A sprained ankle: the symptoms of trauma and methods of treatment

The ankle element of the ankle joint, is a powerful skeletal system. The articulation has a hinge, consists of bony tissue and structured muscle system, ligaments and tendons. In the daily life of the ankle joint is experiencing constant stress during walking.

Вывих лодыжки: симптомы травмы и методы лечения

When injury joint sprain occurs ligaments

Most often, the dislocated leg is bothering people in the older age group. Misstep when driving can lead to injury. So a sprained ankle is quite common, especially in winter. Undoubtedly, this type of injury is most common in people involved in active sports such as footballers, runners.

The extent of the injury and their symptoms

The main symptom in dislocation of the ankle joint is increasing pain, especially when attempting movements with leg. May increase the temperature of the body. Pain can vary depending on the extent of injury.

  • The mild form has a 1 degree sprained ankle. In this case, the person may continue to move, experiencing little discomfort. There is a slight swelling of the muscle tissue.
  • A sprained ankle 2 degree limit free movement. Swelling on the outer side of the foot are clearly visible, is expressed in redness and bruising. Stepping on the damaged leg is very painful, has to make efforts to walk or to use the help of others.
  • The most difficult is 3 the degree of the injury. Ligaments were torn, bleeding and swelling spread to the whole of the outer surface of the foot. The structure of the cartilage of the joints offset from each other. Further movement becomes impossible. In this case, need immediate medical attention.
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    The injured ankle should immediately take a number of urgent actions. Should be provided first aid for dislocated leg. You need to urgently call an ambulance or independently deliver the patient to a medical facility (emergency room). Before the arrival of the ambulance it is necessary to provide the foot rest. Remove the shoes, move the limb in a horizontal position — this will help stop further spread of the swelling of the foot. Should be applied to the affected area a cold compress. Further treatment should be carried out by a qualified doctor-a trauma surgeon in a health facility.

    Diagnosis of dislocation of the ankle joint

    For confirmation of the diagnosis requires x-ray examination, it will reveal the presence of fractures and cracks in bone structures of the feet. For minor muscle injuries imposed a tight bandage or tourniquet. After receiving medical care the patient will be able to move with limited stress on the patient’s foot.

    Вывих лодыжки: симптомы травмы и методы леченияA good anti-inflammatory and analgesic for arthritis ointment diclofenac. The drug will reduce the swelling and will quickly restore the health of the joints. For relieving pain and numbing the damaged area sometimes used intra-articular injections.

    In case of serious damage to the bone structure of the foot requires more radical treatment. You need to straighten misaligned joints and apply a plaster cast. After this is done the additional x-ray to confirm proper position of the bones. In the future, the patient is recommended complete rest, no physical exertion on the ankle.

    After a full recovery which will take at least 4 weeks should undergo a preventive examination at the trauma and rehabilitation therapy.

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    How to treat the injury at home

    To treat injuries using traditional medicines, but only after consultation with your doctor. Used of various medicinal herbal teas and natural foods. Treatment of folk ways recommended in the evening before bedtime. During this period the muscles will be in relaxed state that will allow you to obtain the greatest therapeutic effect. Here are some simple folk recipes.

  • Prepare health the ointment can of garlic, eucalyptus leaves and animal fat. Mix all ingredients in a ratio of 1:1:2. Bring to a boil and cool. Lubricate the sore spot and wrap.
  • Chop the onion and add the sugar, mix all in equal parts. Apply to sore ankle for 2-3 hours during the week.
  • Very effective treatment is possible using a homemade ointment of clay and Apple cider vinegar. In a liter of water to dissolve 100-150 g of clay, creating a homogeneous mass. In the prepared gruel add 50 ml of Apple cider vinegar. This compress will very quickly restore muscle function and reduce inflammation.
  • Вывих лодыжки: симптомы травмы и методы лечения

    Cabbage leaf perfectly removes swelling and inflammation

    The inflammation and swelling in the joints of the hands and feet can be removed with a cabbage leaf. This product will be in any house. To put a cold cabbage leaf to the affected area immediately after injury of the joint. For greater effect, you can pre-lubricate your ankle honey.

    Prevention of recurrent sprains

    In order to avoid repeated sprains and strains of joints, it is necessary to take preventive measures. All actions should be aimed at strengthening muscle tissues and tendons. It is important to strengthen their functional properties and to give them elasticity.

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    A complex of activities of physiotherapy includes the following steps.

  • A simple exercise will help to stretch the joints tendons and make them more resistant to stress.
  • To restore the tissue regeneration will allow biogenic stimulants and drugs containing vitamin D.
  • To maintain muscle tone are useful therapeutic foot massage and the entire ankle joint.
  • Special attention should be paid to shoes. It should be comfortable and not cause discomfort. Stable heel protects the foot from unwanted injuries. Be careful, do not make sudden movements when walking.