A synovectomy of the knee joint: indications, effects, rehabilitation

A synovectomy of the knee joint: the conduct and consequences of the procedure

When you damage any part of the knee joint, specialists prescribe a variety of treatments that can be accompanied by surgical intervention or without him.

Synovectomy knee arthroplasty is a procedure in which a surgical operation to remove human synovium with special equipment under anesthesia, which can be both local and General.

For a General understanding

Mostly synovectomy of the knee joint is prescribed when diagnosed with tuberculosis of the knee or joint, as well as in rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment of which is not possible without surgery.

This method can be offered for benign entities, and in addition to other operations.

After the doctors remove the synovium, replace it with a special prosthesis made of synthetic material.

Also assign this procedure to the professionals when it detects irregularities in the functioning of the hip or elbow joints.

The procedure itself is rather complicated and requires special attention, so most of the professionals try as much as possible to delay its usage if there are other methods that can give a positive result.

When prescribed procedure

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In General, this method is prescribed mainly in cases when the patient has an infectious disease of the knee.

By itself, the operation is quite complicated, so used in the later stages of the disease, or in those cases when other treatments are futile.

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Usually synovectomy knee is prescribed in such cases:

  • a serious infectious disease that occurs at the knee joint, the doctors at the same negative;
  • the presence of synovitis, which is observed in humans for quite a long time;
  • when re-manifestation of synovitis, when surgical intervention is necessary.

Arthroscopic synovectomy

This procedure is the most sparing surgery, in which there is minimal surgical intervention.

With the patient, make a few punctures with the help of a special device – endoscope. Then thanks to the video equipment specialist examines the condition of the knee joint to supply the most accurate disease. In some cases, can take material for biopsy.

Can be performed as a standalone treatment, which is used in the initial stages, and also as an additional method in the treatment of more severe disease.

After this surgery, carefully carried out special drainage using sterile cotton swabs can install a drainage tube or rubber strips.

Arthroscopic surgery may take place in the back of the joint through the popliteal fossa. In this case, the process is more lengthy and complex.

Generally it is used for removal of meniscus, articular mice with the disease Koenig, as well as various formations, which is detrimental impact on the knee joint.

Training in intervention

Synovectomy arthroscopic knee a surgical procedure, so before her man should pass all the required tests.

First and foremost, the doctor directs ECG, General blood analysis, the passage of x-rays.

Then it examined by the orthopedic surgeon and anesthesiologist, after which a specialist makes a conclusion about what pain reliever to use and how it will be administered locally or generally.

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After all examinations, the patient should prepare for surgery, namely:

  • to pick up the crutches, which are necessary after the conference;
  • prescription to buy all the necessary medicines;
  • 12 hours before surgery can not eat or liquid.

The procedure

The operation time is not more than an hour.

In the beginning the patient on the thigh area superimposed tourniquet to reduce blood flow. This is followed by 3-4 cuts at 7 mm each.

They put special equipment, which examines the affected area or removed the problem areas.

After the operation completes, all devices are carefully cleaned and a sterile liquid is pumped, as needed, the patient is injected with antimicrobials or antibiotics.

This type of surgery specialist can conduct openly or using microsurgical techniques.

Rehabilitation after surgery

After arthroscopic knee synovectomy the patient is placed in a chamber, usually discharged the day of surgery, after he will depart from the anesthesia.

But there are complications when a person leave for a few days.

After surgery the patient must walk with crutches, and visit the special procedures of physiotherapy that will help as soon as possible to rebuild muscle tissue in the problem area, to abandon the crutches and stabilize the normal working of the knee. Also lead a moderate lifestyle, avoiding stress on the knee.

What dangers are there?

The effects of surgery can be different:

  • if you deleted was not the whole of the synovial sheath, its cells quickly recover and begin the development of pathological tissue, since they are homogeneous and have good regenerative properties;
  • in the absence of this sheath can cause problems with the circulatory system in this joint, since it generates microsite capillary vessels, appear as various degenerations;
  • can develop osteoarthritis, in order to avoid the need to comply with all recommendations of the doctor.
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Arthroscopic synovectomy assigned in order to avoid complications, as well as the occurrence of pain after it.

Therefore, to avoid all this, it is necessary to strictly follow all the recommendations of the expert, and in any case not to violate the prescribed mode.