A pinched nerve in the hip joint

From the spinal cord moves throughout the body with many nerves. These nerves perform a conductive function, so the passage of nerve signals don’t interfere. But when the nerve in its path meets the obstacle of hernia, tumors or spazmirovannah muscles, it becomes a reason for what is happening a pinched nerve in the hip joint. A pinched nerve can occur in any part of the body, including the hip, knee, and joints of the upper extremities.Защемление нерва в тазобедренном суставе

Problems of the major joints

A pinched nerve is accompanied by severe pain that may spread towards the feet. The reasons for the occurrence of pinching may be several. The main reason is the presence of such diseases as osteochondrosis. It is a pathological condition of intervertebral discs in which the fabric becomes thinner and gradually destroyed, resulting in between the vertebrae starts to form bone, which can pinch the nerve. In addition, the space between the vertebrae is significantly reduced, which could also cause jamming.

A pinched nerve in the hip joint has symptoms such as acute and constant pain. It may be accompanied by numbness and redness of adjacent sites. Movement becomes extremely difficult for a person.

Cartilage disease are the main cause pinching in the knee joint. For example, in case of arthrosis of the knee joint cartilage tissue does not receive proper nutrition, dry, and the joint surfaces no longer slide relative to each other. This leads to a gradual blurring of the knee cartilage. In place of the destroyed cartilage formed bony outgrowths – osteophytes, which can cause pinching.

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A knee injury can provoke the phenomenon of jamming of the meniscus. The meniscus is a special gasket, which is located on the cartilage of the knee joint, and performs the cushioning function. The meniscus is fixed by ligaments and adhesions, but due to injury it could lose its stable position. This shift interferes with the normal movement of the knee joint. A pinched meniscus is symptoms such as severe pain when bending, clicks in the knee joint. Externally symptoms such as swelling, redness (signs of congestion of blood in the joint cavity). Palpation of the knee joint the patient is experiencing pain.

Sharp and burning pain in shoulder, muscle weakness and cramps can indicate a pinched nerve in the shoulder joint. A pinched nerve in the shoulder joint can occur due to injury, and tumor development. Also may be due to incorrect posture, incorrect body position (sitting, during sleep) and a genetic predisposition.

In the ulnar nerve has a sensory and motor nerve. So it pinched can cause not only numbness, but also to the complete loss of motor abilities of the limbs and muscular atrophy. The reasons for this problem are the same as the other pinched nerves. These include trauma and tumor formation.

When pinched at the elbow the man hard to bend the brush and the ring finger and little finger.

Защемление нерва в тазобедренном суставе

Treatments pinching

If the pain is minor, you can help yourself by using these recommendations.



Allow yourself to rest. As little as possible move the affected limb. If necessary, use a bandage or splint. If a particular posture or movement provokes a painful sensation, then avoid them.
Cold. On the affected area you can apply an ice pack. Package you must first wrap a thin towel. Apply cold need no more than 15-20 minutes, because the slow blood flow only prevents healing.
Heat. After the application of cold to the affected area is applied a bottle of hot water. It stimulates circulation and will help to recover faster.
Bath. The hot tub has a warming and relaxing effect on the muscles.
Sleep. Good sleep has a positive effect on the entire body. In the regenerative processes are most active. In addition, during sleep the maximum immobility of the affected area.

Защемление нерва в тазобедренном суставеIf symptoms of a pinched does not go away within a few days, consult a doctor. Receive pain medication gives only temporary effect, but not eliminate the problem of the disease. Lack of treatment can lead to complete muscle atrophy, and deepening of the disease or injury that caused a pinched.

Patient is prescribed drugs of different actions. First and foremost is pain relievers. Also shown anti-inflammatory therapy.

  • Required nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs («Indomethacin», «Diclofenac»). These medications not only help relieve inflammation but also reduce pain and swelling in the damaged area. NSAIDs can be used in the form of tablets, ointments, gels, and injections.
  • In severe cases, when pain is acute use medical blockade. Spasm of the muscles that put pressure on nerve endings, relax with a muscle relaxants.
  • Complexes of vitamins and minerals necessary for the nutrition of the damaged portion (e.g., b vitamins).
  • It is mandatory to receive chondroprotectors. Chondroprotectors are drugs that promote regeneration of cartilage.
  • In the prevention of pinching necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Daily physical activity prevents muscle weakness and stagnation. Should follow a proper diet. In your diet should be foods which contain calcium (cheese, sour cream, cheese) and potassium.