A sore joint of the thumb: treatment of arthritis

Hands play an important role in human life. The condition of each finger depends on the functioning of the limbs. Many do not pay attention to discomfort in the hands, and then faced with the fact that they have sore joints of the fingers. The cause of this problem are not only destructive changes in the joint tissue and inflammation of the joints (arthritis), and other ailments.Болит сустав большого пальца руки: лечение артрита

The extent of damage

As shown by medical statistics, women of the disease on the fingers appear much more often than men. Arthritis gradually changes the shape of hands, making them inactive. In the fingers occur destructive changes that can deliver a lot of trouble not only physiological but psychological in nature.Pain is one of the first signs of the disease that can lead to disability due to loss of elasticity of joint tissue. Need to know: arthritis is a chronic disease and it is incurable. But this does not mean that a diagnosis should be seen as a sentence and not to fight for the status of each finger on the hand. If the time to start treatment, then stop the inflammatory process and significantly reduce pain symptoms afflicting this area may.

You first need to identify the localization of the symptom. The reasons, which are pain, can be varied:

  • injury;
  • hypothermia;
  • infection;
  • the salt deposits.

Болит сустав большого пальца руки: лечение артритаSymptoms may indicate that in the functioning of articular tissue on finger there are violations. The presence of pain in the injured joint is particularly strongly asserts itself in anticipation of bad weather. The presence of such pain can point to a rapidly progressing rheumatoid process, if the person, for example, perekladi hands.

Pain can be a symptom of gout or Raynaud’s syndrome, which covers the area of a finger. Psychiatric, infectious and septic arthritis are felt by the presence of pain in the hand. Then, what kind of diseases was the cause of this phenomenon, by visual inspection of the finger can not be established. When aching joints, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive study to identify the cause of the disease. The mechanism of occurrence of pain in the arm at each of these diseases your. Deposits of uric acid salts gout is cause swelling and redness of the tissues on the fingers. Changes in the structure of joint tissue finger, why, and aching joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis changes the structure of the joint tissues and the appearance of a finger on the arm or leg. On the hand formed nodules. After a time, they thicken and cause pain in the joint. The last symptom can occur occasionally or constantly on the finger. From the severity of joint tissue and duration of the disease depend on the intensity of the pain and frequency of occurrence of the syndrome. Numbness in the carpal tunnel indicates Raynaud’s syndrome. There are cases when during symptoms of the hand loses some of its functioning.

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Another important factor is the appearance of swelling during symptoms of pain. It will quickly identify the cause of pain in the joint. When there is asymmetric defeat of the fingers, chances are: it makes itself known psoriatic arthritis. It does not appear only on one finger. When it throughout the skin there is a plaque in the form of plaques. Both symptoms cover all the joints on the fingers. Otherwise, it declares itself resorters. It covers the area of the thumb, if the joint tissue for a long time had considerable loads.

Pain in the big toe joint is not the only symptom of this disease. Will be significant strain — curvature of the thumb on the hand.

Signs of arthritis

Arthritis and osteomyelitis, developing in the area of the thumb, are often confused with each other. There’s a good reason: in its symptomatic picture arthritis and suppurative inflammation in the bone marrow are similar. The pain symptoms observed in both cases. They are accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature. A decrease in the functioning of the finger and the affected limbs. Hand the site of the lesion is red, and the area of the broken joint tissue will be swollen.

Septic or infectious arthritis are very similar and are accompanied by:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • pain in the head;
  • dizziness.

Болит сустав большого пальца руки: лечение артрита

Looks like the hand of a patient with arthritis

They are accompanied by a significant deterioration of health of the person. Pain accompanied by symptom of intoxication. He often raises suspicion of the presence in a patient of food poisoning. An accurate diagnosis can only physician after a comprehensive study of the health status of the patient. The suspected arthritis is easy enough to detect when the first complaints of the patient on the rapidly deteriorating state of the finger.

