A cure for spinal hernia

Treatment of diseases of the spine is a long and complex process that requires a comprehensive approach, so you should not hope that will help some one drug from a list recommended from a herniated disc. The main reason for the occurrence of hernia is osteochondrosis – a systemic disease that affects the intervertebral discs and leads to the formation of the vertebral hernia. Clinic spinal herniations may manifest as pain, that gives in the area of the upper or lower extremities, and severe neurological disorders.

Only complex orthopaedic interventions, the latest drugs and adequate rehabilitation help to improve the overall health of the patient and to slow the progression of the disease. If the hernia is of considerable size and leads to a strong compression of the spinal cord or spinal nerves, surgical treatment is shown. Achieving full recovery is possible only after carrying out of complex treatment, which takes into account the clinical disease and the individual characteristics of the patient.Лекарство от грыжи позвоночника

Orthopedic and other non-pharmacological activities

Occurs hernia of the spine due to excessive load, which leads to protrusion of the inner part of the intervertebral disc – the nucleus pulposus. Therefore the first priority is to eliminate the factors that led to the development of the disease. To eliminate the load on the spine and improve its functional condition is used:

  • collar Trench;
  • corset chenault;
  • the inversion table;
  • the ozone therapy.

If the first two just need to be worn for the period of exacerbation, inversion table is used as a special medical machine. The essence of this simulator is to stretch the spine, because the patient has been on it in position with lowered head. The inversion table relieves stress on the spine, relaxes muscles, relieves pain and strengthens the ligaments. In addition, the inversion table is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.

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The inversion table is contraindicated in high blood pressure, pregnancy, glaucoma, diseases of the heart and blood vessels of the brain. Before the training on this device should consult with your doctor. Of the many stories of the disease indicate that patients achieve significant improvement in health using the inversion table.

Ozone therapy is carried out by introducing ozone as intravenously, and topically. Clinic spinal hernia is accompanied by the development of pronounced inflammation, metabolic disorders and pain. These violations affected by ozone therapy. It eliminates the pain due to the oxidation of proteins that are involved in the inflammation process. In the hearth of defeat, ozone therapy provides restoration of acid-alkaline balance, improves blood circulation and boosts immunity. Also ozone therapy helps to restore damaged tissues.

Ozone therapy is one of the highly effective treatment of spinal hernia.

Conservative therapy

Drug treatment is aimed at relief of symptoms and improvement of health of the patient during the period of the attack. Before curing the disease, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis and only then make the appropriate preparations. During exacerbation of the disease treatment drugs be done in the hospital, where the drug is administered in the form of injections and at-home patient takes pills.

For local treatment it is recommended to use ointments that have analgesic, anti-inflammatory or irritant effect. Each form of ointment used depending on the patient complaints. If is defined by pronounced swelling and pain in the back, it is best to use a combination ointment with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The ointment is applied to the places of greatest pain. In severe back muscle strain is applied irritating ointment.

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The most effective the following ointment:

  • dolobene;
  • dexpanthenol;
  • Fastum gel;
  • voltaren.

Лекарство от грыжи позвоночникаHerniation of the spine attack is always accompanied by pain. There are other manifestations of the disease. In accordance with the clinical picture, the doctor gives recommendations.



For the relief of pain symptoms. Is also appointed analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and glucocorticoid drugs (diprospan).
If there are signs of vascular insufficiency. Shows medications that protect the vascular wall and improve the rheological properties of blood.
If there are neurological disorders (cramps, tingling, decreased muscle strength in the extremities). Recommended vitamins and medications that improve nerve conduction.

As with all glucocorticoids, diprospan is a hormonal drug. It quickly reduces inflammation and eliminates pain. Diprospan with long-term use leads to low immunity which may lead to the emergence of various infections. Usually it is put together with chondroprotectors. This is due to the fact that diprospan if uncontrolled may lead to destruction of cartilage.

In connection with a large list of side effects diprospan is assigned only in cases of severe pain syndrome, so diprospan is not the means by which you can treat hernia by yourself.

When is surgery indicated

Surgical treatment in the presence of a herniated disc is carried out only in case when it leads to compression of spinal nerve roots. In addition, the hernia can cause curvature of the spine (scoliosis), which considerably aggravates the course of the disease. It is necessary to treat hernia quickly to restore power to the nerves.

How to understand the clinical picture, when it is necessary to treat the disease surgically? This usually critically ill patients, who complained of rapidly progressive weakness in the upper or lower limbs, to paralysis. We must also treat patients with signs of compression of the membranes of the spinal cord, which disrupts the free movement of the cerebrospinal fluid. It should be noted that repair of hernia by performing only the ineffectiveness of orthopedic interventions and conservative therapy.

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Surgical treatment involves the removal of hernial protrusion, followed by plastics of the intervertebral disc. In scoliosis the possible establishment of a special titanium design that will ensure the alignment of the spine. Do not expect full recovery of gross deformations of the spine.

If the spine is severely deformed, after hernia surgery, a course of medical treatment and rehabilitation you can expect almost full recovery.