Acupuncture osteochondrosis: procedure

Low back pain can be called the retribution of mankind for the opportunity to walk on two legs. This disease provokes a chronic load on the spine, minor injuries while walking and running, while moving the weights. Our skeleton, of course, programmed to load: in addition to the physiological curves, cushioning properties of the ridge give the intervertebral discs. The ability to compress them is so great that due to their reach, the astronauts in weightlessness add 3-8 cm in height. But the forces of the organism are not boundless, and often people develop a disease of the spine.

Manifestations of the disease

Иглоукалывание при остеохондрозе: особенности процедурыSymptoms of degenerative disc disease is caused by dysfunction of the nucleus pulposus, located in the center of the intervertebral disc. This substance elastic pushes the fibrous ring lying around the periphery, changing the geometry of the intervertebral joint. The gap between the vertebrae is reduced, often asymmetrically.

Exiting nerve bundles are infringed, causing neurological symptoms:

  • pain (known as lumbago, sciatica);
  • disturbances of sensation (hyperesthesia, i.e. its increase, or conversely, numb);
  • autonomic disorders (if pathology undergone thoracic or lumbar thickening of the spinal cord).

Purposee — can extend beyond the fibrous capsule temporarily. Chronic protrusion (protrusion of the disc beyond the contour of the vertebrae) leads to the formation of herniated discs. Is a stable condition, his treatment is long-term, it is associated with serious difficulties.

The mechanism of development of degenerative disc disease are the following: infringement of the nerve root causes pain in the innervated segment of the body. In response to the pain the body tries to create a muscular corset in the area of pathology. There is a spasm of the paravertebral muscles, which further intensifies the pain, reduces the intervertebral gap. Treatment, first and foremost, is to break this vicious circle.

If osteochondrosis not to pay attention, the further progression of the disease causes the death wsaemsgsize nerve roots. Reason – violation of the blood supply and, consequently, power.

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Principles of treatment of lesions of the spine

To eliminate low back pain is completely impossible. The most effective method is prevention. But if the symptoms of the disease still occurred, that competent treatment can remove symptoms, prevent the development of herniated discs and protect them from complications caused by the death of nerve fibers.

Several approaches:

  • medication;
  • physiotherapy;
  • surgical;
  • physiotherapy.

At the junction of pharmacological and physiotherapeutic methods is acupuncture, more popularly known as acupuncture. The method is based on the impact on biologically active points of subthreshold stimuli, in our case, needles. Despite the fact that acupuncture osteochondrosis traditional medicine is not recognized as a proven method of assistance, a certain scientific base under it there. And wide use in the most populated country of the Earth should cause to doubt his inefficiency.

Иглоукалывание при остеохондрозе: особенности процедурыChinese medicine believes that all diseases arise from violations of the circulation of vital energy along the meridians, the main of which is within the spine. Treatment of manifestations of osteochondrosis should resume normal flow of energy, to stop the development of a herniated disc, or reverse this process.

The mechanism of action of acupuncture

A careful study of this method showed that the points of application used by iglorefleksoterapevta are nervous knots. From the point of view of conventional medicine, the action is based on subliminal stimulation of these nerve clusters, which leads to a change of the emitted pulses towards the points of application of the nerves.

Acupuncture herniated spinal involves placing needles in areas where there are nerve plexus, which leave the spinal nerve roots. This action leads to spasms and pain. Compared to medical methods, acupuncture osteochondrosis has important distinct advantage: no toxic effects of the drugs on the liver, no other side effects from the medication.

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To enhance the effect of the needle can warm up. So acupuncture is combined with moxibustion. But despite the frightening name of the procedure, the pain is fully controlled by the medical acupuncture.

The layman to trust the treatment of the spine impossible. Acupuncture herniated spine is no exception. In addition to relieving pain, irritation or inhibition of individual ganglia may lead to changes in trophic innervated by the station. The correct method will cause the restoration of the damaged fibrous rings, the wrong it can have the opposite effect. The same applies to pulpotomy the core.

Especially should beware of charlatans offering acupuncture in cervical osteochondrosis. The disease is, alas, popular. But before you surrender into the hands of «expert of Chinese medicine», remember about the importance of the cervical spine. In the area are feeding the brain blood vessels, there is a lot of nerve trunks and endings. Unqualified intervention is fraught with dangerous complications. But to dismiss such a method is not necessary. Especially if the alternative is surgery on the spine.

If acupuncture herniated spine makes a qualified doctor, the relief is highly likely.