A ganglion cyst finger — symptoms, causes, treatment

A ganglion cyst finger is not a sentence — effective treatments and a photo of pathology

A ganglion cyst or tendon ganglion is a benign neoplasm of nature, in the form of convexity, which is formed from the articular membranes. To manifest this pathology at any joint where there is connective tissue.

Often it occurs on the finger. Localization hygroma – joint capsule and tendon sheath.


The reasons that contribute to the development of hygroma to today’s time exactly is not revealed. The surgeon assure that the reasons are many:

  • heredity – this factor is 50% in the probability of hygroma on finger;
  • a single injury can cause the formation of 30%;
  • re-injury and the constant stress of the injured area are almost indisputable fact of disease.

The paradox of this education is necessary what to get much easier in his youth (20-30 years) than in old age. Moreover men affected by this pathology, three times less than women.

Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

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The main symptom of the disease is the appearance of tumor masses in the area of the joint on the finger. Sometimes the disease can appear suddenly and for a couple of days to reach a diameter of 1.5-2 cm.

In other cases, it grows slowly and does not cause any concern. In General, however, a ganglion cyst on the finger is quite painful (when pressed) and looks ugly, what causes discomfort to its possessor.

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If such education was seen in the thumb, you need to consult a doctor to rule out a malignant tumor, able to do only after an expert examination and diagnostic tests.

The doctor in the inspection process evaluates the size of hygroma thumb and characteristics that distinguish it from other

types of tumor growths. In some cases, you may need to puncture (analysis of the content of education method of puncture and sampling of its contents for research), as well as:

  • Ultrasound hygroma and its surrounding soft tissues;
  • x-ray examination.

Externally, the pathology is very similar to atheroma and lipoma, to distinguish it can only be a doctor.

Conservative treatment

The treatment is carried out with the help of medications and physical therapy procedures. At an early stage of development of hygroma appoint:

  • mud and paraffin baths;
  • electrophoresis;
  • the application of phonophoresis with Hydrocortisone;
  • ultraviolet irradiation.

Conservative treatment also includes the following procedures.

Puncture subcutaneous capsules puncture

His goal is to drain the fluid, which is contained in the ganglion cyst, and enter the cavity of medicines, for example «Diprospan» — is anti-inflammatory. If education got an infection, then antibiotics administered (Amizil, Neomycin).

After that, superimposed compressive bandage and orthosis, the patient’s finger is prescribed not to load and not subjected to mechanical stress. Thanks to these measures, reduces the production of synovial fluid.

Crushing capsules

This method for treating hygromas on finger the easiest to take hold firmly in your fingers and crush or do it with a plastic object. Liquid as a result will expire in the surrounding tissue.

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While fear of infection or inflammation is not necessary, as it is absolutely sterile.

In this case also, a compression bandage and a brace for 15 days – it promotes healing and adhesion of the wound.

If the pathology has reached large dimensions or it is not one on the finger, and there were several gyronny capsules, surgical treatment, in which the pathology of the excised.

Surgical treatment

Surgery is the most effective method of removing hygroma on finger. This operation is called «bursectomy» also no less effective and removing method using laser interference.

Indications for surgery:

  • severe pain in the finger during movement;
  • the limitation;
  • the rapid growth of the capsule;
  • cosmetic inconvenience.

The operation runs for about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. The surgeon removes the capsule is filled with fluid and separates the ganglion cyst from its base, then put some stitches in for 7-10 days.

Laser evaporation

The procedure takes place under local anesthesia. Usually used carbon dioxide laser, which has a flocculant and disinfectant properties.

High-energy beam, the surgeon cuts through the skin and removes the capsule, then the cavity of the handle and organize internal seams, then sew the outside. Ends the procedure for establishing a sterile bandage.

After removal of the fixed finger orthosis with the application of gypsum or braicovich, which provide freedom of movements and wearing comfort.

Traditional methods

National treatment — a good alternative for for treating hygromas finger. Consider some effective and popular recipes:

  1. Copper. A small copper disc (a coin) to be heated on the fire and immersed in saline solution. This copper pin to the thumb with a bandage for 3 days, then rinse the coin and the procedure again repeated.
  2. Medusa. Pieces studneobraznogo jellyfish fix to the affected area of the finger for 3 hours. The procedure can be repeated daily.
  3. Cabbage juice. Fresh cabbage grind in a meat grinder. Mass squeeze through cheesecloth. The resulting juice is taken orally daily glass a day throughout the month.
  4. Kombucha. Is used, as in the case of Medusa.
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Preventive measures

Actions of prevention are to limit the mechanical repetitive loads on the hands and fingers. When the genetic predisposition is to take care of the joints, avoiding injuries. Physical activity should be distributed evenly on each hand.

Especially should pay attention to timely treatment of chronic tendovaginitis and bursitis.

And we must remember that with self to do the impossible – it is better to trust qualified professionals.

Video: looks Like a ganglion cyst on the hand