And treat spinal hernia: indications for use

Лечение пиявками грыжи позвоночника: показания к применению

Conditional division of the spine into departments

The spine is exposed every day to exercise. Due to sedentary lifestyle, lack of vitamins in food can cause some illness. As a consequence, the human metabolism is disturbed, but the locomotor apparatus receives significantly less minerals for strong bones. One of the most common diseases of the spine was intervertebral hernia. Treatment requires the patient’s endurance and patience, and faith in recovery.

Hernia fibrous ring of intervertebral disc is deformed and pulpose nucleus pulposus falls. Intervertebral hernia — complications of osteochondrosis, but in the worst case. If time does not go to the doctor and do not take action to fix the problem, you can temporarily lose the ability to work or get disability for life.

Modern medicine has developed a number of methods for treatment of a herniated disc. Among them acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy. Are also used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relax the muscles of the back, etc.

Leech therapy, or hirudotherapy, has a special place among the traditional methods of dealing with the hernia.

Hirudotherapy as an ancient technique

The use of leeches in the treatment of various diseases has been known since ancient times. Modern medicine has also found ways of applying these biological organisms. But the treatment is carried out only with the help of specially grown leeches. If you take and stick to the body normal leech from the swamp, then, at best, can only lose a few millilitres of blood, and at worst — to get an infection. Medical leeches are sterile. You can use them only once.

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Лечение пиявками грыжи позвоночника: показания к применению

In addition, leeches are extremely sensitive to the localization of the disease, so as soon as we move in the direction of the patient zone. This kind of therapy not only helps with hernias. The development of many diseases can be prevented if the time to go to the doctor for help in conducting hirudotherapy. And in some cases leech therapy is the only hope of the patient.

Hirudotherapy when the hernia is quite a safe procedure without side effects. It is even used in the treatment of childhood diseases. This method is effective in removing stagnation. Also, the leech therapy is excellent for infertile women with ovarian cyst, myoma of the uterus. In addition, leech therapy is used for:

  • varicose veins;
  • mastitis;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • thrombophlebitis.

Лечение пиявками грыжи позвоночника: показания к применению

Experience proven that leech therapy is suitable for treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system (stroke, heart attack, ischemia). Leeches treat a number of skin pathologies, showing excellent results. A positive effect of leeches when herniated also has been proven by doctors.

Exposure to leeches on the hernia

After the leech was on her back, begins the introduction to the human body biological components that contribute to the resorption of particles of the dropped disk. The enzyme that contains the saliva of these creatures, have anti-inflammatory properties, which positively affects the reduction of swelling of the damaged nerves.

In addition, leeches produce special substances that greatly improve the blood circulation in the problem area and promote tissue regeneration. About pain syndrome can be forgotten, because hirudin (enzyme in saliva) has a calming and relaxing effect. By removing stagnant blood local immunity gets back to normal, which activates the blood flow to problem areas.

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But it is worth remembering that the treatment of the spine leeches is advisable to consult a doctor. The fact that the saliva of leeches contains some substances which can cause allergies or worsen the human condition. Therefore, you should consult with an experienced professional who has faced similar technique. The course of treatment is typically 12 sessions, with breaks in 3 days after each one.

It should be noted that leech therapy is effective in hernias of small size. The total course should contain complex correction of the spine using manual therapy. There are cases running herniated disc. Then you will need to do the surgery, but leeches here will be useful. In the postoperative period, leech therapy would be appropriate as ever. The fact that hirudin promotes elimination of complications such as blood stasis in the veins, disease recurrence, scar processes.

A hernia is a fairly dangerous disease, and neglect timely treatment is not necessary. To avoid surgery and occurrence of complications will girudoterapiya. But you should not rely on it running cases. You need time to go to the doctor for help, and then the functionality of the musculoskeletal system will be restored.