A crack in the spine is associated with many factors

Трещина в позвоночнике связывается с многими факторамиThe spine is the main component of the human body and ensures the normal functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system. It consists of 33-34 vertebrae, connected together. Even a small crack in the spine would break the coherence of the whole mechanism. Each of the vertebrae is directly dependent on the various tissues of the body. Innervation of the spine is the interaction of all organs and tissues of the Central nervous system.

Any injury received in a fall, crash or other mechanical impact, cause malformations of the spine. Problems such as displacement, strains, fractures, can lead to serious negative consequences: from partial to complete paralysis, even death in the worst case. When a person is diagnosed with spina bifida, respectively, are developing new disease and his condition deteriorated. Even a small seal or a crack in the spine is considered a serious pathology. There are many diseases that at first seem to be something insignificant. Consider malformations of the spine, their causes, symptoms, treatment, and preventative actions that are recommended to do daily to correct the situation.

Description of the disease

  • Spina bifida is a children’s disease, develops in the womb in the early 3 months of pregnancy. Congenital disease is a malformation of the spine. It is an open part of the spinal cord in the unclosed neural tube, resembling hernia. A very rare case of congenital pathology. A malformation of the spine due to congenital anomalies is not more than 1.2 times per 1000 newborns.
  • Degeneration of the spine is one of the most common reasons responsible for disturbed functions, pain and neurological consequences. Another name for this disease is osteoporosis. When it is reduced bone density, increased fragility, and increased risk of fractures. A similar disease exists as an individual pathology, or as associated problems together with other ailments.
  • Трещина в позвоночнике связывается с многими факторами

    Strong constriction of blood vessels in the curvature causes a stroke

    A stroke of the spine — a serious violation of blood circulation in the back, which is damage. There are two kinds of stroke: hemorrhagic and ischemic. The ischemic varieties of stops the flow of blood to the injured part. In hemorrhagic — broken vessel, leading to hemorrhage and partial paralysis. Thus there will be pain, heaviness, compression and bruising of the spine. This disease requires immediate treatment, otherwise could begin an irreversible process.

  • Curve the spine differently can be called two types of diseases: kyphosis and scoliosis. Kyphosis curves of the upper, thoracic part of the spine. Vertebral line has the appearance of a protruding back of the arc, which sticks out more than you need. This is not always a pathological change. Distinguish between pathological and physiological types of kyphosis. At physiological varieties of visible natural curves. In pathological kyphosis protruding the spine throughout its length. Scoliosis the spine curves to the side, to the sides. Sometimes a destruction of two kinds: acquired and congenital.
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    The development of spina bifida is associated with many factors: genetic diseases, age-related deformation, external influences, lack of vitamins, the consequence of some diseases of the mother during pregnancy. More often children with this disease have mothers who belong to the age group of risk.

    The conditions for the development of degeneration lie in the emergence of disorders of metabolic processes in cells and tissues of the body. The causes of osteoporosis is the set, including: aging and wear on the vertebrae, infectious and viral diseases, traumatic effects, genetic tendency, hormonal changes. None of these reasons are proven 100%.

    Трещина в позвоночнике связывается с многими факторамиThe appearance of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke is associated with tumors and hernias, which creates pressure on the blood vessels, thereby violating the blood supply of the spinal cord. This means the following: all theoretically susceptible to this disease. If you experience signs of illness should be check the spine. Can be diagnosed dystrophy, stroke, sealing and other problems, the cause of which can serve as a fracture of the vertebra.

    Kyphosis occurs in almost 10 types. Of them the most common: congenital, compression and senile. Congenital kyphosis is a malformation of the spine developing abnormally with the front divisions. Compression kyphosis occurs earlier, the presence of compression fractures of one or some of the vertebrae, with the change in their height. Senile variant of the disease is associated with changing in the body tissues of the intervertebral discs and the weakening of the muscle apparatus. Scoliosis, as well as osteoporosis, is not fully understood.

    The disease occurs in the period of growth and formation of the spine. Mainly because of poor posture when sitting at school behind a Desk, sciatica, and hernia. You may receive the seal and deformation.

    Symptoms of the disease

    Трещина в позвоночнике связывается с многими факторамиSymptoms of dystrophy occur in different types of pain: sharp, pulling, aching, stabbing. Hurt maybe in different places: neck, thoracic, lumbar. If you have pain in the thoracic region, people call it a pinched nerve, decreased mobility of the back in different departments. Experienced numbness of the hands or feet. Pain in internal organs: heart, stomach, liver. Found sexual dysfunction. Osteoporosis usually starts to develop without visible symptoms. Possible bone fractures even with minor loads. Later symptoms may occur, associated with slower growth, a stooped posture, back pain, visible changes, obstructed movements. May appear bruised and compaction of the spine.

