A thoracolumbar brace: types and rules of use

Бандаж грудопоясничный: виды и правила использованияWhen the bending posture and damage to the muscles doctors usually prescribe patients with thoracolumbar brace. This product helps to improve posture and productively affects the spine of the patient.

Depending on what part of the back has been damaged, your doctor may prescribe a brace for lumbar sacral, thoracic or thoracolumbar. The product is quite durable and supple. They support weakened back muscles and relaxes the spine.

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Your doctor may prescribe a brace corset lumbar variable stiffness, with:

  • Injury of the spine.
  • Osteochondrosis.
  • Intervertebral hernia.
  • Pathology of the vertebrae.
  • Stretching muscles.
  • The bending posture.
  • These products have no contraindications and no negative impact on the patient’s back. That is why you can wear them constantly without fear that they may further injure the damaged area of the back. Used a thoracolumbar brace for a correction back both adults and children. The corrector performs a number of necessary functions:

    Бандаж грудопоясничный: виды и правила использования

    Deviations from normal posture that requires correction

  • Captures your spine is curved and does not allow him even more deformed.
  • Eliminates the stoop.
  • The shoulder holds the division deployed.
  • Corset lumbar variable stiffness is used as a complementary therapy during physiotherapy exercises or with manual therapy. To use such a product on prescription, and you can own. For people who spend most of their time sitting at Desk, use of corsets as a preventive measure is necessary. These clips have several advantages:

  • Strong fixation, which allows you to create beautiful posture.
  • The possibility of preventive treatment that carries no side effects.
  • The ease of use.
  • It is advisable to wear a thoracolumbar brace in the morning. At this time, the spine is relaxed, and it can be fixed in the desired position. In addition, the corrector will help to prevent pain in the back during the day. Wear a bandage at night is optional. During this period, the back muscles must relax as much as possible, and concealer will only compress them.

    In the result the next morning back may hurt even more due to the fact that the entire night the patient was in an uncomfortable position, and the muscles were compressed.

    Declinatory back

    Бандаж грудопоясничный: виды и правила использованияThese clamps are used for the correction of cervical and shoulder girdle. Such tires often have the form of eight, which fully covers all the shoulder joints. Some models include a special roller to maintain the cervical vertebrae. Back elastic headbands together. This provides a tension that does not allow the patient to slouch and bring the shoulders forward. This lock is completely focused on the regulation of posture in the thoracic spine.

    The standard model of reclination can not be adjusted, but new types of such products are equipped with special straps that allow you to adjust the degree of compression and to control the tension of the hinges. In order that the brace does not RUB the skin on the shoulders and on the back the device has a special padding. Model reclination can have different loops to be made of different materials.

    Hinges can be soft and hard. For the manufacture of soft loops are elastic or sponge rubber. For the production of hard loops use synthetic or cotton fabrics. Such loops can be adjusted in length.

    To use such bandage it is possible minor injuries or incipient curvature of the spine.

    Thoracic spine correctors

    Similar products designed for the maintenance of muscle tissue in the thoracic spine and the correct posture of the patient. These latches, unlike braces, lumbar sacral, have many different variations and models. In most cases, the design has a thick hard shell that completely covers the entire thoracic spine. The rear part of the striker is much longer than the comprehensive, but shorter than the brace for lumbar sacral. Some products have an additional strap fixing, which are located under the ribs and provide additional retraction.

    Бандаж грудопоясничный: виды и правила использованияModern products are equipped with special Velcro at the chest and elastic bands. Chest concealer is very convenient and repeats the patient’s back. This is due to the fact that rigid parts of a corset made of aluminum alloy. The lock is equipped with upper straps. They control the breeding latitude of the upper arms and firmly fixed. These loops can be both soft and hard.

    Breast bandages are applied for the correction of stooped posture, correction of scoliosis or violation of the provisions of the blades. Concealer firmly fixes the position of the shoulder blades and spine support muscle.

    Such a product allows to adjust the degree of compression due to the special hinges and straps. These retainers are completely safe. It is recommended not to use children under 5 years.

    Thoracolumbar corrector

    Similar bands represent products that consist of several parts. This corrector are connected by a rigid corset waist, back, and in the maternity. In this case is supported not only breast, but also the lumbar spine. Concealer come with the straps or Velcro strips that snap in the front. All the corset is made of rigid ribs of aluminum. They completely repeat the patient’s back and align it.

    The straps on these correctors can be elastic or fabric. To the straps holding the spine stronger, they are criss-cross in back and fasten in the front. This bandage is issued by a physician, but can be purchased independently. Usually used a concealer on the lumbar and thoracic spine, if the patient has severe scoliosis, kyphosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, traumatic injury to the chest and waist.

    This concealer is universal. This is both a brace in the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine, with the same force squeezes all muscles of the back and allows it to continue to deform. Such a lock can be used not only for therapeutic but also for preventive purposes. Selected product for each patient separately, depending on its size. To use the bandage can be 5 years.

    Thoracolumbar brace cannot be worn all day, it’s a big load on the muscles. The frequency and the wearing time prescribed by the doctor.

    Brace for lumbar sacral

    This medical product is used for posture correction and fixation of the spine. It is also used to reduce the load on the lumbar and sacral divisions of the back. The main feature of this device is that it distributes the load on the spine and provokes the speedy recovery of fractures. Corrector lumbar sacral appointed only by the doctor. It can be applied in cases such as:

  • Fractures one or more vertebrae in the lumbar or sacral region of the spine.
  • Contraindications to surgical intervention.
  • Rehabilitation after surgery.
  • Complications of osteoporosis or osteochondrosis.
  • Preventive treatment of fractures.
  • The need for rigid fixation of the spine in kyphosis or scoliosis.
  • Locking backs for inoperable tumors.
  • Бандаж грудопоясничный: виды и правила использованияIs this brace lumbar sacral of rigid aluminum rods to compress the lower back. Between them are panels of durable elastic synthetic fabric. To fix the compression by using a strong belt or straps. The patient may independently determine and set the degree of angle hyperextension.

    There are 2 sizes of this model corrector, they can be adjusted in width and height. Brace for lumbar sacral equipped with a special soft hypoallergenic inserts that prevent RUB sores and allergic reactions. To use such devices for adults and children.

    Rules of using bands

    An important role in the treatment plays while wearing the corrector and the degree of fixation. If you are comprehensive, you need to pay attention to the width of the straps, their length and elasticity. 1 week of wearing the Biocorrector in the maternity is delayed very little, the patient was able to get used to it and shoulders had begun to crack. Gradually the tension increases to a maximum. General course alignment of the shoulders is 7 months. During this time, muscle tissue gets stronger and gets used to the new position. The course may be shorter or longer, depending on the characteristics of the disease.

    When using thoracolumbar corrector the important role played by the tension of the straps. It is desirable to gradually acknowledge the power of pull. The stronger pull the corset, the greater the angle of rotation of the shoulder girdle. This means that muscle tissue will not only load, but also to relax.

    The fiber that holds bandage, stimulates muscles, and they shrink. It is almost imperceptible to humans, but they are constantly working. This is the advantage of wearing a corset.

    Before you can use any bandage, you need to choose the right size of the product. If the corrector is chosen incorrectly, it can negatively affect all muscle corset. Too much brace will RUB the skin and will not be able to fix the back. While a small retainer will be hard to pinch the spine and injure the skin. So before buying corrector, consult your doctor or find out your size. It is advisable to consult a podiatrist who will be able to correctly pick up the necessary retainer.

    Scheme of wearing a brace is prescribed by a doctor depending on what the disease was detected in a patient.

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