Aching joints fingers: causes, ways to solve the problem

Our time is characterized in that a number of diseases, which belong to the age group, and pursue the younger generation. It is increasingly possible to hear from girls and guys under the age of 30 years, they have sore joints of the fingers. The reasons for this are many. If you encounter this problem, try not to hesitate and not to wait, and as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements. Болят суставы пальцев рук: причины, способы решения проблемы

Main causes of pain in the joints of the fingers

Pain can occur due to mechanical injuries: sprains, or periarticular muscles, fractures, displacement of bone and. joint Disease can occur in women during hormonal disorders. A weakened immune system, heredity, metabolic disorders can be the environment in which diseases occur with pain in the joints of the fingers and toes. Very often pain in the joints due to the flow of the inflammatory process in the body.

There are several diseases that cause pain in this area:

  • gout;
  • rheumatoid, psoriatic and infectious arthritis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • ligaments.

Each of these diseases can cause pain of varying intensity. It all depends on what is the extent of the disease. The disease can affect the area of the fingers, feet and spine.

Болят суставы пальцев рук: причины, способы решения проблемы

Inflamed cartilage causes deformation of the joints and leads to contortion

Gout most often affects the foot of the person, but the pain in the joints of the fingers is also felt. The pain in this disease, burning, intense. The movement of thumbs or toes (most often suffer from it they) almost impossible. Joint pain can be felt even at night.

Also in osteoarthritis and joint pains. In addition, can form subcutaneous nodules. Along with the swelling they contribute to the development of deformation of fingers.

Disease ligaments associated with inflammation of the periarticular tissues. Annular ligament when it thickens and loses its elasticity. On the basis of the disease, pain occurs at the time of extension or flexion of the fingers.

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With psoriatic arthritis inflamed tissue. Pain in joints of fingers of hands and feet accompanied by swelling, redness. Flexion in the joints is hard enough.

When rheumatoid arthritis affects the small joints of the hands and feet. Pain in the joints accompanied by stiffness. At this pathology most often affected joint of the forefinger of the hand and the big toe.

Therapeutic measures

As it turned out, the pain in the finger joints of the upper and lower limbs may be different according to the etiology: it all depends on what disease it causes. What to do if pain in the joints of the fingers or toes? Act: any disease can be overcome, if the time action is taken.

To treat joints of the fingers, the causes of the disease are not elucidated, it will be pointless. Before you fight any disease, it is important to determine his diagnosis. Best of all it can make a rheumatologist or a surgeon.

Most often health workers when choosing methods of treatment are of a certain pattern:

  • Testing. If the patient will detect high levels of uric acid in the blood, they will be prescribed medications that decrease this figure.
  • The appointment of painkillers and those that contribute to the regeneration of cartilage tissue, chondroprotectors.Болят суставы пальцев рук: причины, способы решения проблемы
  • Massage of the hands and feet and the spine.
  • The purpose of the diet.
  • This is a rough scheme of work. Its correction depends on the diagnosis causing pain in the joints of the fingers and toes, what stage has the disease. It is likely that will be recommended and surgery. You can resort to the sanatorium-and-Spa treatment of the locomotor apparatus. Any treatment will give best result if it is comprehensive and will be conducted under the supervision of experts. Be sure to use this opportunity in a convenient case.

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    Nutrition to support the body in a satisfactory condition

    In human bone is a large number of microelements: calcium, potassium, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, zinc. Food is the main source of exposure. If your diet will be products with a low content of the above trace elements, it can cause the bone becomes thin and fragile.

    Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium. Parsley, almonds, Kale is also not inferior to the content of this trace element. Rich in potassium black currants, prunes, raisins, apricots, potatoes, tomato, parsley, cocoa. The zinc contained in these foods: onions, egg yolk, oysters, cereals. Beans, peas, raspberries, rye bread is rich in manganese. Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, rice, buckwheat, peas, beans and lentils make up for the magnesium deficiency.

    Try to eat the aspic, as when it is cooking in broth produces collagen, which has a positive effect on strengthening bone, tendons, cartilage.

    Болят суставы пальцев рук: причины, способы решения проблемыDrink more water. It is desirable that it was mineral, as it is rich in necessary microelements. Keep in mind that it must be non-carbonated.

    Watch your weight because if it gets excessive, it creates pressure on the pelvis, feet, knees. This can lead to deformation or thinning of cartilage. The food must be balanced.

    Innovative ways to solve problems

    When pain in the joints, most often in folk medicine used honey, bacon, salt, mustard and other products. These funds, unlike most medicines, acceptable price. Of them is made compresses. Compress, for example, can be applied only on the aching joint of the forefinger, which will help to reduce the swelling or redness.

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    The pain with the help of extracts. The basis for them can serve as the petals of lilac. Nettle juice helps with gout.

    Treatment of joints of fingers non-traditional methods gives a short effect, the affected joints are only partially exempt from pain, swelling, redness. To solve the problem this way can only be in the early stages of the disease. If the situation is to run, continue to be treated only with traditional methods and not to go to the doctors, you can get a number of troubles: the brush is deformed, the muscles can atrophy. It is important to remember that traditional methods are a good complement to medical treatment.

    Take care of your health from a young age. Proceed according to the rule: the best treatment is prevention.

    Exercises that help support the musculoskeletal system in good condition, is quite simple and not time consuming. A few minutes a day can give you old age without the disease. Remember: the answer to the question of why aching joints of the fingers or toes and what to do in the first place should concern you. Trust the doctor but keep the situation under control. How to treat the joints, in what way, only you can decide.