeutic immobilization of the various divisions of the lower limb are used:

  • the hip brace;
  • the locking mechanism for the knee joint;
  • the bandage on the Shin.

If the damage or diseases, accompanied by damage to the hip joint, it is necessary to apply special bandage on the hip joint. It reduces the load and protects from additional trauma. The bandage on the thigh necessary for injuries, contusions and dislocations of the femur, when it is necessary to ensure a secure fit. Also, the hip brace is indicated for intertrochanteric fracture, after surgery for arthroplasty (replacement of articular surfaces artificial surfaces).

Бандаж при переломе ключицы и другие виды фиксаторовDue to the small compression bandage on the thigh prevents the development of edema. Fixation of the hip joint reduces pain and provides comfort. The special fabric from which made the bandage on the thigh, ensures free access of air to the skin and the outflow of excess moisture. It can be worn on the street, subject to a maximum of caution and prevent falls at the hip.

Compression bandage on the knee joint is used in various bruises, torn ligaments and inflammation of the localization. A feature of this band is a special ring made of silicone, which additionally captures the patella. This allows him to appoint at the diseases that are accompanied by a softening of the bone tissue of the cartilage of the patella. The compression bandage can be used prophylactically for unloading of the knee joint before exercise, as it reduces the axial load.

Band on the shank is of two kinds: wholly of elastic fabric, webbing and lacing. The first is used for sprains, tears of ligaments and prevention purpose during sports or intense stress. The use of a second are indicated in injuries of ankle injuries during sports and paralysis.

Use of the product with the presence of the ribs and the lacing is more reliable and effective, as in addition to reducing the axial load that falls on the ligaments, this brace limits the mobility of the joint.

Which requires fixing the body

Бандаж при переломе ключицы и другие виды фиксаторовWearing retainer on the chest is necessary in injuries of the ribs, surgical interventions, neuralgia of intercostal nerves and inflammation of the cartilage of the ribs. Well-proven products of the company orto. Due to the elaborate design, they provide a good immobilization of the ribs. This was achieved by using additional fixing ribs that are parallel to the ribs of man.

The latch on the chest of the company orto considers anatomic features of the ribs and entire torso. Products are divided into two types: male and female. This is due to the existence of special circuits that take into account the shape of the female breast. In addition to locking rib, the bandage provides a small decrease in their mobility during respiration and prevent the loss of muscle tone.

Lumbar brace company’orto indicated for use in osteochondrosis of the lumbar, back pain, myositis, and prolonged static load. It is also used as a bandage for a nephroptosis, because it prevents the prolapse of the organs that are located in the abdominal cavity, and fixes well to the lumbar spine.

Lumbar brace for greater comfort and better grip stiffened, and suspenders. It can be worn everywhere, as due to the compactness it will not be visible under clothing.

Braces before and after childbirth

Бандаж при переломе ключицы и другие виды фиксаторовOne of the ways of fixing, making pregnancy easier and more comfortable, the brace is universal. Its versatility stems from the fact that it is used as before birth and after. Its main function is the maintenance of a stomach and reducing the load on the spine. In the postpartum period it is necessary for rehabilitation after back injury during childbirth and reduce pain.

The product has a wide and narrow with locking Velcro belt. Before birth it wears a broad back to support the back, reaching the ribs, and after giving birth – with the wider part forward so that he was holding the belly. It can be worn even when fetal pelvic presentation. The main criterion for the presentation is the lack of a sense of discomfort. For this it is necessary not to overdo it when tightening the corset. However, if the fetus is breech, and you feel uncomfortable, it is best to contact a fertility clinic.

The bandage on the pelvic ring company orto used in the postpartum simpatico, impacted femoral neck fractures and fractures of the iliac bone without displacement. Its design is equipped with six ribs. They reduce the stress on the hip joints and firmly fix the pelvis.

The bandage on the pelvic ring is particularly effective in simpatico, when you need regular correction of the degree of compression of the pelvis.