A pinched nerve in the spine: symptoms and treatment

Защемление нерва в позвоночнике: симптомы и лечение

The health of the spine plays an important role in ensuring normal life of a person. Most people who suffer from problems with the vertebrae, can not lead a full life. The phenomenon of a pinched nerve in the spine often causes severe pain which a person can be literally helpless.

This disease leads to functional disorders of the body, which may even hinder their professional activities. The fact that the spine protects the human brain from concussions, giving support to the whole body and protects nerves, and intervertebral disks provide the correct position and cushioning of the vertebrae.

If the intervertebral discs are displaced, then there is a pinched nerve in the spine. This may be a different pain and limitation of motion, intervertebral hernia. Each region of the spine is closely linked to specific organs and systems of the body, so a pinched nerves can lead to serious health problems.

How does the spine

The human spine consists of 32-34 vertebrae, arranged in a row and interconnected by intervertebral discs, joints and ligaments. The entire spine is divided into 5 departments, 3 of them while the pinched nerve can lead to the development of various diseases of major organs and systems of the human body.

We are talking about the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, of which cervical spine is the most mobile and consists of 7 vertebrae. The sedentary is considered the thoracic spine consisting of 12 vertebrae.

Защемление нерва в позвоночнике: симптомы и лечение

The structure of the human spine

And on the lumbar region accounts for the largest load, it consists of 5 vertebrae. Next are the sacrum (5 vertebrae) and coccygeal (vertebrae 3-5) sections of the spinal cord. In each vertebra there are nerve roots, from which nerve fibers radiate around the body, through all the organs and systems.

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The reasons for which is pinching nerves in the spine, may be different, but in any case they lead to displacement of intervertebral disc or spasm of the muscles located around the vertebrae. The main factors causing a pinched nerve in the vertebrae, include:

  • great physical exertion;
  • various injuries of the spine;
  • tumor;
  • osteochondrosis, scoliosis;
  • hernia, protrusion.

Often women have a pinched nerve in the spine occurs after childbirth, since during labor the bones of the pelvis move apart and can converge incorrectly. The recovery process lasts long enough.

Symptoms of pinched nerve in back

In order to detect jamming, there are a number of symptoms that indicate this problem. The main symptoms that characterize a pinched nerve in the back:

  • numbness and decreased sensation;
  • strong burning, stabbing pain, aggravated by movement, localized in one area or disappearing in different places.
  • feeling muscle weakness in the extremities.

Защемление нерва в позвоночнике: симптомы и лечение

If you specifically consider the areas of the crushing, we can distinguish the following symptoms:

  • lumbago pain in the lower back (lumbalgia);
  • pain in the sacral division, turning into the gluteal muscles and the back of the legs (sciatica);
  • pain moving from lower back to the back of the legs (sciatica);
  • pain in arms and neck (cervicalgia, cervicobrachialgia).

All of these symptoms can worsen at night, and may not appear at all. In the absence of symptoms to recognize the disease is not easy, but necessary. To diagnose and begin treatment is very important because a pinched nerve can cause more serious diseases of the internal organs and body systems.

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In General, the problem of pinched nerves in the back connected with neurology. Therefore, as soon as there was any signs of pinching, you need not to panic but to calm down, to relax, to relieve the symptoms of severe pain and visit the doctor. This disease heals neurologist, who, after questioning and examination to identify the causes of pinched and prescribe the right treatment.

Do not neglect the help of the doctor and self-medicate. To accurately determine the spine only by a qualified specialist.

Treatment and prevention of entrapment

When the pinched nerve in the spine treatment is directed at the elimination of the compression of nerve fibers and strengthen the muscle corset that supports the spine. As a rule, appointed reflexology, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, shock wave therapy. These procedures will relax the muscles, remove nerve compression and the uncomfortable symptoms.

To relieve pain, are appointed of drugs and ointments. To strengthen muscle tissue and bones recommended diet and vitamins. Until complete recovery is prohibited in any way, apply heat to the back, especially in a humid environment. Will be recommended to keep the spine in one position, even if the symptoms don’t bother. Any physical activity is excluded.

After the removal of nerve compression, it is desirable to do special exercises to improve blood circulation in the tissues and strengthen the muscle corset back. The best method of diagnosis is CT study that will reveal the hidden causes of the displacement of the vertebrae or spasm of the muscles, will help develop a more effective treatment of the spine and prevent a pinched nerve.