A pinched nerve in the cervical spine: causes, treatment

A pinched nerve in the cervical spine — a problem familiar to many firsthand. In this disease the pain is much stronger than in similar injuries in other sections of the spinal cord. In addition to the unpleasant sensation of pain, a pinched nerve is fraught by the lack of blood flow to the brain.

Защемление нерва в шейном отделе: причины, лечение

Neck pain occurs because of pressure on nerve roots

Causes and symptoms of pinched nerve

Jamming occurs as a result of clamping the nervous branches of the cervical artery of the spine. The nerve can peredelyvalis intervertebral disc, muscle or vertebral bodies. Most often, a pinched causing low back pain or complications — hernia, and protrusion. Spasms of the back muscles is one of the reasons contributing to the development of osteoarthritis. It can also lead to a pinched nerve in the cervical spine.

There are many other factors that could cause such damage: trauma, the consequences of an accident or fall, long-lasting traumatic stress, subluxation of the vertebra, tumor, weak supporting muscles, displacement of the vertebrae. The pinched nerve of the cervical vertebra can also lead to overweight, bad posture, large emotional stress, hypothermia, sedentary lifestyle, endocrine disorders character. In addition, a role played by hereditary factors.

Symptoms, which can be recognized with a pinched nerve of the cervical vertebrae, are quite numerous.

  • Sharp pain in nape and shoulders. And the feeling of pain is amplified if the person rotates his neck or, on the contrary, is a long time in a state of rest, e.g., sleeping.
  • Dizziness that becomes especially strong when a sharp change in body position.
  • Burning sensation in the shoulders and fingers.
  • Chest pain on the left side.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Headaches.
  • Fatigue.
  • The deterioration of memory.
  • Reduced sensitivity to one or even both hands.
  • In most cases, when a pinched cervical nerve, the symptoms become less pronounced at rest and appear brighter than at any sudden movement, especially if the person is doing something with your hands or twisting the neck. Pain can occur on one or both sides of the body. In serious cases, the pinched nerve may swell language, the process of swallowing becomes difficult and the mucous membranes swell.

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    Защемление нерва в шейном отделе: причины, лечениеParticular care should be taken when there is pain in the chest on the left, very similar to the pain of angina. This symptom is often confused with a heart attack. To identify the cause yourself, taking validol: if the pain is not passed, then it is caused by a pinched cervical nerve.

    What to do when it detects the first evidence of the pinched nerve of the spine? Of course, immediately go to the hospital. If you do not proceed on time to treatment, you may experience very serious complications.


    The doctor makes the diagnosis based on medical history and results of x-ray and computed tomography of the vertebrae. If diagnostics has revealed a pinched nerve, it is first necessary to identify what led to the problem. If the damage is a consequence of the presence of any disease should start with their treatment.

    The cervical spine of the patient is fixed rigid orthopedic collar to reduce physical exertion. The doctor prescribes medication to relieve pain symptoms. To eliminate the pain can be used and various medical facilities outdoor applications.

    Защемление нерва в шейном отделе: причины, лечениеIn addition, the patient prescribe medicines to improve blood circulation and expanding blood vessels. It is possible to use physiotherapy, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, pharmacopuncture. If pinched nerve the doctor may prescribe injections of corticosteroids, but this therapy is only used if other treatments do not help.

    When the pinched nerve in the neck can also apply some non-drug treatments. For example, the hot heater is often able to ease the pain if you apply it several times a day for cervical spine for 15 minutes. But it is worth remembering that warm the neck in the first few hours after the pinching is not necessary, it only will further increase the swelling and compress the nerve. The same applies to warming ointments — they are quite effective, but to apply them in the first days after the damage occurs is contraindicated.

    Reduce swelling with the pinching can help with cold compresses. Enough to take an ice pack or any frozen product and briefly applying it to the site of edema. As soon as the pain symptoms disappear, the patient should pass a course of manual therapy or massage, and ultrasound therapy. After recovery is necessary to perform complex exercises for strengthening the neck muscles, which will develop a physical therapist. It would be nice to go to a sanatorium, to buy there the sulphide bath. Also shown are the mud and leech therapy.

    Защемление нерва в шейном отделе: причины, лечениеIf treatment fails and the patient still suffers severe pain, without surgical intervention, alas, can not do. The decision to conduct surgery for pinched nerve of the cervical vertebra affected by the following circumstances:

    • the overall health of a person;
    • the history of the development of the disease, presence of concomitant diseases;
    • the age of the patient;
    • the reason for having a pinched cervical nerve.

    Recovery after surgery usually takes 6-8 weeks.

    Preventive measures

    As you know, the best treatment is prevention. Easier to take timely measures to prevent pinched nerve in the spine than to spend huge money on treatment and pain.

    Prevention methods are the following:

    • when the working activity of the patient includes a permanent presence in a sitting position, you need to periodically take breaks and perform stretching exercises of the neck;
    • sleep should be buy a special orthopedic pillow and mattress;
    • it is important to keep your back straight and do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck;
    • it is not necessary to lift too heavy objects and constantly overloading the body;
    • swimming or yoga will not only protect the cervical spine from pinching, but will prevent many other diseases.

    There are many exercises that will help strengthen the muscles of the neck and to avoid pinching the nerves in the vertebra. For example, perfect the next set.

  • First you need to straighten up, tilt your head so your chin touches your chest and then slowly begin to reject the head back until it stops. It is necessary to do this exercise 5 times, rest a minute and repeat.
  • The maximum head is pressed to the left shoulder and lingers for a few seconds, then returns to its original position. The same slope runs the other way, and so a few times.
  • Slowly raise shoulders and hold them that way for a few seconds and then lower them. Perform 5-10 times.
  • Using your hand as resistance, you need to tilt the head back and forth.
  • You must have your hands behind your head, hold them together and lock by pushing on the back of the head, press your chin to your chest.
  • You should slowly turn your head to the left, then jerks neat to try to expand it even more and freeze in this position for a few seconds. Then the neck returns to its initial position and the same is done with a right turn. Exercise should be performed 5-7 times.
  • Exercises should be done each day. The only way to achieve good results and consolidate the therapeutic effect.