Aching pain in the lower back and the hip joint: causes

Aching back pain at least once in life, you receive almost each person. Lower back pain can be experienced differently. Severe pain — not always an indicator of the risk of disease. Aching pain in the lower back is able to indicate a variety of diseases.Ноющая боль в пояснице и тазобедренном суставе: причины

What ailments can signal pain

Aching, weakness, aching pain in the back — these symptoms characterize a variety of ailments. There is a widespread belief that back pain is always a result of the injury. Indeed, due to the back injury might be a discomfort. But if your back aches, there’s roughly a 50% probability that it makes itself felt one of the diseases of the internal organs. Diagnosis able to show:

  • infectious diseases;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • sciatica;
  • prostatitis;
  • a malignant tumor.

It is necessary to take into account the fact, in what position is the body, when you start aching. Whether they are shown, if the person is actively performing a movement, or back starts to ache, when the body is at rest. If the pain is concentrated on a particular area, does not mean that affected it. Such a condition might in some cases have irradiiruet character and be a reflection of the destructive process occurring in another part of the body. If the pain is aching in nature, you should immediately contact the medical facility that qualified experts have established the cause.

The list of diseases for which there are aching pain in the lumbar region, extensive. The sooner treatment begins of any of them, the more likely to help a person regain their health, and in some cases save lives.

Lower back pain during pregnancy

If during pregnancy a woman experiences lower back pain — this phenomenon is considered quite normal. During pregnancy back for several months will have to carry the additional load. Lower back pain or in the hip joint, doctors often considered as one of the reactions of the organism to changes in its functioning.

However, this does not mean that during pregnancy, such symptoms can be taken lightly. Back pain may result from distension of the muscles. During gestation the woman is a total restructuring of the entire hormonal system, and that it may be causes such discomfort in the lower back and hip. The increase of the uterus during pregnancy and the displacement of the center of gravity forward, that other factors of the emergence of lower back pain. However, we must note that the reasons for this phenomenon may be timely undertreated diseases of the lower back.

Women have aching lower back pain and hip joint is observed not only when they are waiting for the birth of the baby. This characteristic symptom of various gynecological diseases of an infectious nature. In such cases can hurt the hip joint and the area above the waist. The pain symptom is covered by the left side of the body. It may be accompanied by swelling and pulsating character of pain. The pain affects the back and hip joint when adhesive disease. It can occur as a consequence of surgical intervention.

Osteochondrosis as a cause of pain

Ноющая боль в пояснице и тазобедренном суставе: причины

Acute pain can be caused by pinched spinal nerves major

What time are most often people have felt lower back pain? Usually in the morning. If the beginning of the day meets back aching pain in the lower region of the body, is something to think about. She was one of the first person gives the signal: with the body that something is wrong.

Lower back pain in the morning often indicate the presence of degenerative disc disease. Changes in the intervertebral discs do not go unnoticed, they constantly remind yourself of such unpleasant sensations such as discomfort, aching, heaviness, stiffness in the movements. Such sensations in the lumbar region and the hip joint can be the symptoms and spondylosis. The cause of lower back pain is the intervertebral disc damage.

There are many factors that can cause bad pain in the back. These include:

  • incorrect posture;
  • overweight;
  • hypothermia;
  • inflammation of the prostate gland in men;
  • gynecological diseases of an infectious nature in women;
  • adhesions;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • the postoperative period;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • urinary tract disease;
  • myositis of lumbar muscles;
  • pancreatitis.

Ноющая боль в пояснице и тазобедренном суставе: причины Pain in the hip joint and lower back while walking is a very alarming symptom. There are two possible explanations for the pain incurred. First, its causes are located in ordinary physical overload. Secondly, in the diseases associated with metabolic disorders, among them diabetes. In addition, when a patient has sciatica, back pain and irradiiruet nature of pain in the hip joint is also possible. If a person performs a tilting or sudden movement, the pain is much worse.

A common problem — a violation of posture

Back pain are also observed when a person is in a comfortable sitting position. The reasons for these mixed feelings. Among them the leader is wrong posture, which equally suffer from the representatives of the stronger and the weaker sex. If a woman for a long time regularly wears high heels, hip pain and lower back she also provided.

Excess weight — the eternal common to both sexes problem. Excess body weight increases the load on the hip joint. Therefore, the pain begins in the hip and lower back, even if they are at rest. In addition, if the hip or spine was operated on, such feelings are present in patients during the rehabilitation period.

Hypothermia is another cause of discomfort in lower back and hip joint. Fashion shirts, sweaters, driveshafts, ending around the waist as skirts and pants, revealing hip joint region in the lower back and lower abdomen — a tribute to the not health, and fashion. In the cold season such clothing will only lead to hypothermia and health problems.

Ноющая боль в пояснице и тазобедренном суставе: причины

In men, pain in the hip and in the lumbar region may indicate inflammation of the prostate gland. Malignancy confirm pain symptoms in the lumbar region. For this reason, observed in many men aged 50 years and older pain in the hip joint.

Discomfort in the lumbar region and the hip joint are often the result of poor posture.

Disease prevention

The back can be felt on the left side in pancreatitis, and of the feelings is able to radiate in the hip joint. Nausea, vomiting, decrease in blood pressure can lead to such feelings. If a person has pyelonephritis, the pain appears also in these parts of the body. In this case, the urine will be tests discovered blood and pus, confirming the presence of inflammation in the body.

Similar pain symptoms gives disease of the urinary tract. In this case, patient presents with pain, itching, burning during urination. No less dangerous and myositis of the lumbar muscles. Its causes are sharp temperature or increased physical activity. When it people in addition to pain, will begin to experience and stiffness in the movements.

To avoid all these troubles, the desired prevention of various diseases. If the discomfort continues, you should immediately contact your doctor and not wait for it by itself will pass. It is necessary to reconsider the diet, eliminating spicy, fatty, salty foods that negatively affect the right balance of substances in the body.

Every day people at any age need to perform a set of exercises to strengthen the back to support your posture. It is also very important to properly combine the mode of work and rest.

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