Answers to doctors about gout: its diagnosis and treatment

Ответы врачей о подагре: ее диагностика и лечение

Inflammation in the joint caused due to accumulations of uric acid salts

Gout was known in ancient times. Hippocrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton — many great people have become its victims. Why it was called the disease of aristocrats? Yes, because suffered from gout are mostly wealthy and respectable people who could afford to eat a lot of meat and caviar, washed down with wine. As a result, the body suffered from the huge amount of uric acid. The consequence was a sharp pain in the joints and limitation of movement.

This disease affects the human joints. Kidneys can not cope with deducing of uric acid from the human body, resulting in the blood it accumulation (hyperuricemia), leading to the defeat of other bodies and the deposition of salts in the form of crystals Manorama sodium. The joints are deformed and nabuhajut, the appearance of swelling.

In the modern industrial world gout affects up to 2% of the population. In the international classification of diseases, ICD-10, adopted in Russia as a single normative document for the treatment of disease, gout is labeled section M-10. To learn about the disease more, you can consult a specialist with questions about this disease, and get answers.

The reasons for the development of the disease

It is a congenital or acquired disease?

Responsible physician rheumatologist Andrey Smolyakov: «both. There are primary and secondary gout. If a person has an inborn error of metabolism, i.e., in the body there is no enzyme, the processing of uric acid, gout occurs primary. Deposited on the joints the crystals of uric acid compounds, why they become inflamed. And in the kidney the stones are formed.

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Many patients wonder why they, if they have a congenital predisposition, not hurt her since childhood? The human body up to a certain age, usually 40 to 50 years, protected by compensatory mechanisms. And then illness occurs. And men get sick more often.

Ответы врачей о подагре: ее диагностика и лечение

And secondary gout is associated either with the disease or by taking certain drugs or with malnutrition. And it occurs at any age. Both men and women. The disease usually begins with inflammation of the big toe joint of the foot and is very typical. And tests confirm gout of the foot».

What diseases or medications can lead to disease?

Responsible physician-terpart Irina Belskaya: «people with diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension with diseases of the blood and kidneys are at risk. Because drugs can distinguish diuretics (chronic administration) and cyclosporine. Drug gout in ICD 10 code M10.2. Found and the so-called gout lead-induced lead poisoning. In ICD 10 it corresponds to the code M10.1».

Diagnosis and treatment

How to diagnose the disease?
Irina Belskaya said: «blood tests for the detection of hyperuricemia and to determine the level of creatinine, x-ray of the affected joint, ultrasound of the kidneys. We need to examine synovial fluid of the joint».

Ответы врачей о подагре: ее диагностика и лечение
What is its treatment? And what to do during exacerbation of the disease?

Meets Igor Nesterov, doctor of astrolog: «In terms of medical treatment assigned antipodagriceski drugs to relieve acute attacks use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). But all this is selected for each patient individually.

Can be assigned to physical therapy and herbal medicine. First aid during an attack is as follows: the patient must provide full rest, the inflamed joint to raise it to put under the pillow. Give plentiful drink to uric acid quickly deduced from an organism. It can be herbal tea, juice or dogrose infusion. But without sugar. In no case do not give the patient aspirin and other drugs containing it. Can be applied to inflamed areas of the ice, but to keep no more than 10 minutes. When the pain subsides, it is necessary to make a hot compress. You need to follow a diet. Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden».

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How dangerous is gout?

Igor Nesterov: «the Question is relevant.

With timely diagnosis and treatment of disorders of purine metabolism are reversible.

And chronic gout leads to damage to vital organs. For example, up to 50% of patients suffering from kidney damage. Can be affected the mind and the heart. With the advent of joint stiffness hampered the movement of people. And each escalation worsens the disease. Therefore, it is recommended to all who suffer pain in the legs, to be tested, examined and if the diagnosis be effective treatment of the disease».Ответы врачей о подагре: ее диагностика и лечение

Recommended food

A few words about the diet recommended for patients.

Irina Skobeleva, a specialist in diet: «a prerequisite is the nutritional value of the diet should match the age and occupation of the patient. The second condition is to limit intake of animal protein. A plant protein can be consumed at your pleasure. The third condition is to follow a diet.

Permitted foods is chicken, Turkey, rabbit fillet, eggs, vegetarian soups, lean fish, dairy products, bread, cereals, pasta, honey, marshmallows, jam, dried fruits, fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, herbs. Seafood you can eat shrimp, squid and mussels.

Forbidden to eat the meat of young animals, meat and fish broths and soups, canned meats, beans, spices, coffee, chocolate and chocolates. In General, those products that can dramatically increase blood concentration of purine compounds or accelerate the flow from the tissues».

So, the answers of the doctors received. I think they are highly useful component and give a complete picture of prevention of gout and its treatment. Be healthy!

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