After childbirth it hurts the hip joint: causes, prevention

После родов болит тазобедренный сустав: причины, профилактикаPregnancy itself involves an enormous load on the body of the mother, including on the hip joints. They have been assigned a load to 60-65%. Sometimes pain in the pelvic area begin to be felt even in the last stages of pregnancy and continues after birth. So why after giving birth, it hurts the hip joint? This can be explained as an anatomical feature of women, and some other reasons that cause discomfort and discomfort.

The cause of the pain

  • The root cause is most often considered a hormonal bursts, the appearance of which is determined by the increase of emission into the body of the hormone relaxin affecting the relaxation of muscles and ligaments of the pelvis. It facilitates the birth process. Increase the pregnant of this hormone guarantees women the «duck» gait. But don’t be alarmed, because this kind of pain in the hip joints are physiological in nature and take some time after childbirth. The treatment of this process is not required.
  • Excess weight currently is more relevant, being the scourge of our time. Often women face this problem during pregnancy. Bright intensity is manifested in the expectation of future mother and several fruits or by polyhydramnios. Pain in the pelvis in a pregnant woman with a weight problem can occur after prolonged walking or standing on feet for a considerable time. But with the increase in the frequency of rest from this problem, though gradually, to get rid of.
  • После родов болит тазобедренный сустав: причины, профилактикаThe pain may be evidence of hidden or revealed exacerbation of chronic diseases. It is recommended to always consult with your doctor, examining the patient, the specialist can identify these reasons. Pain may be accompanied by a slight increase in body temperature or light ailments. After birth pain continues as a residual phenomenon.
  • Rarely there are cases of pinched nerve root during childbirth. In this case, you should go to a specialist, who in turn will recommend an individualized treatment. If pain some time after the birth of a child are not, advice should contact an osteopath or manual transmission, which, in turn, will reveal the source of education in pain and will prescribe the necessary treatment.
  • If the pain in the pelvis before birth is very frequent and pronounced, it may be an indication for cesarean section.

    The caesarean section helps to avoid a large number of strains and to reduce the gaps in the womb of women, thereby reducing post-Natal rehabilitation period. Surgical intervention may be indicated to owners of physiologically narrow pelvis and pregnant women with congenital trauma and some diseases.

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    Prevention of pain

    После родов болит тазобедренный сустав: причины, профилактика

    A diet rich in calcium will help the expectant mother to reduce the risk of pain in bones and joints

    If the pain in the hip parts are present, you should use the following tips.

  • It is necessary to increase the consumption of milk, cheese and other dairy products as well as vitamins.
  • It is recommended that a reduced intake of pregnant women spicy, salty and fatty foods, sorrel and spinach, tomatoes and tomato products.
  • You need to increase the intake of food containing a sufficient amount of potassium, e.g., bananas, dried apricots, raisins, dried apricots, etc.
  • To prevent unwanted and painful sensation in the hip joints and the lumbar region, the pregnant woman is offered a regular wear a special brace, which reduces the load on the spine. You want to exclude the narrow wearing compressive clothing and shoes with high heels or platform.

    The woman should turn to the ancient teachings of yoga. Due to certain exercises will prepare the muscles, bones and ligaments for childbirth. Please note that practice yoga only after consulting a doctor and always under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

    If possible, it is recommended to rest on sea as the salt water relaxes and relieves pain.

    If the rest of the sea is absent, can be home to take baths with sea salt. Required to participate a walk in the fresh air. Due to the ultraviolet light in the skin of the mother produces vitamin D, necessary for the formation of the skeleton of the fetus, development and growth of the unborn child. If you decide to resort to therapeutic physical exercises, consult your gynecologist, as hip pain can be the result of chronic disease.

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    Infection as factors of pain

    Sometimes, the hip joint begins to hurt sharply, he whines and pulls. The pain goes away unexpectedly, as well as appears. Such symptoms of pain in the hip joints is typical for so-called infectious arthritis. Viruses that can cause infectious arthritis are: Staphylococcus, influenza, Streptococcus, etc. If the violation occurs in a pregnant woman:

    • the increase in body temperature;
    • swelling of the affected joint;
    • sharp pain;
    • a long aching pain;
    • tenderness in the joint when Hiking;
    • alternate pain in the right/left hip joint.

    With the defeat of the hip joint infectious disease in the expectant mother, there is an increase of pain every month. Over time, the disease can become chronic. Therefore, experts recommend not to delay treatment.

    At the first pain in the thigh and other unpleasant symptoms, you should immediately consult the doctor to eliminate the possibility of infectious diseases of the joint.