A burning sensation in the knee: causes and treatment of pain

Жжение в колене: причины появления и лечение боли

People often suffer from pains in joints. Knee, shoulder, bone in the leg, the elbow — these places are the most susceptible to various kinds of damage. They can be caused by such causes as sports injuries, characteristics of professional activity, age-related changes of the body and wear on the cartilage.

These and many other factors affect the performance of the joints. People have used that can do everything themselves and do not need outside help, even if there is some discomfort during the movements. As always, they begin to think about what is happening and to do something only after the appearance of pain in the knee or other joint.

The causes of pain in the joints

The following causes of burning sensation in the knee:

  • deformation of the Cup due to the lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • damage caused by mechanical action;
  • infection;
  • arthritis, arthrosis;
  • damage to tendons or ligament due to rupture;
  • a pinched spine, which compressed vessels in the lower divisions that causes a burning sensation in the legs and in the knee.

To determine the main causes pain be sure to consult an experienced doctor. He must study all of the symptoms to make a diagnosis, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. It is important to find the root of the problem.

Жжение в колене: причины появления и лечение боли

Friction of bones due to depletion of cartilage causes inflammation

The main symptoms which should force the patient to consult a specialist are:

  • friction inside the knee joint in flexion and extension;
  • knee pain in simple movements;
  • severe pain in knee joint when walking up the stairs, especially when descending;
  • pressive pain patella;
  • burning pain above or below the knee in mild exercise;
  • increased mobility of the patella.
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Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease

Every doctor knows that high-quality diagnostics is necessary to do the following:

  • to study the existence of symptoms, to determine the conditions of their occurrence;
  • to establish the degree of joint mobility;
  • an x-ray of his knee.
  • to conduct magnetic resonance imaging.

After diagnosis, the doctor needs to prescribe treatment. Surgery is used in complicated cases, often in mechanical damage and sports injuries. Used medications: chondroprotectors, analgesics relieving pain in the knee joint. The gentle therapy is a method of physical strengthen the weak positions of the joint.

There is a special complex for strengthening the joints of patients. It may include a few activities from the list below:

  • special medical gymnastic exercises;
  • the wearing of the patella or elastic bandage (reduces the degree of pain in the knee when walking);
  • reducing the burden on the patient’s joint;
  • physical therapy — special exercises aimed at strengthening and stretching the muscles of the thigh, which reduces the load on the knee;
  • the use of special procedures, ultrasound and electrical stimulation with ointments.

Жжение в колене: причины появления и лечение боли

During the course of rehabilitation after treatment to rule out jumping on his feet, sharp turns of the torso with fixed position stop, contact, hard sports games. You need some time to give maximum rest to the joints. At repeated occurrence of a burning sensation in the knee should return to the doctor so he prescribed a new course of treatment.

Most importantly — never forget that preventing a problem is easier than to solve it. So take care of yourself and listen to your body. If you start to feel the pain in the knee immediately to the doctor.