Change the skin for the thumb in this disease occurs very quickly, the skin takes on a red hue. Sore big toe joint arthritis, there is a crunch. He is one of the most noticeable signs of this disease, which may develop in parallel with other ailments. Arthritis in the joints with the thumbs gradually change their shape and motility. In rheumatoid nature of the disease is symmetric involvement of the fingers.

In rheumatoid arthritis, the degree of destruction of joint tissue always grows. First, the affected joint is the big toe, then destructive changes will completely cover the upper extremities. Rheumatoid process on the thumbs often develops into rheumatoid arthritis of the knee and ankle joints. Arthritis of the foot disease not snap off one finger, and the entire lower part of the legs. In the body there is deterioration of the functioning of internal organs.

Their condition reflected the inflammatory process in the joint of the thumb, because of toxic substances produced during inflammation, the fall in circulating through the blood.

How to help the body in fighting disease?

Болит сустав большого пальца руки: лечение артритаSelf-treatment of any articular disease is unacceptable. If the symptoms of arthritis or any other disease should immediately consult a doctor. When pain in the joints of thumbs, it is impossible to ignore this phenomenon in the hope that the symptoms will pass. Pain in joints can provoke stress. It is able to signal the presence in the body of infectious disease, sprain and rupture of ligaments. If you have a joint on your thumb, it could be a serious injury to the brushes. It can cause a lot of complications, if time does not begin treatment.

Detection and treatment of minor wounds is difficult. They often occur in people whose primary work does not involve heavy physical labor. Often sore joints are due to trauma from artists, actors, musicians and other representatives of creative professions. In such cases, joint pain is the first symptom of arthritis occurred.

When severe aching joints, the first step in the fight against disease becomes a pain medicine. Treatment is carried out not only with non-steroidal, but also hormonal agents. The second one is needed to stabilize the hormonal balance of the body, because it can cause pain in the joint or strengthen it. Calculation of dose is based on the age and condition of the patient, treatment must take into account the portability of patient preparation. If it hurts the joint, alleviate the condition can intra-articular injection. It is prescribed in cases where a patient is needed urgently. When joint pain is caused by infection, be sure to require a course of antibiotic drugs.

They are chosen based on the pathogens of infectious diseases. It is obligatory to consider the side effects of medications that affect not only the region of the fingers, but also on the whole body. Need to know a course of antibiotics in any cases, do not stop. Interrupted course of treatment will not improve the patient’s condition: lose your thumb go into a chronic form.

Not less difficult stage is the period of remission. If joints are already sore, this is also not a valid reason to stop therapy. Even if there is no exacerbation, the treatment continues.

At this time you need to follow a diet and continue to monitor the state of the fingers. Periodically it is necessary to have blood and urine tests.

Ultrasound and other treatments

Treatment of chronic disease is a long time to be drug and non-drug methods. To cope with the pain will help the electrophoresis, it will remove the swelling on his thumb. From physical exertion, when acute pain in the joint, it is necessary to refuse, but after will be required to perform gymnastics to restore its functioning. If the joint hurts for a long time, to get rid of the symptom will help the ultrasound. The treatment is gentle and virtually no contraindications. Ultrasound therapy will improve the functioning of the fingers by increasing the quality of blood circulation in the affected area. Ultrasound treatment helps to restore joint tissue.

Without physical therapy recovery fingers impossible, health experts recommend often to perform the exercises in the water. It reduces the load on the fabric, and the restoration of the fingers is faster.

Болит сустав большого пальца руки: лечение артритаTo cope with the painful symptoms that will help and mud baths. They stabilize the state of fingers and removed them to the consequences of hypothermia or infectious diseases. Massage of the fingers is also a very good option for the prevention of joint diseases, especially because it can be done independently, massaging each finger for 5-10 minutes.

Treatment of the fingers to positively impact and baths with the use of herbal. However before applying them it is necessary to consult an allergist. If the finger is showing signs of an allergic reaction, the procedure is stopped.