Aching joints in hands: causes, treatment, exercises

Болят суставы на руках: причины, лечение, гимнастикаJoint pain is familiar to many people. Often the pain can be so strong that a person loses the opportunity to continue their professional activities and even perform the simplest of everyday actions. For example, many people who have aching joints of the hands cannot grab a Cup independently to button his clothes or to open the key door lock. To prevent this, it is necessary for the appearance of the first painful sensations in the hands immediately seek the assistance of the rheumatologist. It will establish the causes of this pain syndrome and will select the appropriate treatment.

  • Exercises to relieve pain

  • Types of joint pain

    It should be noted that joint pain can be quite different. Its character depends on what kind of disease struck your hands. Often it is pain syndrome and its features become the most important manifestations of the disease, which an experienced specialist can make a diagnosis during the initial examination. So when you visit the doctor try as much detail as possible to describe how exactly you are whining joints of the hands and what kind of discomfort you are experiencing.

    Modern medicine divides joint pain on hands into two major groups: inflammatory and mechanical. Mechanical usually arise in the process of development of various degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis. Such pain is usually not accompanied by a pronounced feeling of stiffness in joints after sleep, and if it is present, it lasts no more than 30 minutes. In the resting state of the mechanical pain significantly subside or go away altogether.

    Болят суставы на руках: причины, лечение, гимнастика

    Inflammatory pain, on the contrary, subside during the execution of the action and again increase perceptibly in a calm state. Such pain syndrome is always accompanied by a prolonged feeling of stiffness in the joints of the hands, which occurs in the morning. In addition, the patient observed and other symptoms of inflammation: swelling of the periarticular soft tissues, the visible redness of the skin around the joint and reduced physical functions. In mechanical pain mild symptoms of inflammation are observed in rare cases.

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    Diseases of the joints of the hands, causing pain


    The most common causes of severe pain arising in the upper extremities, are various diseases of the joints. The most common disease that affects the joints of the hand and fingers of the hands is osteoarthritis. This is a severe degenerative disease, characterized by destruction of cartilage and severe bone lesions.

    Болят суставы на руках: причины, лечение, гимнастикаTo date, about 7 percent of the world population suffer from osteoarthritis. This disease is accompanied by pain in the hands, which, as the disease is becoming stronger. In the early stages of osteoarthritis, the patients have characteristic changes in the joints of the fingers, but the pain usually yet. The initial form of this disease is diagnosed in many people of Mature and elderly.

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Another reason why the whining joints of the hands, is a very common disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Modern medicine considers this disease to autoimmune disease, since its development in the human body begins to produce antibodies to its own tissues. These antibodies cause significant harm to the structure of the joints of the fingers and hands, which causes the strongest of the inflammatory process.

    From rheumatoid arthritis never affects the toe joints and most small joints of the hand located closest to the fingertips. All the symptoms of the disease are always symmetrical in nature. This means that the disease simultaneously affects the same joints of the fingers and hands, both on the right and on the left hand.

    Болят суставы на руках: причины, лечение, гимнастика

    The symptoms of osteoarthritis are bumps on hands and aching pain

    Rheumatoid arthritis is easy to distinguish from other diseases of the joints, as this disease is always accompanied by a strong sense of stiffness, which is especially acute in the morning upon awakening. Typically the limitation lasts 1 to 2 hours, but in some cases can be even longer. As people poured into the active daily life, begins to move more and to perform various actions, a feeling of stiffness in the joints of the fingers slowly passes, until it fades completely. According to who, to date, patients with rheumatoid arthritis approximately 1% of the population.

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    If the patient feels intense pain in the joints of the fingers or the brush, possibly because of the presence of such serious diseases as gout. According to various reports, today gout suffers from 0.2 to 0.9% of the population of the planet. It should be noted that men podagrica many times more than women.

    The disease occurs as a result of violation of exchange processes with the participation of purines — substances that enter the human organism together with food and necessary for the creation of the cells RNA and DNA. Because of this, the blood of a patient with gout has been a significant increase in uric acid. If all of it is not excreted naturally, it is deposited in the joints of the lower and upper extremities, causing considerable damage.

    There are various reasons why a person may begin to develop gout. According to doctors, the most common ones are hereditary factors, excessive alcohol consumption and incorrect diet, which is dominated by products with a high content of purines. These products include all types of meat, kidney, liver and foods containing large amounts of yeast. In men, gout usually affects the joints of both big toes. But in women the disease is often manifested by swelling of the soft tissues, redness of the skin around the affected areas of the upper limbs.

    Most commonly gout affects the joints of the hands (fingers) and wrist area. During a flare the patient may complain of pain in one joint and several.

    Exercises to relieve pain

    Strong pain in the joints of the hands, accompanied by an inflammatory process may occur during acute rheumatic fever, and trauma or undergoing infection. In addition, intense pain in the joints of the hands often bother with psoriatic arthritis. Any of the above diseases requires specific treatment aimed at eliminating its causes. However, there are techniques that will be useful for all diseases of the joints is physiotherapy for hands and fingers.

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    Болят суставы на руках: причины, лечение, гимнастика

    A basic set of exercises to prevent pain

    Here are some simple exercises that can be performed by any person suffering from pain in his hands. Doctors recommend to always start a session of physiotherapy with the simplest exercises — clenching and unclasping fist. You can then proceed to execute other actions.

  • Touch the tip of his thumb to all other fingers in turn.
  • Now put the patient’s hand on a smooth surface such as a table, and start to push and then slide your fingers. This exercise should be performed with a certain force.
  • Again, put your hand on the countertop and begin to lift and then lower each finger.
  • The following exercise is the same as the previous one, but now you need not only to lift a finger, but to rotate them in the air.
  • Well help exercise with pencil. Put the pencil on the table and dip your brush. Now start to actively roll the pencil between the table and hands so that he first came to the fingertips, and then to the wrist joint. Now hold the pencil between your palms and prokatyvaja it on the same principle.

    For pain relief you can use tennis or any other ball of the same size. Roll it on the surface of the table alternately with both hands from himself and to himself. Then do the same exercise, but roll the ball in circular motions in the clockwise and counterclockwise.