    Acute stroke, whether ischemic or hemorrhagic variant of the disease, there is a very strong pain, and increasing weakness in the legs, the cessation of feeling matter underfoot and temperature. If the violation is strong, damaged internal organs, disturbed defecation and urination. Many of the symptoms are directly dependent on the injury. Symptoms of both strokes looks like you’ll be the only treatment. Because it is important to determine exactly which type of stroke has occurred. People who do not know how to check the status of my back and nashumevshie seal should contact the clinic for appointment for examination. Timely raising the alarm, you can achieve the proper development of the spine.

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    Kyphosis manifests painful muscle spasm in the area of curvature and seal. Appear weakness, numbness of the hands or feet, digestive problems, breathing and heart activity. The symptoms of scoliosis are more diverse. When it is added to depression, hysteria, depression. The curvature of the pelvis and seal bone spurs for women is fraught with problems with pregnancy and childbirth. Patients with scoliosis impaired gait, flat feet is present. There is a lack of blood supply to the brain. Break the functionality of the heart, lungs, intestines, stomach, liver, there is induration. Traced the altered configuration of the chest, induration and distortion of the shape of the entire dorsal part or several parts of the back.

    To stabilize the spine requires comprehensive measures. They are appointed by the doctor after a serious examination of the seal or distorting.


    Трещина в позвоночнике связывается с многими факторами

    The damaged vertebra leads to serious deformation of the spine

    Spina bifida is treated by surgical methods. Performed prenatal surgery. Previously it was recommended to terminate the pregnancy in detecting such malformations of the spine in children.

    Extremely rare degeneration of the spine treated surgically. In most cases, choose conservative treatment. How to fix the destruction, if there is ossification and seal problem areas?

    Use all available medicine therapies to avoid surgery. Insist on bed rest, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers. Symptomatic treatment is not a guarantee of removing the very causes of the disease. Stabilization of the spine will give the normal state of health. Later appointed gymnastics, massage and physiotherapy to reduce pain and seal. Osteoporosis is virtually impossible to cure, to slow down the process prescribed running, walking walking, dancing. Such malformations of the spine can be corrected, if you eat correctly. Assign a diet with a high content of vitamin D and calcium. Various drugs writes directly to the doctor. In self to do dangerous. You cannot apply a warming ointment, trying to reduce the seal.

    Treatment movements of the spine requires very serious action. Immediately prescribed medication that restores blood pressure, heart activity, metabolism. If required by the condition of the patient, he administered drugs to thin the blood, drugs to relieve swelling and compaction. In severe cases, patients need a ventilator. In the treatment of strokes possible occurrence of bedsores and pneumonia. Required frequent linen change and constant supervision of the hygiene of the patient. If a stroke occurred on the background of a tumor or hernia, giving the seal, carried out the operation.

    Kyphosis is treated by wearing a special corset is used conservative treatment: medication therapy, massage, physiotherapy, gymnastics. Surgical intervention is extremely rare.

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    Prolonged wearing of a corset, can only aggravate the situation and give the compaction and swelling of the bone marrow, relaxing muscles, their task is only to ease the pain. Scoliosis the main thing to start on time to treat. After 20 years, when posture has been formed, to cure the back, removing the seal and straightened the bone, will be harder. Used cementing, tonirovanie, wearing corsets, and gymnastics. Or do surgery to stabilize the spine. This operation fixes the spine through the introduction of a plate between two or more vertebrae.

    Stabilization of the spine helps to get rid of the pain either partially or fully, and also align the vertebrae and remove the seal.

    Do not try to be treated independently, it is better to make examination of the spine under the supervision of experts, who will prescribe you the best and right course of treatment.

    Disease prevention

    In the modern pace and way of life need to support your health, including prevention. Many spend a long time in a sitting position. It can not pass without consequences for the health of the back. There are many options and ways to help in the diagnosis of spina bifida. You need to produce preventive measures for the health of the back to remove the seal.

    Трещина в позвоночнике связывается с многими факторамиYou can try the exercises on the system of yoga, such as twisting of the spine. These exercises help to release tension, develop flexibility of the back, to make a smooth posture. Massage can reduce compaction and to carry out the alignment.

    It is necessary to undergo courses of physiotherapy and massage. Regular exercise will help to maintain the health of the back. Balanced and adequate nutrition will ensure the strength of bones and joints. Food should contain enough vitamin D and calcium. Prolonged sitting position is sometimes necessary to change the pose more to get up and move. Try to allocate 5-10 minutes a day. Sit with straight back, choose a chair or seat appropriate for height and properly support the hull back, knead the seal.

    Take a contrast shower. Devote the time to the morning exercises or Jogging. Remember, in various diseases of the back, which revealed malformations of the spine, you should avoid lifting and carrying heavy objects as this may aggravate your back.

    Choose a mattress that supports the natural curves of the body type of orthopedic. It will help to correct the deformity and seal.