A pinched cervical vertebrae: symptoms and treatment

Защемление шейных позвонков: симптомы и лечениеDue to the fact that the cervical vertebrae are distinguished by their anatomical features, even the slight destructive process of the intervertebral discs can cause pinched vertebrae (nerve in the cervical spine).

It should be noted that the infringement of the vertebrae has a number of unpleasant symptoms. The patient should understand that a pinched cervical vertebrae is accompanied by serious disturbances in the blood supply to the brain tissue, respectively, at the occurrence of this disease needs immediate treatment.

Causes of pinched

In most cases, the cause of pinched nerve in the cervical spine is the development of osteoarthritis, which is often accompanied by disc protrusion and slight shift in the neck. In the formation of disc herniation purposee — gradually begins to protrude, because of the damage to the fibrous ring. The main signs of this stage of disease of the cervical vertebrae is a pain that is causing a pinched nerve.

Describes the symptoms of pinched cervical vertebra are a major reason to immediately contact a doctor. Ignoring the disease leads to thickening and growth of bone callus, which is a consequence of pathological processes occurring in the vertebrae. This is what often causes a pinched cervical nerve that can lead to more serious consequences.

Advanced stage of the pinching of the cervical spine requires a long and very serious treatment. The fact that disease of the spine can develop years, as long as no action is taken.

But even serious treatment of advanced stage of disease of the cervical vertebrae will not bring the desired results. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor.

Pinched cervical nerve: symptoms

Compared to the thoracic and lumbar spine, cervical spine characterized by the presence of cerebral vessels. Pinched nerve in the spine can cause a partial loss of functional ability. Disturbed innervation very often leads to spasm of the cervical artery.

Symptoms of pinched cervical spine can be quite unexpected. Among the most common symptoms may be noted frequent dizziness, headaches which are migraine in nature. A pinched cervical spine may be accompanied by increased fatigue, irritability, feeling of muscle weakness, reduction of vision and memory. In addition, one of the main symptoms of neck injury is pain in the affected area, often in the thoracic spine, shoulder and scapula. Pain when pinched can have shooting, aching, tearing and burning in nature. Among other things, a pinched nerve in this Department is often accompanied by pain in the occipital area, reduced sensitivity of the fingers, reduced muscle tone in the arms, sensation of tingling in different areas of the back.

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Защемление шейных позвонков: симптомы и лечение

Because of the displacement pozanenko compressed by the spinal cord

A pinched nerve, which treatment must be immediate, can be safely eliminated, but only if access to a doctor timely. The cervical spine requires a special approach, so self in this case is not appropriate.

In the period of exacerbation of the disease to relieve pain in the cervical and thoracic spine can help rest and limited mobility. Sudden movements can cause severe pain and other symptoms of pinched cervical vertebra. The most advanced cases are accompanied by violation of the innervation of organs of the oral cavity, and, consequently, impaired speech, swollen mucous membranes and difficulty swallowing.

With the pinching of the spine can experience pain in the thoracic spine. Special attention should be taken to pain in the left side of the chest. Many people mistakenly associate this symptom with heart disease. To determine the real cause of pain, you must pass an inspection from a qualified specialist. In most of these cases the patient is prescribed to have more tests in order to eliminate ischemia of the myocardium.

To diagnose a pinched cervical vertebra, conducted x-rays or computed tomography. It is very important that pathological changes were diagnosed in time.

A pinched cervical artery requires a serious approach, so to determine what to do and what treatments will fit in this case should only be a specialist.

Chiropractic, massage and other methods

Защемление шейных позвонков: симптомы и лечениеAs already mentioned, a pinched cervical vertebrae require a long and careful treatment. But before you can assign complex treatment, experts determine the reason why the affected nerve. In the case of a pinched cervical nerve is in a light stage, measures intended to eliminate pain.

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Manual therapy for the pinched nerve in the cervical vertebra allows to achieve very good results. Among the most effective methods it is possible to note the extension of the spine, therapeutic massages, the use of acupuncture and pharmacopuncture.

A pinched cervical vertebrae can manifest different symptoms, as a rule, it depends on the degree of difficulty and the extent of the disease. Nerve vertebra requires an individual approach, so the complex treatment, which assigns a specialist, may differ in their methods. To cope with the pain, the patient can be assigned to the method by which the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc is able to purchase elasticity. Infringement of the cervical vertebrae is highly susceptible to the methods of medical physical education and massage therapy. It should be noted that any work should be done strictly under the supervision of a specialist otherwise there is a risk to aggravate the symptoms.


Pinched cervical nerve makes itself felt severe pain, so after identifying the root cause of the pathology, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Thus, one can stop the inflammation caused by a pinching of the cervical vertebrae, respectively, to eliminate the pronounced pain syndrome.

Защемление шейных позвонков: симптомы и лечение

A pinched nerve causes pain in the hand

It should be noted that there are drugs for which does not require a prescription. For example, if the infringement of the cervical arteries makes itself felt intolerable pain, the first step to achieve relief by using ibuprofen, but the first opportunity should go to the doctor. If the pain in the pinched nerve does not stop even after taking pain medications, to take any action without the advice of a doctor in any case impossible.

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Pinched cervical nerve is often accompanied by spasms, respectively, the patient can be given medication with the help of which they can be addressed. Often this purpose is assigned to the receiving muscle relaxants, the content metocarbamol. We should not forget that these drugs can cause drowsiness, so taking them must be strictly at a certain time.

Infringement of the cervical spine, which occurs in a fairly pronounced form, is very often cured, including using injections of corticosteroids, but such measures are used only in the most extreme cases. Very good effects can provide ultrasound treatment.

Sound waves great impact on the process of tissue repair damaged vertebrae. In addition, this method provides the ability to prevent inflammation.

Treatments pinching at home

As already mentioned, the cervical spine is characterized by its anatomy, so it should treat the expert. But some simple and harmless action in case of severe pain you can apply at home.

For example, if the infringement of the cervical artery is accompanied by pronounced symptoms, you can use a conventional hot water bottle. This will help to relax muscles and relieve pain. If the cramping is accompanied by swelling, it may help to apply cold compress.