Adam’s Apple preparation tincture for joints

Among a rich Arsenal of traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases of the joints along with the popular methods there is little known. One of those recipes you know only practitioners-herbalists: tincture of the Adam’s Apple – the treatment of the joints this amazing fruit by its efficiency can compete with the overwhelming majority of known recipes.Адамово яблоко приготовление настойки для суставов

What is the Adam’s Apple

It is, of course, is not about a man’s Adam’s Apple, and the fruit, which is famous for its amazing wood – McClure orange. He has many other names – McClure ablakanova, God’s tree, the false orange, Chinese orange. But most often it is called the root of Adam or Adam’s Apple. The last two names – echoes of a legend according to which Adam root one of the trees that grew in the garden of Eden.

McClure is a tree of the mulberry family, a close relative of the well known mulberry. His birthplace – South America. Among the other trees McClure stands out for its size. The average height of an adult tree of about 20 m and a diameter of 1.5 m. the Adam root Grows in the subtropical climate. Its habitat in our country – the Crimea, the Caucasus, the tree can also be found in the Krasnodar and Stavropol edges. McClure is widely distributed in the republics of Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

McClure – tree-deceiver, as its ripe fruit by the color, shape and size very similar to an orange, but, unlike him, is very poisonous. However, despite this, they possess great healing powers.

Medicinal properties of the plant

The fruits of McClure – real store of natural antioxidants and immunomodulators. First of all, this natural sterols – substances from which the pharmaceutical industry produces vitamin complexes, as well as the bile acid constituent of medical preparations-sorbents used for removal from the body of toxins and other poisonous substances.

A lot of fruits and flavonoids, which not only accelerate the metabolic processes in the cells of the body, but also able to significantly inhibit the growth of malignant tumors. Many herbalists using Adamov root for the treatment of various diseases, claim that its use can stop the development of cancer and even cause in patients with persistent remission.

Rich in the fruits of McClure and saponin – a substance with pronounced tonic properties, and are also vital for the human body fatty acids, citric acids and pectin. Such a unique composition of fruits of maclura could not fail to attract the attention of folk medicine.

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Adamov root used most often to treat hernias and diseases of the joints:

  • arthritis and polyarthritis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • degenerative disc disease;
  • sciatica;
  • rheumatism;
  • gout and many others.

Адамово яблоко приготовление настойки для суставовAlso it is used for the treatment of cancer and skin diseases, mastitis, diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Look for in pharmacies prepared their Adam’s Apple drugs useless. These funds can only be purchased in online stores. But it is no secret that their quality depends solely on the good faith of the sellers. Therefore, it is better not to risk and to make these tools yourself, especially since the recipe is quite simple.

It should be remembered that because Adamov root is poisonous, use it to treat with caution, especially when taking medications with the contents inside. And because clinical trials of the effectiveness of treatment Adam’s Apple has not yet been carried out, it is better not to risk and use it only for external use: rubbing, ointments, tinctures.

Preparation tincture from the gifts of the mulberry tree

There are several recipes of such tinctures, but whichever recipe you choose, there are a few General nuances, especially in the selection of the fruit. To prepare the tincture you need to use only the ripe fruit is yellow. Perfect for this fruits collected during the second half of autumn, because in them the maximum amount of nutrients.

Properly prepared tincture of color should resemble strong tea. Tincture retains its healing properties for a very long time – up to 10 years, but under the condition that it will be stored in a sealed package. With constant contact with air, the tincture will quickly oxidize and become unusable.




The most simple and quick to prepare recipe. The ratio of fruit and vodka: 1 chopped fruit – 1 bottle of vodka. Adam’s apples twist in a meat grinder, and then the resulting slurry was poured vodka and put to infuse. At the end of two weeks of detention in a dark and warm place definitely tincture can already be used as a medicine.
The second recipe is much more expensive at the time, although it is also simple to prepare. Take at least 10 fruits of maclura and vodka in the same proportions as in the previous case. Each fruit is cut into 12-16 slices. Slices stacked in a glass jar and pour the vodka. The uniqueness of this customization is that the longer it infuses, the more effective will be its impact, and the first procedure of its use can be carried out not earlier than 2 months.
The third recipe of liqueurs is very similar to the first one (ratio: 1 chopped fruit – 1 bottle of vodka), but has its own nuances. The fruit are also crushed in a meat grinder and poured vodka. Infused tincture 2 weeks, but it every day to intensively shake. After 2 weeks of infusion, strain to separate pulp from liquid. For the treatment you need to use only liquid.
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Адамово яблоко приготовление настойки для суставов

Whichever recipe you decide to cook, keep in mind that they are the minimum deadlines for the preparation of infusions. In fact, the longer brewing, the tool, the more effective will be its impact on sore joints. If you have the time and patience to push this tool to a year.

How to use the tincture of the maclura

For joints use this infusion for compresses and rastirok. The peculiarity of this treatment is that it is very long time – at least a year. All this time I have to refrain from drinking alcohol and alcohol-containing medicinal preparations, and antibiotics, otherwise the treatment outcome becomes unpredictable.

In the treatment of most joint disorders (sciatica, arthritis, gout, etc.) the sore spot is rubbed with a tincture and then cover it for 10 minutes a woolen blanket or shawl, to better warm up. Such compresses should be done regularly, 2-3 times a day. Positive results will be noticeable after a few days, but that the treatment has brought the maximum benefit, you cannot interrupt it until the end of the prepared tincture.

In case of arthrosis or osteochondrosis of the procedure is a little different. Apply it to skin you need a cotton swab periodically wetting it in the tincture of the Adam’s Apple. RUB the tincture need until, until the skin turns red, and the patient will not feel the warming heat the diseased joint. To do this rubbing should be at night, so at the end to lie in a warm bed.

Адамово яблоко приготовление настойки для суставов

Preparing ointments and compresses

The fruit or the cake remaining after the preparation of infusions, can still be useful for the treatment of joints. The remaining cake can be used as raw material for the compresses. And if you add in pomace olive oil and skip using the blender, you get an effective ointment for treatment of joints.

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There is another recipe of this ointment. Take the fat suitabiliy pigs and permapleat it on the lard. On the bottom of the clean glass jars placed 1.5 cm layer of fat on top of it the same thickness layer of very finely chopped fruit Adam root, then again the lard, chopped Adamov root, and so alternately as long as no Bank will be full. Prerequisite: the Bank should begin and end with a layer of lard.

Full jar tightly covered with a plastic lid and seal with tape stuck to the bottom dough. Then, the Bank put for 24 hours on very low heat in a water bath. When the lard melted, and mixed with juice Adam’s Apple, the resulting mixture should decant into a jar smaller volume by filling it to the brim that there is no room left for air. This jar as the first one, tightly covered with a nylon cover and sent to storage in the refrigerator.

To prepare the compress teaspoon of the ointment spread on natural fabric, spread a thin layer and applied to the affected joint, locking woolen scarf. Leave for 4-5 hours to Put these packs in a day, and the course of treatment lasts from 2 to 3 months.

As in the preparation of tinctures and ointments should not forget about the fact that Adamov root is poisonous. Strictly follow the dosage. For this reason, before using these funds for treatment, it is necessary to obtain permission of the attending physician.