A joint bruise: first aid and home treatment

To understand that the injured joint, simply. For example, to diagnose injury of the hip joint is capable of and the victim, but to determine the severity and prescribe the correct treatment can only a doctor. Such injuries are dangerous because it can cause more serious consequences: a torn ligament or even a fracture with hemorrhage into the joint cavity.

What is a bruise

Ушиб сустава: первая помощь и лечение в домашних условияхWhen injury is characterized swelling soft tissues, and in the first minutes after injury – a sharp pain, later turning into stupid. Often at the point of impact to the subcutaneous tissues become bluish hue. Possible temporary restrictions of movement of the joint or even its complete immobility.

In medical science the injury is defined as traumatic damage to the joint due to impact on a hard object.

In the human body, scientists account for about 360 joints. At their quantity any fall or blow affects one or several joints. And while most such situations end happily, it is only because not all joints are equally traumatic.

The highest probability of injury in these joints:

  • elbow;
  • knees;
  • hip;
  • wrist;
  • finger.

In most cases, when such injury, the victim cannot help himself. To help have friends and sometimes complete strangers. Therefore, it is important to know how to act in such cases.

First aid for these injuries

If the damaged joints of the leg (knee or ankle), then the victim should be laid horizontally, placing some object under the damaged area. If people have damage in the elbow or thumb, the injured arm should be immediately hung on the scarf.

Ушиб сустава: первая помощь и лечение в домашних условияхContinue treatment overlay fixing elastic bandage. The best option if you have an elastic bandage, but if not, it will fit an ordinary medical or even filmed with a head scarf. But in these cases it is necessary to monitor the status of the joint, as is inevitable after such injury swelling of the tissues can disrupt normal blood circulation in this area of the body. If the impact will be severe swelling, the dressing must be loosened.

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Further treatment involves applying a cold compress to the injured place. The material for the compress can be wrapped in cellophane, ice, frozen food, plastic bottle or rubber hot water bottle filled with cold water. To make this compress must on top of the bandage, not perederzhivat longer than an hour.

If the victim complains of unbearable pain, you can take her pain pill: Ketanov, dolaren, Pentalgin, etc. After first aid the victim should be immediately taken to the hospital.

Features of injuries of the joints of the thumb

A bruised finger is one of the most common injuries. Each hand has 9 finger joints is not protected by soft tissues, why the strong bruising is bleeding into the joint capsule, thus limiting the mobility of the bruised finger.

Not to self-medicate, and immediately contact the trauma surgeon is needed in those cases when there is a deformity of the finger, felt strong the unrelenting pain, or when you try to move you hear a crunch. Such symptoms are more characteristic not for injury, and fracture or dislocation of the joint.

If none of these symptoms is not observed, but the movement hurt of a finger is limited, can not be forcibly attempt to bend and straighten the injured finger. In this case, you need to provide first aid and get the victim to a doctor – there to guarantee better educate the injured finger x-rayed.

To assist with injury of thumb is one feature that no injury other joints are often injured finger wearing the ring. It is required immediately removed, as later to pull him with a swollen finger would be impossible.

Damage to the wrist, elbow and knee joints

Ушиб сустава: первая помощь и лечение в домашних условияхTrauma of the wrist joint most often get when falling on the exposed hand, at least – with a blow in the region of the wrist joint. First aid is the same pattern as when injuries to other joints. But there is one feature of the wrist joint: it is crossed by the nerve endings of the median nerve. Therefore, when a strong injury the victim will feel a sharp pain in the wrist joint, extending to fingers. Happens due to concomitant injury of the wrist joint edema of the soft tissue that presses on the nerve endings. To avoid violations of motor skills in the future, the hospital opened containing the nerve canal to relieve pressure on swollen tissue.

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The elbow joint has an extensive network of nerve endings, protected from external influences only the layer of the skin. So it is enough even a mild injury and the affected person for a long time doomed to endure severe pain. Even such a seemingly minor trauma with serious complications: damage to the cartilage, formation of bone spurs and scar tissue.

Knee, like the elbow, is the most vulnerable joint. It is one of the larger joints, also very complex in their structure. Not even a very strong bruise of such a complex mechanism is able to permanently deprive the ability of a victim to stand on the injured leg.

Injuries of other joints – hip, hip, the shoulder is also quite common, but they are less traumatic, since these joints are protected by a layer of soft tissue.

Treatment of bruised limbs at home

Ушиб сустава: первая помощь и лечение в домашних условияхUsually mild injuries of the joints caused by the discomfort goes away after 1-2 days even without special treatment. But if pain and swelling don’t disappear, and motility movements in the injured area is not restored, within a day after injury, the need to start more intensive treatment.

For the bruised limbs in the next few days to ensure gentle treatment, as excluding the load. The injured arm is to be worn on triangular garter. With a foot injury when you need to move you need to use a cane and always comfortable, best special orthopedic shoes.

If the injured place the doctor was not imposed plaster Longuet, that throughout the day you need to wear a retainer brace, or at least wrap it in an ACE bandage. Fixation will help to improve the condition of the victim. But at night, all tight bandages need to remove.

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A day after the injury is cold apply heat compresses: or using heating pads, or warm baths with the addition of them kitchen salt or sea salt. Good results are obtained by treatment of injuries using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments, gels and sprays: nimesil, diklaja, cetanol etc. put them on the injured area 3-4 times a day, but only if the place of injury has no external damage to the skin.

Despite the seeming harmlessness, to injuries of the joints should be taken seriously and be sure to visit the traumatologist. Not only damage the elbow or the knee, in most instances, but when the injured thumb or wrist band that is not always. Only under this condition it is possible to be sure that unpleasant surprises with motility of injured limbs in the future will not arise.