A pinched nerve in lower back — symptoms and treatment

Treatment for pinched nerve in lower back – what you need to know?

As is known, the exact determination of the causes and symptoms of the disease does not exist because medical professionals haven’t reached a consensus.

In modern medical practice, the condition of pinched nerve in the lower back due to compression of the extending from the spinal cord, the nervous branches, which is caused by the narrowing of the inter disc space as a result of protrusion of hernias or pereizbytochen tone of spastic muscles.

Characterized by a sharp «tearing» pain (lumbago) lumbar lumbago occurs in men older than 30 years engaged in everyday physical exercise, which provoke the overheating followed by a sharp overcooling.

Most often, this condition can be confused with sciatica.

Symptoms of pinched nerve in lower back

A pinched nerve is manifested by pain, and in some cases, numbness of the muscles and disruption to surrounding internal organs.

Depending on the localization of pain due to pinching of motor, sensory or autonomic nerve, there are States:

  • ishialgii – pain in the sacrum, passing on the area of the gluteus Medius and the posterior surface of the leg;
  • lumbalgii – pain in the loins and back;
  • lumboischalgia – lumbar pain with the transition to the rear surface of the leg;
  • cervicalgia, cervicobrachialgia – pain in the arm and in the neck.

Special attention deserves the sciatica in which the pain is accompanied by burning sensation, tingling in the lumbar area, passing to the rear surface of the lower limb.

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This condition is characterized by a substantial weakening of the muscles, due to lower mobility of the legs. Commonly, pain localized in the leg and may increase with the laughter and coughing (sneezing).

Causes the characteristic pain associated with pinched

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The most common form of manifestations of pain in the lumbar spine is a pinched sciatic nerve.

Likely to be overweight and obese need to understand that a pinched sciatic nerve is the result of existing excess weight.

Accordingly, in the complex of therapeutic procedures include measures to eliminate excess weight is the adjustment of power, are phytotherapeutic treatments and acupuncture.

Often the cause of pain in the lumbar spine is excessive physical strain on this Department — bending, lifting, etc.

Diagnosis and treatment of pain in the pinched nerve in the lower back

Of course, the diagnosis of «pinched nerve» in the lower back is no doubt due to the presence of characteristic symptoms.

Meanwhile, this is not sufficient for therapeutic measures.

Adequate medical treatment is possible when revealing the reasons of infringement of the nerve root (e.g., osteohondroznye changes, tumors, injuries and scars).

The first stage of diagnosis is radiographic examination of the spine.

Additionally, the cause of the pinched nerves can be installed using MRI diagnostics or computer tomography, and radiographic studies using contrast agents (myelography).

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As the medication the doctor prescribes:

  • – injection of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (voltaren or ibuprofen) and painkillers procaine blockade at the exit of the nerves (the most painful points);
  • local action – external products (ointments, creams and gels).

In the acute period of the disease the patient shows a hard bed in the posture of «lying on back». In addition, it is recommended diet, with the exception from the diet of spicy, salty foods, smoked and cooked in a strong broth dishes, which may cause worsening of the disease.

After the onset of the secondary period of remission, the patient can be treated with massage and medical gymnastics, reflexology and physiotherapy (electrophoresis with pain medications, UHF) help remove the residual effects of the pain syndrome. Highly desirable measure is the direction of the patient on sanatorium treatment.

Special attention deserves the fact that lower back pain due to pinched nerves is much less common in individuals leading sport lifestyle.

Independent sports and maintaining an active lifestyle helps relieve the daily workload of some muscle bundles in the lumbar spine.

The complete absence of treatment of pinched nerve branches in the lumbar spine leads to neuropathic changes, characterized by severe damage to spinal nerves. The final «stop» of neuropathy in the lower back – temporary paralysis of the lower extremities.

Over time, damaged nerves regenerate, so the limb returns to mobility, but it can take years.

Video. Exercise with a pinched nerve in the lower back

A set of exercises to relieve acute pain.