Alezan cream for joints: instruction and composition

Алезан крем для суставов: инструкция и составCurrently popular are various means to care and treatment, originally created for animals. So, many patients are advised to apply the cream joints Alezan. This drug is manufactured by the Russian company nvts Agrovetzaschita for veterinary purposes, in particular for the treatment of horses. This is a great anti-inflammatory, analgesic and chondroprotective agent used in complex therapy of various ailments.

Cream «Alezan» is intended for the treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis and other similar diseases. In the product comprises chondroprotective hondrostimulirutee, analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents. The cream’s ingredients inhibit degenerative processes in the joints and are suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic forms of various diseases of musculoskeletal system.

When destruction of the cartilage of the active substance of the drug stimulates processes that prevent the action of enzymes that affect the progress of a disease. Cream leads to normal processes of calcium deposits in the bones, keeping the elasticity of the cartilage. Substances-markers of the metabolism of the tissues of the joints to restore and maintain function, promotes regeneration of articular surfaces.

The cream has excellent ability to penetrate skin, improving blood circulation, relieving swelling and pain. Alezan does not irritate the skin and poses no danger to the human body.

Use cream for the treatment of trauma

Doctors prescribe a cream or ointment «Alezan» for the treatment of various diseases. When using these drugs almost always has a positive effect. It is really a good means, because it not just relieves pain and acts as an analgesic, but also penetrates deeply into the affected area, promoting restoration processes.

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Алезан крем для суставов: инструкция и состав

Cooling antitrauamtic cream for joints

Often doctors prescribe the use of this tool, if the patient suffers from severe pain. The cream has received positive reviews, as not only helps to eliminate symptoms of diseases, but has a curative effect. Alezan for joints widely used in the treatment of such diseases and damages:

  • joint injuries of different origin;
  • inflammation of joints;
  • articular deformation;
  • degenerative disorders in the joints;
  • softening of the patella.

Apply the cream on washed skin layer of not more than 2 mm thick and leave on the affected area for some time. After applying you need some time to be still and relax sore spot. Release cream with the addition of miramistina. Thanks to this substance the cream-gel for joints and has an antimicrobial effect and is good for treating wounds. The drug is used up to 2 times a day for at least 3 weeks.

Quite often drugs series Alezan applied to the treatment of injuries in athletes. Also they are able to help with inflammatory diseases of the peripheral nerves, different forms of arthritis.

Other useful products of the brand «Alezan»

Cream «Alezan» — not only a therapeutic agent produced by its manufacturer. There are a number of medications used in the treatment of several diseases, including joints.

  • Cooling-warming gel «Alezan 2 in 1» is widely used as a therapeutic agent in myositis, lymphodemia, neuritis, radiculitis. It is used for bruises and hematomas, ligament sprains and joint dislocations. Anesthetic and removes inflammation. After complete absorption of the gel, which perfectly passes air, it is recommended to wear jockstrap. The gel should not be applied on open wounds. The first time the tool should be applied to small patch of skin to ensure no allergic reaction to the drug.
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    Алезан крем для суставов: инструкция и состав

    Cooling and warming cream for the injured joint

  • Antitrauamtic cooling gel «Alezan» is used to relax the muscles in their high fatigue. Well reduces swelling, preventing their further occurrence. The tool used in varicose veins disease. The first 2-3 days the gel should be applied in small quantity on clean skin over the damage.
  • Warming gel «Alezan» is able to relieve tension in the muscles and is most often used to restore joint mobility. Used in myositis, neuritis and similar diseases. Most often used with radiculitis, because it has a warming effect. Applied in the same way as other products of this series, but when applied it is recommended to use the sponge. Then you need something to cover the affected area for some time. When myositis is recommended to use the hot cloth and on top put a heating pad for one hour. To achieve the effect you need to hold up to 4 procedures, but if necessary you can extend the treatment.

  • Where to buy and at what price

    All products of the series Alezan intended for animals, so you can buy them from the vet. For the purchase of such products a prescription from a doctor are not needed. Also you can purchase cream in online store. When purchasing, pay attention to the expiration date, because expired drugs dangerous to use. The cream is sold in tubes of different sizes that very convenient, because a small tube you can take on long trips. To the drug shall be accompanied by the manual.

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    Prices on drugs series Alezan in every region of the country is different. Usually the pricing is due to the trade margin. But the average prices of these drugs are not too high. Thus, the average cost of cream «Alezan» is about 140 rubles per 100 ml, 300 rubles for 250 ml, 490 rubles — when buying a tube of 500 ml For the maximum volume of 750 ml will need to pay about 650 rubles.

    Cream joints «Alezan» — not only effective but affordable treatment for various joint diseases.