A bruised tailbone is a small mishap or a serious injury?

A bruised tailbone is a small mishap or a serious injury?

The biggest problem of modern society lies in the fact that in the pursuit of career growth and material goods we have very little time on your health. Because even in the case of injury, we are not in a hurry to meet the doctor and continue to lead an active lifestyle. But is it right?

By far the most common type of injury is contusion. While it is easy enough to obtain as an adult and the child, but the consequences can be very severe…

Injury is a lesion of the soft tissues of the body, eliminating fractures and ruptures of internal organs and systems. This injury occurs due to fall or blunt force. The most unpleasant and serious injury is considered the red-footed Falcon, i.e. injury of the spine. Those who once faced with him, felt all the «charms» of our lives!

It is worth noting that a bruised tailbone and sacrum can be obtained not only in the fall, but also during exercise. As a rule, this damage occurs suddenly and quickly, because it creates more discomfort.

How to diagnose a bruised tailbone? The symptoms and signs.

Upon receipt of the injury the person immediately experiences severe pain later at the site of injury appears to bruise and numbness. As a result, the person becomes very painful to stand, walk or sit!

Deceit pain syndrome is that after a few days or hours it subsides. Be careful!

In most cases, «patients» due to the reduction of pain and ignore visiting the doctor. And this, in turn, a very big mistake! After all, the remission of pain does not make that injury go away. Place the «punch» may be sore for a few days or even a few months, but during that time the person may develop chronic injury in this area of the spine. As a result, the pain can «make itself felt» suddenly at any slightest movement.

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A bruised tailbone is quite often confused with a fracture, and to make a difference is simply unrealistic. Because a definitive diagnosis must undergo x-ray examination.

What are the dangerous consequences of the coccyx injury?

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A bruised tailbone can cause many different diseases, including chronic headaches. This injury is the result of a difficult and incomplete evacuation, and pain during intercourse.

For many it seems that a bruised coccyx is a temporary nuisance, but that is the kind of damage women can cause problems during pregnancy and directly with a generic process. This is because a bruise the coccyx provokes such diseases as rectocele, which sticks out and the front wall of the rectum and back wall of the vagina.

Moreover, a person may develop post-traumatic coccygodynia, the pain, despite treatment, does not pass for many years. The exact answer to the question of how much a pain in coccyx when there is no injury, so in any case consult your doctor!

In such serious cases may require surgical intervention: removal or reduction of the coccyx.

What to do if coccyx injury? The right treatment for a coccyx injury.

If you hit your tailbone, you first need to forget about an active lifestyle and «make» a bed.

You need to apply to the injury seriously, as the consequences can be quite substantial.

Further, the treatment should start with the application from the site of injury cold compress.

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Cooling will significantly reduce the hematoma and slow down the intensity of the blood flow.

If the pain is unbearably strong, you can take pain medicine , but they must appoint a physician.

It can be as pills and injections used in similar injuries.

Perhaps the doctor will prescribe You the application of local anesthetics as ointments.

After the «first aid» you need to go to the doctor. With the help of x-ray inspection specialist determines the exact diagnosis and determines an effective treatment. To speed up the healing process help certain creams that contain painkillers and cooling components. A doctor may prescribe ointment and warm compresses, but they can be used in just a few days after the «accident».

It is important to emphasize that the coccyx injury is better not to sit without special orthopedic pillows. Ideally, it is recommended only to lie and sleep exclusively on my stomach or side so as not to affect the spine is damaged.

From the above we can draw the result that injure the tailbone at any age and even under the most normal circumstances. But if it happened already, then you should definitely go to the emergency room or hospital to avoid the severe consequences and irreversible processes…